1. mainceaft

    Does G have ranking delay algorithm.

    While I was surfing Ahref analyzing one of my competitive BLs, I found some of his BLs are dated back to 2019, The niche I competed on is kinda wide and too competitive, everyone trying to dominate it no matter how. So if I become patient and wait for my site ranking after e.g. year or too, is...
  2. Gravitylab

    4000$ to spend. what to do..

    i have been saving 4000-5000$ as my extra cash, which i have earned through a local real estate way, now i am thinking to get this into some online work, and hope to make some around upto 500$ per month... first, i thought about setting up or getting a reseller programme of instagram...
  3. C

    Questions! Astra / Woo Commerce / Rocket hosting / Buying reviews / Come chat!

    First off, thank you all for the FREE resource and help over the past 5 years. I went from homeless, and doomed. Alone. Poor. Waking up to be the first person in the public library to use their free internet and student offices. Learning about SEO from scratch and being completely lost and in my...
  4. razharov

    I'm ranking top3 with only 1 page and 0 post

    Hello guys, I have a question for you. I have 6 domains in a really specific niche like "men hair cutting in bronx" the domains are full keyword ones, 0 branding, 0 expired domains. These domains are now 2-3 years old and ranking between 2-8 position for the main keywords, while the home...
  5. dakudaddy

    [NEED HELP] Website Traffic Dropping

    Any Way to Recover the website ? No Manual Penalty
  6. W

    Tell us about your experience in raising the position of the site

    Your site is in third place in the rankings and does not grow further. What actions did you take at this point that the site began its growth to the first place. How were you able to overcome the brand and popularity of sites that are ranked higher?
  7. B

    Does Anyone Have Any Expereince With Simpletraffic.co?

    I saw an ad for the website simpletraffic.co They offer big numbers of supposedly organic and unique traffic for some reasonable prices however it seems to be a little strange. Looks like they are based in Estonia. Has anyone ever dealt with these guys or used their service, if so let me know...
  8. seoanalyzers

    ⏩Top Quality Blog Comments⏩✅All High DA Backlinks✅⚡Rank Your SERP’s⚡⭐Manually Done Work⭐

    ⏩Top Quality Blog Comments⏩✅All High DA Backlinks✅⚡Rank Your SERP’s⚡⭐Manually Done Work⭐ ORDER NOW Paypal/Crypto Payments Accepting PayPal:[email protected] Payoneer: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Skype: Mohammaddaniyal157
  9. Slangur

    Who Is Ranking? Are you in the top 10?

    I am wondering who is actually ranking here for keywords that they chose? - If you are ranking top 5 / page 1 for a specific keyword or multiple keywords, please comment below! I am looking to learn from people who have done this and do this, not speculate and talk about it. Please lmk if you...
  10. mrzad

    Question about Backlinks

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding PBN. How many days you wait before giving contextual backlink to your money site. Right now my new blog started 1 month ago started ranking for targeted keyword. Right now it's on 10th page of Google. Site ranked because of content, no foundation links...
  11. L

    Need some help from gsa search guru

    I have buyed gsa search engine ranker in 2015 and gsa captcha breaker in 2016 but i did no used it at that time now i want to run a project on my website can any one please help me little bit and give me some time Thank You
  12. L

    please help me on increasing the da

    Hello can some one help me and tell me how to quickly increase my website da (domain authority)
  13. I

    Youtube ranking using accounts with proxies

    Currently trying to make my ctr higher by using bought aged youtube accounts, with each own proxy enabled. Now after 2 days the subscribers are disappearing from my channel, but when I log in with the accounts that subbed, it shows they are still subbed. I think this is problem with my proxy...
  14. I

    SEO Experts, Help Me!

    Hey SEOs, I'm new. Please help me out with my questions. I will appreciate your every single tip! Challenge: - Completely New Domain - Rank on Page 1 on google. In case of my keyword, the first website ranking is a reputable Local Business Directory where anyone can add their business info...
  15. L

    any one here have yukapo subscription

    Any one here have yukapo subscription i need nuss wordpress theme if you can please download it for me Thank You
  16. metalfingersdoom

    Does ranking for small volume keywords help with the big ones?

    Simple as it gets, if my small volume keywords get ranked, will it help my big ones get ranked too? @warriorsam53 has commented on https://www blackhatworld com/seo/how-could-you-skip-the-google-sandbox.1389345/ on how ranking on small keywords can help you rank in general with the bigger...
  17. Great-X

    Is Keyword Cannibalization Bad?

    I am running a blog where I add an internal link with anchor text after two paragraphs (e.g., checkout target keyword) in every post (they are not related articles). But I needed some internal links. So I linked it. Because of this, I see the keyword cannibalization in the SERP with my site for...
  18. L

    bot for chaturbate

    we need a bot chaturbate to raise the model to the first page! be sure to test and demonstrate before buying, I'm waiting in PM or telegram @izobilie_sl
  19. thegoldeneye

    What Do You Think Of Gatsby + WordPress for a Money Website? Have You Tried Ranking It?

    Hi guys, I've been thinking about this idea for almost a year when I decided I want to learn React. After learning React I moved to Gatsby and recreated my dev portfolio website using Gatsby as a Frontend and WordPress as a Backend. I can tell you it was really interesting working on that small...
  20. Epicster

    Weird issue with the google rankings

    Just wanted to know if anyone is suffering from any weird ranking glitches where the site including the full URLs only shows up when searching in a non-English language. I mean if you search the keyword/URL XYX in Google US, it doesn't show up but if you switch the language to other than...