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  1. Y


    Looking for someone who can post google business reviews for a business with multiple locations. I would need the following: 1. active gmail accounts that won't get flagged and ones that will stick when leaving the review (and not get removed by google) 2. some type of proxy or VPN, etc. that...
  2. ankur0535

    The Review Seekers - Get High Quality Facebook, Google and Google Local Guide Reviews & More. We Use Local Aged Profiles and Multiple De...

  3. See Gre

    Google maps reviews not publishing

    Are you still facing problems in getting Google maps reviews getting published? Moderators if the thread is not in the right section please change the section.
  4. Ninjatiktok


    Hi, I would like to pay for reviews on multiple websites for one of my businesses. Please let me know if you can help out. Willing to pay BTC $2 per review in bulk
  5. Dafariel

    Looking for GMB reviews

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I'm looking for someone who can provide GMB reviews for a long-term collaboration. For right now it would be great if they are UAE geofenced. I'm a new account here, and according to the rules, I can't reply to this thread, so please PM me with a way for us to get in...
  6. See Gre

    Google is back with GMB reviews

    I think now Google is back to bang again. As on most of the businesses reviews are getting published and reviews posted in April and May even got posted on back dates.
  7. A

    Google Reviews

    Hi We need 100+ Google My Business Pages reviews. Please contact me on Skype to discuss. ID: anil.ravula5
  8. Y

    Looking For USA GMB Reviews

    Looking for quality reviews USA reviews Requirements *Quality Accounts *Dripped out over time *Real accounts with Pictures *Geo Targeted for the US, more specifically for the Houston Texas Region *Drip Fed over time
  9. V

    Need US based google reviews that are guaranteed to stick

    I'm needing Google reviews that are guaranteed to stick forever.
  10. yourdady

    My mind stopped working, need your opinions [bulk gmb reviews]

    So basically, I have a client who has alot of google my business listings. They asked me if i can provide them reviews for their listings, Each listing will have around 5 reviews. I am planning to setup something for it but i dont know how I will manage so many accounts and also how i’ll post...
  11. arplayer2k

    Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews NEEDED for Southern California

    I am looking for Yelp reviews for Southern California. Local accounts preferred, aged. Reviews must stick or be replaced. Same with Facbook and Google, looking for local reviews from seasoned accounts. Please message me with your skype details. Thank you
  12. CliveTheSnail

    WTB Google Business Reviews - CANADA

    Hi everyone! New to forums, not sure if this is an option or allowed, if not please delete! Looking to buy Google Business Reviews, for a Canadian business. Is there ANY way to buy reviews from the Canadian city my company provides local services in so they look even more legit? I need to bury...
  13. PabloGuy

    Looking for an expert doing GEO Targeted Reviews

    Hello Community. I need a freelancer who's able to make trustpilot, google, tripadvisor, facebook reviews, for French Businesses + I have a special request :-) Longtime partnership. Inbox me !
  14. BlackhatseoLux

    Look for google reviews

    Look for Google reviews on in German. Reviews can be written but need be a post that it looks natural and from a German customers
  15. M

    Google Reviews Needed - 200-300

    Hello, I am looking to purchase google reviews for my company which is located in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. The reviews must look original and must stick. You will be responsible to write the reviews and post them using your accounts (pretty obvious yes, but trust me I've seen pretty...
  16. S

    Is there any possibilities to post 1+ play store reviews in single account?

    Any one can help me?
  17. M

    Looking for Canadian Google Reviews

    I need to post 2-3 reviews per day on behalf of Canadian Profile. Please advise.
  18. SDTeam

    Trade Yelp Reviews

    I have a very well established profile (2009) and would like to trade reviews with others. Only US-based accounts, preferably West Coast. (Also looking for google reviews.) Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  19. LegendAndroidX

    You wanna have your own fake reviews for google play app?

    S'up! black hat forum people, i'm back again , this time with google play reviews , i was fighting and searching to find a solution for fake google play reviews , ( because google now delete them ) * i would like to say sorry to people who are selling fake reviews to people here! i'm not...
  20. T

    anybody knows this website? seems it connects people for reviews