1. 2

    Why do services keep restricting/banning me?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right place to ask. Please remove if not allowed. I also apologize for the long post. For context, I recently turned 18, and there are financial services that I have/want to sign up for. However, the fact that many of these services have restricted my...
  2. Nancy224

    Hashtag reach down AGAIN?

    Two days ago I got my reach back after 2 weeks, TODAY I posted as usual and my reach is back down to 38 (!!!) Hashtag impressions after 5 hours!?!? Why Edit: updated the count and time.
  3. Z

    Index problem (for weeks)

    Hi guys! I have a new website. The google bot visited it at 8th of december, and there was noindex metat tag in the site. I removed the noindex then, and many times sent for new index in search console. Now, after 3 weeks, the website is still not indexed. The search console URL test says there...
  4. E

    I am unable to receive funds on Paypal - What platform to use as a workaround ? (ex: the client pays via Paypal, later I withdraw via Payoneer)

    Hello, I live in a country (North Macedonia) for whose residents Paypal still does not offer the option to receive funds (1 of 4 such European countries). Any platform you would recommend where the client could pay for a good/service by using Paypal and later I could withdraw the money to...
  5. manoraq

    Facebook layout Problems (bot)

    I'm trying to automate facebook accounts but i'm having a weird issue with the layout of some accounts on facebook mobile... I added a picture for reference. Does any facebook guru have an idea how to "update" the old layout (left) To the new layout (right)? I can't post any event link due to...
  6. evag3

    Skrill temporary restriction

    I have a problem guys , i tried to add money to my skrill account through my credit card.. and my bank account was connected with my another phone number , so i couldnt receive otp ... Now my account on skrill is temporary ristricted. and they are asking for credit card statement .. does anybody...
  7. Toz

    Strange Wordpress Issue

    Guys, I'm having a bit of a complication right now that I didn't even know I was having. I was on the phone with someone and asked them to take a look at an article I'd written on my website. The article shows up just fine for me, however, when the person I was speaking with, looked at my...
  8. dhrpatel

    Can I use AdSense on another email?

    Hello everyone. I have a site and on that site I use an email for Google Analytics and Search Console. And I use a separate email for AdSense. So it can create problem in AdSense account. My English is very bad. I hope you understand me.
  9. ABDULLAHDOn Withdrawal Issue ?

    I have an account with from a long time. Never got any issue before. This time when I try to withdraw my money. They showed the below warning and not replying to my email. We have detected certain anomalies in your websites traffic. Until they are reviewed by our traffic quality...
  10. jacktoo3

    Impossible to create new IG accounts | Recent engagement drops

    Usually I only read threads here but recently I'm getting so frustrated with IG that I needed to ask for some advice and others experiences with this. So recently when I'm trying to make new IG accounts I get the CAPTCHA with the "suspicious activity" prompt (and phone verification) every...
  11. Zbigniew

    Wordpress and Rank Math issues after last update?

    I just realized that I can no longer edit snippets in Rank Math. The button is there to "Edit snippet", but when I press it I just get sent upwards on the page. Also, the wordpress toolbar doesn't follow down on the page. So when I want to bold a word or add a line somewhere, I either have to...
  12. M

    Problems met at the beginning of affiliate marketing career

    Hello everyone! :D I'm Jakub from Poland. This summer I've started my adventure with affiliate marketing and at the beginning, I met some difficulties. I would like to know the problems you faced at the beginning and you are struggling with at the moment. I wonder if I'm the only one who has...
  13. David719

    [HELP] Keywords! I have problem with it

    Hello guys....Few weeks I have a problem. I have created keywords, I wrote perfect articles (last 10 articles) with + 1 000 words, google indexed my articles but problem is in ahrefs. From the last 10 articles my ahrefs shows 0 keywords. In previous articles it was never a problem, I always...
  14. ristoriel

    IG problem

    hi everyone, does anyone here still use followliker? I just bought it, but it seems to have a lot of errors. And customer support response time is very slow, I had to wait 3 days but it still hasn't been resolved. I let it run and followed 20 people, then it said "A follow limit has been...
  15. ristoriel

    Problem with creating IG account

    Hey guys, I can't create single account, I tried all proxy types. Anybody can give me a one IG account?
  16. M

    i need help, 6 month with wrong seo setup, new domain or fixing it?

    hi guys , i have a trouble now , i have website and allready 6 month running with wrong seo set up , what i said wrong setup is : 1. i make a stuffing keywoard in blog post at my website 2. i make a match keywoard on backlink provider to my website (it 700 backlink allready tracked when i...
  17. S

    Some Twitter Magic Problems. Need Some Advice. Thanks

    Hi, people! Need some help, because i broke my head. Situation: There was a twitter account, 2-3 tweets a day. I abandoned it. I returned after a couple of months - tweets are gaining 30,000 - 40,000 views per day. Started tweeting again. The number of views dropped to 15,000, then to 10,000...
  18. N

    Cant see IG story question answers, added imgur pics Hey guys, I have a problem When I upload question to my story, I can only see answers on my notification tab I can't see the answers on the story, I can only see a message: "Theyre haven't been any actions taken on your story yet" Even though I know people Answered...
  19. JohnyMSF

    What solution are you unhappy with? - In your niche / business

    Hi, There are so many bad solutions that we have to just accept. Which one annoy you most? I start - 1. Bing is terrible website. The whole log in system, documentation... no referral links in documentation. 2. Windows - very bad OS for automation - poor headless connection, whole update...
  20. Aldin_Fiverr

    Question about Fiverr.

    Hey, I've got a question. I'm planning to buy some Fiverr reviews in the near future. I'll be adding a new Gig, starting price at around 50 bucks. Now my question is... Is it possible to make this Gig a 5 bucks custom offer through private message , for the reviewer to buy and that it also...