1. supersuitguy1

    Paying for Code Script - Grab Instagram Handles from given TikTok Account list

    I'm looking to have a script made for a mobile emulator. Here's a brief breakdown of what I'm looking for: I want to input a list of TikTok usernames, and then have the script run the mobile emulator to each one and grab the handle (@) of the Instagram page attached to the TikTok account...
  2. A

    need theme name

    anyone here know the landing page name
  3. flashsites

    Cold Email in Dating *Outdated?* / Script Advice

    Hi I would like to know if cold emails in the dating industry no longer works. I tried in the past with lame results. My emails were usually something like "Hi I think you're cute" - auto-response was "Find me on xxx" Is this Auto-responder method whats outdated? Any scripts working for...
  4. A

    WhatsApp / Amazon phone number checker

    Hello I would like to buy a software/script to check whether or not phone numbers in a list have WhatsApp accounts or not, and filter out the ones that do not leaving me only with the ones that do. Or something similar but for amazon accounts. Preferably as a Php script that I can use simply as...
  5. A

    Need a WhatsApp or Amazon mobile number Filter

    I want to buy a WhatsApp or Amazon number filter To put lists of numbers in and see whether or not they have accounts with these companies. Something that could check a large amount of numbers at a fast pace. My budget is about $50 If you can help me with this let me know
  6. M

    Anyone have access to a Facebook Viral Force Share php script for Messenger?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Facebook viral force share php script that is working for today and would be integrated into Messenger as a "share with 10 friends to unlock this offer" kind of thing. everything I'm seeing online is either outdated or is in the update process. Does someone have a...
  7. DenoNeci

    [Download ?] Script for scraping download links on adult forums

    Hello, I made some little scripts to scrap the k2s download links, rapidegator, joker file and others on the adult forums. I was wondering if it would be of interest to those who do porn re-upload like me ^^ ?
  8. L

    Need Freelancer for Marketing research

    Looking for a coder/script knowledgeable person that can help me research a campaign strategy. Up to $300 for job. Further details available to those interested. Thank you for your consideration
  9. xxx69

    Getting Problem with CPA movie Landing Page

    Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well. I am using a php script for CPA Movie Landing Page. But getting this error after uploading all files on public_html. I don't know why I am using siteground hosting. Can someone tell me about this error?? Thanks
  10. Vicky Rao

    Scrape Keywords (Help)

    Does anyone have any script to scrape keywords from a website?
  11. gettinthere

    Popunder scripts that work in 2020? (&/or Wordpress pop under plugin?)

    Does anybody know of any popunder scripts that are working in 2020? Pops that pop under, rather than over! Thanks :)
  12. DPkumar

    Want to hire who can make script for restart huawei e8372 dongle...

    hi... i am making my own mobile 4g proxies for my personal use... i am going to use it in cc proxy... so i want someone who can make script to force restart huawei e8372 dongle(not reset).... Features i want... => It can detect all dongles how many dongles are connected 10 or 20 ... =>...
  13. Loadzz

    Follow-Jacker for insta?

    Hi Is there a follow-jacker for Instagram? I remember there used to be a like jacker for Facebook Pages - basically a script you put on a website which triggers a like action when e.g. a pop up box is closed. Is there anything like this for Insta follows? Cheerrs!
  14. babelonia

    Any script for Instagram masspoolling ?

    Hey, do you guys know any script for Instagram mass story vote? At moment im using instapy for some automatic process... But i wanna give a shot for story mass vote. Thx!
  15. greydingo

    How to detect puppeteer with 100% accuracy

    I just posted this in another thread, but I thought it may be better as it's own thread. I will disclose a method to detect puppeteer with 100% accuracy. I have never told anyone about this. I've never seen it discussed anywhere, I discovered this on my own a while back. I'm guessing anti-bot...
  16. nospherat13

    streaming script

    hi all, someone know a script to automatically add video to my streaming site? I explain to you, I want a script which updates for example serial episodes from a base like another streaming site for example to my site.
  17. Arcanine

    How to do this, summarized in a gif

    When you click to view the image on site 1, it appears on site 2 Well, someone could guide me
  18. Suigetsu

    Any idea what script this is (cloutpay) (cash4clickz)

    Hey! Does anyone know where I can get this script? cash4clickz .com/dashboard/register.php (this isn’t a real offerwall site, it’s a scam...) I’ve seen it for years! Multiple different domains by different owners... I found similar scripts, however I’m looking for this exact one. I know it’s...
  19. S

    ePonzi - Pair To Pair Donation Script

    Hi guys, I found this peer to peer donation nulled script online, which was nulled since 2017 and it looks pretty amazing. It works on PHP v5 which isn't bad but it has a problem with the registration form with the captcha. I don't know if anyone else had this issue and was able to rectify it...
  20. P

    Looking for PHP dev

    Hello, I'm looking for PHP dev for my simple project. I just need to integrate new SMS provider via API. Currently script is working with Twilio but I just need to integrate other provider. Regards, My budget is $50 - $70