1. I

    scrapebox rapid indexer

    Can somebody post rapid indexer new list for scrapebox
  2. I


    Is scrapebox still working?
  3. crystalwiz

    Scrapebox for 1 million comment blast

    Hey guys, I have scrapebox laying around since 2019 and I feel like it's been under-utilized by me. I have premium VPS subscription also. Only used it for Name generation. Has anyone been successfully using scrapebox for comment blast like GSA? Iam interested. Do I need proxies to do that...
  4. Navodit

    How to Post Comments on Youtube via Scrapebox ?

    How to Post Comments on Youtube via Scrapebox, most of the links i scrape are from youtube for the keywords i search for. Help!!!
  5. msyaz

    Scrapebox is a useless Software

    Tried Scrapebox to extract URLs of websites on the search engine but the software becomes unresponsive for no reason many time. Tried using proxies and without proxies, it give the same results. Very few URLs extracted. I could do a better job doing it manually. Contacted their support but...
  6. JasonS

    Scrapebox addons issue in Windows 11

    Hi, I was playing around with scrapebox and most of the addons doesn't load/open in Windows 11. Is there anyone facing the same issue or is it just me? Scrapebox ver: Windows 11 Pro: ver. 22H2, OS build, 22621.160 Facing issues with these addons: 1. Alive Check 2. Anchor Text Checker...
  7. Bigcookies

    Web scraper

    How would I scrape truepeoplesearch results? I need to search about 4000 addresses and need a tool that can take the names and addresses and give me a list of phone numbers I tried using scrapebox but they said they can't because the site uses javascript is there a tool that could get this job...
  8. Bigcookies

    How to search for addresses with scrapebox

    How would I use scrapebox to search for phone numbers using I have a list of addresses I need scrapebox to look for those specific addresses on the site and then scrape the phone numbers in the search results I know that scrapebox has a phone number scraper but I'm not sure...
  9. Sean Fleming

    Scrapebox harvesting minimal results

    I’ve been trying to use scrapebox however when I harvest each keyword it returns minimal results per key word. I get around 300 results and then an additional 40 max. It seems like it stops after 4 pages no matter what the key word is. for each key word it will run like this 100, 100, 100...
  10. P

    Help With Guestpost outreach

    Hi guys, i'm trying to make an outreach for my website to get some high authority backlinks. I'm using scrapebox and i want to make it through the contact form, as i think it is the most efficient way. Unfortunately the Contact form in my scrapebox has a very low success rate ( 0,01%) so i...
  11. U

    How to check list of 34,000 domains for expired ones?

    Hello! What would be the easiest way to run a list of 34,000 domains through some sort of Bulk Check and see which ones are expired? I have Scrapebox and Domain Hunter Gatherer, but those seem to excel at crawling sites for URLs. Is there a way to use them for this? Are there any tools that can...
  12. m13ur13

    Scrapebox Article Scraper - WordPress Blog Regex

    I thought I would leave this for anyone who might need it. I wasn't having regular success pulling articles from EzineArticles using SB Article Scraper Prem. So I thought I would try finding URLs for WP posts and scrape that way. But, the problem was finding the right markers because all sites...
  13. 4ry4n

    [Question] What to select in ScrapeBox Harvester menu in order to find open comment sections?

    Hello, I have been teaching myself to use ScrapeBox but I can't figure out what I should select in these two menus under harvester in order to find open comment section on pages: Regards,
  14. 4ry4n

    [Question] Can I use Bing to scrape websites in Scrapebox?

    Hello, Somehow I can't to scrape google, I have a dynamic IP and do not use proxies. I wonder why I can't. Anyway my option is to use bing. Is that an option to find blogs to comment on?
  15. 4ry4n

    [Question] Where can I download Proxy Lists to use on ScrapeBox?

    Hello people, For some odd reason I couldn't find any program that downloads update proxy lists. So is there a website where I could download ready to use proxy lists which are up to date? Regards,
  16. rysioslaw


  17. W

    Best proxy for scraping Instagram emails

    Hi, does anyone know of a proxy provider still able to grab emails from Instagram? I have tried Stormproxies (rotating) and InstantProxies and it isn't getting any, from a list of Instagram urls. Thanks!
  18. bb802123

    Extremely slow process for doing SEO via RankerX

    My backgound: I am not quite new in SEO but still could not find out the best practice of doing backlinks with automatic tools. Tools I use: RankerX, SEO Content Machine Here is my Diagram of RankerX campaigns: At this moment, I do 1 campaign only for each day, here are my combinations stat...
  19. madomix

    scrapebox Licensing problem please help me !

    I purchased the license for the tool a while ago and I was working with it, and now I changed my device completely and tried to log in with my data, after waiting, the activation was not done and I contacted them, but I find a stable response without anything clear, no matter how much I change...
  20. ssll10

    I need Cheapest Shared Proxy For Scrapebox Contact form posting

    I want to post contact form using Scrapebox. that's why I'm looking for shared data center Proxy or which is best for scrapebox and which is very cheap and good.