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  3. C

    [My Journey] Youtube & Semrush

    Hi, first sorry for bad english! i create a new channel on youtube. niche: semrush for my country ( Romania ) i search on youtube and i find little videos about semrush in romanian! no face, only me semrush and a microphone THE GOALS 1000 subs 4000 hours for adsense enabled and semrush...
  4. Norman_drey

    Can I rank #1 with a new domain?

    I analyzed a big blog with millions of monthly traffic, and filter the dificult keywords and found something less competitive with higher search volume And I noticed that they don't even rank for most of the easy keywords. Do you think my new blog would rank for these keywords? Stats from...
  5. uaftmelo

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  6. xanaIDE

    Google Keyword Planner VS Semrush for Search Volume?

    Hello, So I searched for a word in Google Keyword Planner and the result for search volume is 10K – 100K, I searched for the same word on Semruch and the result was only 170. Both results in the USA only. Which one should I take as more accurate?
  7. A

    Ubersuggest or Semrush, ahref?

    So i'm trying to start a blog and content creation in general but kinda in a confusion on what to use between these tools or what's recommended for a beginner on SEO and keyword research? i'm low on budget so i'm leaning into ubersuggest but will it help me SEO-wise? got any tips?
  8. invigorate

    Get Bird's Eye View using SEMRush Network Graph

    Hello all BHW members, I got a lot of new knowledge in this forum. I would like to share a little bit of what I found. When I use Backlink Analytic in SEMRush, it turns out SEMRush has a new feature which is Network Graph. This feature will help you avoid spending hours investigating the...
  9. O

    Keyword Search Volume

    I'm using SEMrush and Google KWD planner for search volume data. But there's a discrepancy across all primary keywords on both. And if i'm comparing with Ahref, it's getting mismatched too. Some of the keywords have the same search volume. Which is the best tool or method to check the correct...
  10. GreyHatHacks

    [Advanced] Keyword Research Template

    I just wanted to share a link to this keyword research template: Super helpful for anyone looking to: Standardize processes Partially automate keyword research Organize findings & research Share deliverables with clients Hope this helps!
  11. RatSeaExclusive

    Best free or cheap tool for traffic analysis?

    I'm interested in function "Top Pages" from SEMRush and "Organic Pages" from SimilarWeb. Is there a free/cheap tool to do that with unlimited shown websites?
  12. El Professor

    [Method] How to find keywords which can rank faster

    In the SEO world, faster is always better. The faster you can get your keywords to rank, the better off you'll be. Here are some tips on how to find keywords which can rank faster. Use keyword research tools - There are a number of great keyword research tools out there that can help you find...
  13. HiQ

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  14. BeZzzymec

    [FREE] Semrush requests

    Hello there. I'm new here, so I want to submit a free request for service tools. Enjoy. Eligibility: 30 posts Valid untili i can provide service. P.S. Thx @HustleTong for threading.
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  17. jemzozole

    Is there anyone that could export...

    Hello! Is there anyone that could export organic research -> positions from Semrush for me from one website? I can look at your website and send some UX tips in exchange! Cheers.
  18. 0verflow

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  19. Bloodseeker

    Did Semrush buy Backlinko?


    How to find a site on semrush just by knowing its traffic semrush ?

    Hy, I recently found out that you can find a site on semrush just by knowing its semrush traffic count. If anyone knows the technique I would be grateful