1. yutiantran002

    How to be completely anonymous as the owner of a porn website.

    Hello everyone, glad to find this forum. I'm from Vietnam and so creating a porn site in Vietnam is completely prohibited and can lead to jail time. I'm creating a porn website, so is there a way to stay completely anonymous as the owner of the porn site? I had the first options: 1. Use foreign...
  2. B

    In a mission to improve my writing skills

    Which characteristics did have the article that most caught your attention on the internet? Was it the writing style, the images or videos, the theme, the aesthetics of the site, or perhaps how the theme was explained? I think that knowing this could help me understand what most attracts...
  3. M

    Randomly sorting products in a category page (e-commerce)

    I was wondering about its impact on SEO, would sorting the products randomly in the collection pages have a positive or negative impact on the SEO of these pages? So, a product on page 3 could be on page 1 at the next crawl, etc I know this is bad for the UX but I'm only wondering about SEO...
  4. Cafien

    New Member!

    Hi everyone, I came across this amazing forum last night looking for info. I can't believe I didn't know such a community existed. It seems everyone here fully supports the online hustle. Just so that everyone knows though, I am a COMPLETE noob. I don't know jack. I am currently learning...
  5. AndreyVaass

    PBN links question

    Hi guys! Please share your experience of placing links from your satellite sites to your money site. Especially how much do you wait before you put the first link? Thanks for your answers :)
  6. N

    Question Regarding Porn re-uploading

    Hello, BHW members I am from India from so many days I am seeing Porn re-uploading journey threads. Whenever I saw the journey's threads I will get motivated. I also want to start. But, I don't know how to start Honestly saying I don't have much knowledge about this. And now in Indian porn is...
  7. Balaurul23

    Instagram method

    Hey guys ,just what i've been documenting for a few weeks about how i could make money on instagramand I have a big question To buy the accounts already made with proxy for each one or to create on each proxy an instagram account? Thanks for answer :)
  8. J

    Quiz site monetization method

    Hello BHW community,first time posting since joining.So this is the situation. My quiz site generates about 10-20k pageviews daily.It doesn't have some great number of visitors,maybe 1000 per day and i stared website maybe 1 month ago.90 percent of my traffic comes from Reddit,and since my dumb...
  9. X

    Is there different type of obsessions ?

    For me obsession on something but only if that thing is positive and will make you happier person is very good But for example if you are obsessed with drog,alcohol,scamming... That's for me a negative obssession but if your goal is to get more freedom get out of 9-5 jobs have a better...
  10. Breekee

    [Question] About Linking to 301 Redirects

    Hello guys I need your expertise on a subject. So lets say I buy some domains , expired or not but niche specific, and use them as redirects on my main page. Now my question is. If I use those sites in my articles(mainmoneysite) for specific keywords (not my mainmoneysite's KW) will they rank...
  11. Jai Mendez

    [question]Google not index my images

    Hi guys. its almost a month since I created my website. all my post are index. But all the images was not. what do you think is the problem? newbie here.
  12. MSulting

    How to make twitter injection post for...

    Hello :) In one twitter account, I saw that the number of posts is 200+, but after scrolling 13 posts, the it is seen only load circle. The previous posts are not loaded, and I see load circle all the time. Who knows what code I need to post for block the loading of old posts? I am ready to pay...
  13. cgt web

    POP and CPA?

    Hey guys, I have been studying CPA for a little while now and incorporated on to a ranking YT video I have but I am not making a penny so very recently I bought some popunder traffic from POPADS. For experienced members and those dealing with CPA, is POP traffic good with CPA offers or have I...
  14. Mr.Harry

    How to block offer less money OGADS?

    Who can give me advice :( Sorry, my english is bad!
  15. dusty neal

    Having Troubles...

    Hey BHW, I've been planning a IG+CPA strategy across 50 accounts but I've run into a couple hiccups: 1) I am having troubles figuring out the exact rules with landing pages, especially when advertising the adult niche. Should I make a pre-lander for every offer I have in addition to the lander...
  16. jordanbc

    Google Free Cloud Platform

    So I don't know anything about a VPS but I do have a website with shared hosting that I like and don't want to move, but I want to start playing around with VPS. I looked up amazon's, but it scares me that I might get into the paid version before I know what I did wrong. So I signed up with...