1. Kethy

    How many Roadblocks did you get on Facebook

    Hi all, Just want to share some experiences in operating accounts on Facebook. As we know, Facebook become more and more strict these days, most of accounts may get roadblock when adding/messaging/posting...etc with our Facebook accounts. How many kinds of roadblocks did you meet? Let me share...
  2. F

    A way to get around Facebook RoadBlocks

    Note: Im not sure if this is useful for you lol but just sharing a bug/leak or whatever u wanna call it :rolleyes: and also not sure if some1 has posted this before ---------------------------------------- Last week my friend sent me his facebook account, hes from germany and i live in...
  3. Rajthepositivelife

    I need someone to unblock my 2 roadblocked facebook accounts

    Hi, I have got 2 roadblocked accounts on facebook facebook is offering option of photo verification/bday Let me know your price here or pm me, will pay by paypal and let me know how long you will take it to unblock both Regards
  4. A

    How to save Facebook account from RoadBlock

    Hi, Big problem of Facebook RoadBlock. Anyone know how to solve this issue. Please help me. when I provide PVA buyer getting SMS or phone call verification. thats mean double phone verification. Thanks in advanced for your help.
  5. fbfbfb

    Free 5 Roadblock service

    HI guys :D Just doing picture or phone verification roadblock for members of bhw :) ONLY ONE FOR ONE MEMBER :p PICTURE verification can be done only whn u provide the proxy so tht whn again u open on ur IP it wont get roadblock . :eek: So for PHONE VERIFICATION just both of us...
  6. J

    Facebook Moile Confirmation Roadblock

    Is there anyone who can help me get past the facebook mobile verification roadblock? Once I create accounts I am getting about 25% blocked with the mobile verification roadblock. Does anyone know how to get around this?