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  1. K

    What is the best skill to learn to make the most money?

    Hey everyone, I have a lot of free time on my hands and am looking to put in a ton of time to learn a new skill and eventually make it my career, and I would love some input from all of you lovely members! What am I looking for in a career? 1. The ability to work remotely 2. The ability to...
  2. M

    Specialists wanted for the creation of review articles, reports, blog entries, rating websites, wikipedia, linkedIn, purchased articles, Advisor site

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need someone across the board to create good reports, reviews, articles, guides, blog posts about a particular company or domain that you will get from us. If you are able to create small websites...
  3. C

    Ranking Youtube livestreams

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out the do's and dont's and the exact method for making your YouTube livestream rank among a search-term. For example the search term "csgo" I have the keywords selected that are relevant, and several thousand viewers and likes on the livestream, but I do not...
  4. O

    Best keyword strategy

    Once I have found the keyword i want to target what’s next? Do i create landing pages for each keyword? And where do i put these keywords?? In the title?? Meta tags? Someone send me a link to another forum that gives me answers or anyone here give me an answer. Thank you all
  5. mrbossy


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  6. Bilal343

    How do I choose and write for a keyword or topic?

    In essence, this depends on what type of website you have, how new it is, what your goals are, and what the competition is doing. Having a local website for an accountant will lead to many different topics than a national e-commerce website that sells fidget spinners. In general, most people...
  7. ElliotG

    Outranking Amazon & Etsy

    Hello BHW, my first post here. So I have found a good niche for a dropshipping store. Ahrefs is telling me that keyword difficulties for my product keywords are 0 with relatively high volume. However, the top pages are Amazon & Etsy. How hard would it be to outrank these marketplaces? I have an...
  8. Robert_farnum

    Starting An Agency?

    Is it a good decision to start an agency based on one skill in SEO?
  9. Bilal343

    [Regex Power in #SEO] How to find FAQs you can write answers for and get extra instant #organic traffic?

    First of all: "Instant" = 1-3 months in SEO NOTE: You need some organic data to make this method work. 1) Go to Google Search Console 2) Click "+ New" and choose "Query" 3) Choose "Regex" from the dropdown list 4) Input ^(who|what|where|when|why|how)[” “] 5) Apply This Regex will find you all...
  10. M

    Pick My Niche For Me?

    Niche selection is driving me crazy. I feel like I need a problem and a solution that works for customers. Nothing strikes me as being exciting or interesting.
  11. DJ.Bud

    Hey! i'm back to do some interesting stuff

    Hey guys! How have you been? I was not really active on bhw for 1-1.5 years, I want to discuss what interesting things you guys are doing, learn from you and also share what i am up to. Building ecosystems and brands. Learning a lot on how to create a lifestyle brand, if you guys have any...
  12. arzul.cpa444

    Any one has Idea how to rank your listing on Google shopping

    Hi, I have seen a keen growth in google shopping as I have derived a lot of traffic from there even though my listings are not on the top first row, I really used some help if anyone can guide me on how the google shopping algorithm works and what SEO to be done to rank your listings. Thank you
  13. Koloktronis

    Can Google Identify Translated Content?

    I am bilingual and I operate in a niche that has tons of content in my native language. I take the content in my native language, I translate it, edit it, pass it through a plagiarism checker and I republish it to my English speaking blog. I am wondering if "G" can understand that the content...
  14. Rafael Bryan

    Latest List of Local Directories for Local Citations

    Hi everyone. I've been doing Local Citations for quite some time now and obviously I have my own list of Local Directories that I am using with my clients' listings. I would just like to ask you guys if you can share your list of Local Directories that you are using for your clients. :)...
  15. L

    Seo expert for anime site needed

    Hello I’m still looking for an SEO expert to make necessary improvements on content/keywords and other SEO related tasks (on and off page). I need someone that just “gets it” and knows what to do with the site. Someone that doesn’t need too much supervision as I work a lot. The goal is to get...
  16. P

    Free tool for creating back links - 10k +

    What are the some of free tools to create backlinks and fatest indexing process..!
  17. andykym

    Promoting My Blog Failed !!

    I have a blog based on CRO (I am a Beginner) niche. One of the way that I choose to promote is using Niche related Forums. I found WorriorForum, Actiontakershub, H-educate Forum , Money Maker Discussinon forum etc.... on these list I allowed to post only on H-educate Forum and Actiontakershub...
  18. 6

    Looking for White Hat automated blog

    I’m looking for a white hat or grey who can create a lot of blogs/websites that I can make automatically money .or scrap websites such as
  19. Phoenix11

    Am I overthinking dropservice niches?

    Hi there, I'm currently weighing out different options for a dropservicing (outsourcing) niche. But chronic overthinking (and fear of failure) hits me hard and prevents me from proceeding (since I already failed one time). So to be honest, I'm actually looking for a bit of reassurance. I was...
  20. L

    Twitter services

    I need to tweet some specific tweet from 10K different account. anybody can help with that?