1. R

    Made many quality links but site not moving.

    I kept posting high quality links for my site. But still after 3 months sites not moving anywhere. Jumping from page 2 to page 3 that's it. What to do?
  2. F

    How Long For Backlinks To Affect on ranking Parasite?

    How Long For Backlinks To Affect on ranking Parasite?
  3. seomaggic


    [ Offering 1 free review copy ] Rank your fiverr gig top page on fiverr to increase your daily sales easily, It takes 1 month of time to rank, Do not PM me just post here I'll choose !! Thanks Edited by Staff: This review copy is for the review/approval of the OP. Staff will observe the...
  4. P

    Traffic increasing again after link update

    So, my traffic dropped $40% after september core update. I was around $1500/m and dropped to 800-900. Reasons might be related to not building links- didn't build for over a year. And publishing paid posts. Paid posts were small in numbers compared to actual quality post but still. 90% of my...
  5. psychoomantis

    Ranking cover songs on Spotify

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good social media pannel ? with some good Spotify services I tried to test some to help rank my music on Spotify I've reached 11+ million streams on some albums ( 15k counted from 11 m streams) but without any rank progress Thanx
  6. N

    Ranking Site for Uncompetitive Keyword (256 results) Guaranteed Page 1 Google

    Looking for someone who can help rank a web 1.0/personal blog site for a pretty uncompetitive keyword. This keyword(s) only has 256 hits on google, and should be quite easy to rank. I am looking for someone who can guarantee page 1/ideally slot 1 google ranking with high quality seo/backlinks...
  7. Hassan Amin

    Spelling errors in the article

    Hello, I contacted a seo expert and told him that my site does not bring traffic, so he told me that because of spelling errors, Google does not give me your ranking, how do I amend it in your opinion
  8. razharov

    [GUIDE] How I rank top1-3 with high difficulty keywords with brand NEW domains.

    Hey everyone! This is a small and simple guide on how I get huge amount of traffic, and rank at the "top of the results" . The top of the results is kinda clickbait, because this method does not put you into the SERP instead into the snippets page. There are only a few niches that support...
  9. Hassan Amin

    Are the EDU links useful?

    Are EDU links useful for ranking the site?
  10. afyie

    How do you recommend to rank a New Pharma Niche or any competitive Niche website

    Hey everyone, I wanted to know from some experts how they managed to rank a new website on easier keywords in a competitive niche. from my end i made sure website was good in terms of on page SEO technical seo pushed relevant HQ blogs frequently (off page seo from this forum) PBNs (2000 links...
  11. Bio-Hazard

    Best MicroWorker Site For Ranking YouTube Videos??

    So, I have a 3 months old YT channel & most of my videos don't get any views...I was using some SMM panels but getting fake subs, likes, comments & views were not at all helping me in the ranking...I even tried 4k-5k High Retention views, several comments & likes on a single video which indeed...
  12. mrzad

    Should I work on Seperate Blog or Aged Micro Niche?

    I have an aged micro niche blog that is ranking on Google for several keywords. It has decent authority as well, I mean backlinks from good sites. Now I want to target multiple keywords not related to the micro niche, would you recommend me to create a separate category for the keywords I want...
  13. mrzad

    Changing Blog Post to Page? Is it a Good Idea or Not

    Hello fellow community members, I recently restructured my blog (normal blog to a silo structure). One thing I am worried about is one of my articles which is ranking for the keyword which should be Silo page. What will you recommend me, should I keep it as normal or move to silo page (keeping...
  14. mrzad

    Is it possible to rank using Sentence Rewriter tool?

    Anyone who used sentence rewriter? I mean someone rewrite sentences of the article and produce unique content. Making it Plagrism free and then removing grammar mistakes and making readability better. Do you guys think such content has a chance to rank in Google or in the future it will get...

    Want to rank and bank, but you're broke

    Find a PAA style site ( google search) scrape their keywords ( ubersuggest) Do manual search and find easiest ones find youtube video about it grab cc from video change it accordingly ( add punctuations and remove fluff) or find expired domain and scrape their content ( expireddomains.net and...
  16. metalfingersdoom

    Does ranking for small volume keywords help with the big ones?

    Simple as it gets, if my small volume keywords get ranked, will it help my big ones get ranked too? @warriorsam53 has commented on https://www blackhatworld com/seo/how-could-you-skip-the-google-sandbox.1389345/ on how ranking on small keywords can help you rank in general with the bigger...
  17. unknown_zero

    RANK ACE: Effective Monthly SEO - Backlinks from High DR High Traffic Sites - Huge SALE!

    Frequently Asked Questions: Refund Policy: No refunds will be provided once work has been started. Support: http://www.impowerhouse.com/support
  18. R

    Site not showing for keyword !!

    So started this site back in March. Fresh domain and all. Put 22 articles within 2 weeks. Articles are optimized as per surfer seo. Semrush shows Authority score 8. Checked site:www.sitename.com in google and its showing all posts and pages. So, I guess not in sandbox ? But when I am searching...
  19. S

    Youtube Stream Rank Up Algorithm discussion

    Hi all ! I noticed PaddyVu's article a long time ago about how the YouTube algorithm works. I wonder if anyone figured out the algorithm during the streaming? I stream almost every day from different channels, and I noticed that nothing depends on whether your stream gets into the suggested...
  20. R

    Link is not appearing.

    Hi, this is a 2 month old domain. Already indexed in google. Search console also shows indexed. When I search site:domain.com it is showing the main article as well as other contact, about pages. No authority sites ranking for this keyword. Only some forums (low DR) and Quora is ranking...