rank tracking

  1. Doge Links

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  2. ranga

    [Method] Cheap and Easy Rank Tracking

    Hi, Most of us need to track a large number of keywords and many are paying for premium rank tracking service. Premium Rank Tracking is necessary to track most important keywords but the costs pinch when we need to track large number of long tail keywords. I tried many methods to track the...
  3. Homeworkburgler

    What does everyone use for rank tracking?

    Once I start implementing SEO, Website, PPC and social media marketing as well as call tracking I would like to have a highend report I can send out to clients monthly to see the work I have been completing on all media outlets. I use Ahrefs for my own personal tracking backlinks, keywords etc...
  4. youngx99

    Best tool for client site rank tracking?

    which is currently the best tool to check progress of a particular url in various search engines.
  5. knwldgeskr

    Parasites disappeared from search [Any Idea Why?]

    Hey everybody! Lately I have been experimenting with ranking parasites to get extra $$ and some of my articles just disappear from search results. - all articles are published on medium - did some link-building - articles are still indexed if you use site: query - each keyword is golden...
  6. Cyberars

    [Tool] How to Track your YouTube Videos Ranking with SerpBook

    Hi all, Since many asked about the rank track service i used on [METHOD] INSTANT Re-Rank Trick for De-Ranked YouTube Videos (also since it's a great idea for my community service thread ;)) i want to recommend this tool i use every day for tracking my youtube videos ranking, first, i must...
  7. S

    Comprehensive Rank Tracker?

    I'm looking for a tool that I don't think exists. Even companies that are killing it at SEO are always going to have some significant holes as it's virtually impossible to rank in the top 3 in a competitive space where there is a wide variation in the primary keywords to the point semantic...
  8. M

    Which rank tracking tool is this?

    Hello, in many threads i have seen screenshots of a keyword rank tracking tool, but I do not know it. Does anyone know it? It seems to be popular. Or can you recommend some good tool with nice price / performance ratio? Thanks a lot.
  9. nichexposure

    Best Rank Tracker (Need Suggestion)

    Hello All, Take my greetings. I need a suggestion for tracking the keywords. I used Moz, SERPLAB, SERPFOX, SERPBOOk and few others. But all are not accurate. Like when Moz is showing not in top 50 that time SERPLAB showing at 33 while SERPFOX is showing 17. So need to know which one is the...
  10. seimun

    New app for video rank tracking and social analytics

    Hi, I've been working on this app for some time now and decided to release it a few days ago. Viorise is focused on keeping track of keyword rankings on YouTube and Google, and collecting social metrics for YouTube videos. It is free to use for up to 10 videos and 20 keywords. All tracked data...
  11. Y

    Site goes up in rank for a few days then dramatic drop?

    Hey guys, So as the title says, I was able to get a website from page 3 to page 2 and it stayed there for a few days. I bought links from seslingshot(dot)com yesterday, rankings go up for a few hours, then drops back to page 3. Is this just a Google dance, or am I banished back to page 3? Just...
  12. gullsinn

    [BETA| One of the Online Ranking Tracking Service Testing is About to Close!

    Try Beta before the doors are closed. Gserp.com
  13. meln

    [BETA TEST] LightSERP - Ultra fast Google rank tracker - NO subscription needed!

    LightSERP was designed to fill a need not currently met by other rank trackers. We grew tired of expensive, over-engineered services and decided to launch an extremely light weight Google rank tracker, with a heavy focus on being flexible and affordable. Instead of the regular monthly...
  14. apoorv

    [SERVICE REVIEWER REQUIRED] Rank Tracking service with Screenshot

    Hello, I've been working on my rank tracking service - SerpRex - for few months now. I'm in need of beta users who can test the tool and provide feedback/suggestions on the development. SerpRex stands out from it's competition in that it provides you the screenshot of the ranking. This is...
  15. V

    What rank tracking tool do you use and WHY?

    I am in the market for rank tracking software... but I'm not entirely sure what to use. I'd like to hear from you... So what tool do you use to track rankings? And why do you like it? Does it do local search? Thanks in advance!
  16. E

    [SERVICE REVIEWER & TESTER REQUIRED] Best Rank Tracking Service ever Built

    Hello Our BST is coming soon on BHW so we are looking for Service thread review and testing also of our new service for rank tracking on Major search engines Google 188 Regions,Bing,Yahoo and Yandex. With social tracking and SEO metrics of each url. And many more features. Interested guys...
  17. azguru

    [BETA TESTERS] Online Rank Tracker - SERP Tracking | Video Tracking | Social Signals Track

    I am looking for beta testers to test out a new rank tracker. The tracker is still in the development phase, but I am looking for people who are able to actively test the product and make recommendations. The goal is to have this rank tracker be the best one available! This is your chance to...