1. bennettig

    How You Secure Your Website From Bots, Proxy and VPN Traffic?

    Hello, One of our SaaS businesses that have restricted countries where we are not interested in work, or we see that from those countries we have a massive amount of spam or fraud, scam activity. We use Cloudflare premium, but it will not help us to secure the website from some bots, proxies...
  2. bennettig

    How you face with different bots or people that using the proxy or VPN on your website?

    Hi everyone, Really interesting question, and I guess pretty hard. We have several SaaS businesses, and pretty often, on one of our websites, we see that some users try to break the rules - push requests on the website, spam or try to get to the admin panel every time, or doing some other...
  3. B

    Why you BANNED on Google/Facebook Ads OR YOUR PROXY HAS DIED

    Hi all! Today I will tell you why you are banned (one of the reasons) by any advertising platform, especially Google and Facebook Ads, and also why soon all proxy services will be useless for high-quality traffic arbitrage. For any activity where you need to use an array of accounts, you use...
  4. M

    Tools to prevent website to identify a computer

    Hi Although I use different proxies for each connection and always erase my browser cookies, certain websites seems to be able to still identify my computer. Does anyone has tricks, tools suggestions to help me remain anonymous? Thank you
  5. Munroc

    How to make multiple proxies?

    Hello all, I need between 1k and 10k dedicated proxies and I want to reduce costs, so I'm considering if creating my own proxies would be a solution. They must be of high quality since I will use them on bots for Instagram, Facebook and other social networks and I need to avoid detection. I...
  6. B

    Dropshipping with Google Shopping

    Hello everyone, Excuse me mods if I am posting in the wrong forum. I'm Moroccan, but I live between Morocco and France. I want to start dropshipping with Google Shopping. I am currently in Morocco and i will be using a french debit card for Google ads payment method. I have an LTD in the UK...
  7. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] 4g proxy creation software

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who are able to create a software to make 4g proxy. Features that I need : Api rotation Socks and http proxy Set a rotation interval I have for now 100+ dongle and sim avaible to make test.
  8. Jaydens

    proxys for youtube?

    Ive been searching everywhere for about a week now, trying provider after provider, and the few providers that give unlimited data residentials, either are so slow they are unusable, OR, simply are rotate on each request, and obviously you cant use rotate each request on youtube views, ive tried...
  9. M

    Need Alternative of

    Hello, guys can anyone tell me an alternative of Thanks.
  10. InstaSwift

    Would you be buying 4G proxies from Tokyo, Japan?

    We built a private 4G proxy network in Tokyo and we're currently using it successfully on Instagram. I'm thinking about selling access to it but I'm wondering if there is enough demand. Prices would be on the higher end since mobile contracts and rent are expensive. Advantages are highest...
  11. Bakidaki

    How to rotate 4G proxies IPs?

    Hi :) , over the last 2-3 months I have been working on making my own 4G proxies. After figuring out many problems, I have finally succeeded. Now I am strugling with making the proxies rotate, since everyone who uses 4G proxies knows they are almost useless for mass automation without IP...
  12. GSproxy

    Ghostealth | Rotating Datacenter Proxies | Unlimited Bandwidth | Instant Setup & Massive IP-Pool

    However, before you consider buying a subscription, we would like to point out that we offer a free-trial. This is to ensure that you only spend money on our product if it is suitable for your purpose. You can request the free-trial just after >> SIGNING UP << FAQ What is our Refund Policy...
  13. Neamul1996

    ✅ infiniteproxy ✅ $1/proxy ✅ Ultra Fast ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth

    Price: /25 proxies $128 (128 proxies) /24 proxies $256 (256 proxies) IP location: Ashburn | Miami | London Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards, wire transfer A bit about us: We believe traffic should get to its destination in the most efficient way possible. That’s why, by...
  14. L

    Need some help from gsa search guru

    I have buyed gsa search engine ranker in 2015 and gsa captcha breaker in 2016 but i did no used it at that time now i want to run a project on my website can any one please help me little bit and give me some time Thank You
  15. chadli17

    how i can change country of tiktok on web with proxu our vpn

    brother frist i use tiktok on emulator bluestacks and i get 0 view after that i know that tiktok on all emulator dont get any viw (if you have resulation of that give to me ) and seconde same friend tell me use firefox portable and use tiktok web on firefox and use proxy and another one tell me...
  16. goldieczr

    Starting a mobile proxy business - what does it take?

    After a couple months of coming across this subject and some talking with people in this domain, I have decided to learn more about this field in hopes that I start a proxy business. I have access to basically unlimited SIM cards which I can recharge with $6/month (28 days). This will offer me...
  17. I

    Help (proxies with youtube account engagements)

    Soo I'm planning on having 1proxy/one youtube account, and then use them to watch my videos and like/subscribe etc. To get real high ctr and subscriber engagement ratio=pushed to recommendeds If any of you have done this, which proxy provider u used? I can't be paying 100usd/1 proxy, I looken...
  18. I

    Youtube ranking using accounts with proxies

    Currently trying to make my ctr higher by using bought aged youtube accounts, with each own proxy enabled. Now after 2 days the subscribers are disappearing from my channel, but when I log in with the accounts that subbed, it shows they are still subbed. I think this is problem with my proxy...
  19. heopas

    Research for Greek 4G Mobiles Proxies

    Hello everyone, I am working on a business model to create Greek 4G Mobile Proxies with unlimited data, and I am doing research to check if there are people that interest about this service. The current plan is to sell 30$ per proxy for Social Media and 50$ for all websites. Your opinion will...
  20. Jaydens

    Best proxy’s for views per hour?

    Hey everyone Random thread here but I’ve been experimenting with proxy’s lately and I’ve been testing ipv6, 4g, residential, etc, so far I’ve been pretty disappointed with most of them (besides 1 4g provider) and I’m currently getting anywhere from 30-70 an hour on residential/ipv6 and 30-90 an...