1. labba20

    Where i can find video sharing script

    I want to find this type of video sharing site ex: Where i can find this kind of script ?
  2. kikmebiz

    Anyone ever had a bad experience buying a script from a user in CodeCanyon?

    Hello, Anyone ever had a bad experience buying a script from a user in CodeCanyon? I have recently purchased one from a user on there and the script is full of bugs, the customer support is terrible and to top it off, I have indications that there is something really dodgy with the script as it...
  3. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  4. Adolf Moen

    Convert Traffic Source

    Welcome. How can I convert visits as coming from the Google search engine. Example when I get traffic from social networking sites or buy traffic from some sites that provide traffic selling service. And when the visitor passes on a script, it turns into a visitor coming from the Google search...
  5. mrBH000

    [Script] Spamming Bot Comment in YT video

    Hello Fellows, How they post these spam comments? And these links are works fine. Which script they use to post these comments?
  6. nawabuq

    Script/Bot Idea

    hi, I have a bot idea and I'm looking for a skilled developer to simplify and implement this script/bot, The idea is that we can increase any TikTok video views by opening the link several times from different windows only, and without the need to use proxies or have accounts "watch without a...
  7. C

    How are bots that sell Twitch/Spotify viewers & followers made?

    Hello! How are websites like: made? These websites sell you Twitch followers & viewers, and with Spotify they sell you followers and listeners. I believe these are rotating bot proxies but would like more info about this topic. If you know...
  8. Q

    Python Selenium with Proxies / Youtube

    Hello, i search somone to continue my work. I have created a script. Needed Skilled Coder. More details later. PM please.
  9. A

    any expert on selling youtube channels ? i want to know a value of a channel i'm buying

    i'm new here so please be gentle :p hey I'm thinking of buying a YouTube channel . First of all , it's a script automated channel , I literally don't have to do anything , it uploads 6 shorts a day I asked the dev to try and run the channel for few days to see the results for myself , and it...
  10. lightneeder

    Metamask wallet script

    Hi, can someone please explain to me how this script works? pass: 0VAEhXsdtt
  11. FrankShade#9293

    is there still a profit in making tons of content in tumblr ?

    i didn't try to make profit on tumblr before . Now i can make advanced scripts that make images for me , is there a future in uploading them in tumblr ? even if i'm not drawing anything by myself and it's all automated ?
  12. 3bdou

    How addmefast validate the action ?

    Hello guys I want to know what technology or language addmefast uses to capture an action made outside of their domain. When someone clicks on the like or subscribe button and then closes the popup there is a script that runs and validates the action. Any idea please because I see that no API...
  13. Creatifying

    Need a php devoloper

    need a php devoloper for making a social media marketing web application including all advanced and basic features at a affordable price
  14. S

    I need a script for webscraping and group management for Telegram

    Which is preferably written in PHP8 using asynchronous functions
  15. D

    YouTube Upload Bot

    Hi, i need someone to make me a bot that posts a video from a folder ever 2 hours every day, (example: i want the bot to upload five videos, I'll set on settings to post at 10 12 14 16 18 every day...) Bot can't use YouTube API Bot needs to get title and description from file
  16. A

    Need STRONG Antibot Script

    I need strong antibots to stop page going red. My page keeps getting detected and going red, I need help to avoid this issue.
  17. Saif14

    where can i find this wordpress theme guys

    hi everyone where can i find this word press theme
  18. A

    PHP coders needed for antibot script

    I have some spages I am trying to host and get traffic to, my pages design and so on is completely undetected but my antibots are not strong enough to stop the page from going red. I need a script to implement on my hosting to stop my sites pages going red and suspicious. If you can help let me...
  19. L

    I need Help in facebook group Posting

    With 100 FB accounts, each account has 30 groups respectively, calculating only 1 ad per group and counting only 10,000 people per group on average. then exposure = 100 FB Facebook ✖ 30 group ads ✖ 10,000 people/group = 30 million people exposure, then, doing the worst case scenario, based on a...
  20. bladee4r

    PHP Save info from textbox script

    I had a script like this before, but I lost it. I'm not too good with PHP, can someone provide me a simple script that just collects user input from a text box upon "submit button"? Even if that submit button is a redirect to another page? I tried it myself, but I can't figure out how to...