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  1. andykym

    Promoting My Blog Failed !!

    I have a blog based on CRO (I am a Beginner) niche. One of the way that I choose to promote is using Niche related Forums. I found WorriorForum, Actiontakershub, H-educate Forum , Money Maker Discussinon forum etc.... on these list I allowed to post only on H-educate Forum and Actiontakershub...
  2. 6

    Looking for White Hat automated blog

    I’m looking for a white hat or grey who can create a lot of blogs/websites that I can make automatically money .or scrap websites such as
  3. Phoenix11

    Am I overthinking dropservice niches?

    Hi there, I'm currently weighing out different options for a dropservicing (outsourcing) niche. But chronic overthinking (and fear of failure) hits me hard and prevents me from proceeding (since I already failed one time). So to be honest, I'm actually looking for a bit of reassurance. I was...
  4. L

    Twitter services

    I need to tweet some specific tweet from 10K different account. anybody can help with that?
  5. B

    Looking for SEO partner

    Hi There, I have recently started celebrity XXX site that i need for SEO Partner. If you have good knowledge In SEO and getting traffic from 1 and 2 tiers then feel free to PM me. We will split the profits 50/50, no bullshit. Looking for a real partnership here. So only contact me if you're...
  6. SERP Buster

    Which is more important (On-page seo/Off-page seo), When it comes to e-commerce seo?

    Hello Fellow SEO's, I just started with my own e-commerce seo project. Just looking for an opinion on the following: Which is more important, When it comes to e-commerce seo? (Given that website's technical seo is in place). On-page SEO. Off-page SEO. Please also share some tips and...
  7. P

    Google guidelines

    How to know google guidlines, and webmaster guidelines.....
  8. Y


    how I create a backlink to get a value score on my website
  9. S

    Best Video App for Shopify

    Please advise a best app for uploading video courses in shopify store,which should not be downloaded. Your suggestions and advises are much appreciated.
  10. zaizaizai

    Need help with website seo issues

    My website is 7 months old. Content published 300 articles, but the website didn't show up at all on Google. Hope to get your suggestions here. see where the problem is website:
  11. ensky

    how does google determine authority?

    1. Does google determine the authority by one page or by the whole website? Everyone says that vertical Niche is easy to get ranked, what is the reason? Some people writing an article only need a week and can have hundreds of keywords ranked. while others may take two months, does it have...
  12. F

    Stuck page 2 parasite "amazon'"

    I use amazon to rank Ecommerce store after indexing the page landed page 2 position 14 after building some backlinks i noticed sever google dance at the same minute link go from postion 11 to 20 . kw according to ahrefs and semrush very easy keyword 2000 per month. what is the strategy should i...
  13. b_hatW

    Need a Team/Company who is very much expert on B2B Marketing.

    Need a Team/Company who is very much expert on B2B marketing. Marketing Area only USA. Team/Company Location: India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. PM me for more information.
  14. Noxron

    What are some auto content writing software's?

    After Many days latter I am Back today . But I want to know something about auto content writing software if anyone give any helpful information . Thank You
  15. R

    Knowing IM

    My name is Rudy Rosales from Honduras and nationalized Salvadorean. I have a technical degree on R.R.P.P from U.E.E.S from E.S.A, hoping to get my way to expertise on branding revenue and SEO to be one to help. Wish you blessings!
  16. gaby81

    Ecommerce SEO Expert

    Hello, I am looking for a SEO expert for my new Woocommerce+Wordpress store to help me drive organic traffic to the store. Complete package (on page analysis and off page).
  17. J

    My Website Disappear from Brand Search

    My websites - few of the brands disappear from brand search suddenly. This have happened few times, couldnt find what's the issue and everytime i have to put up a new domain and switch. Then over some time, the domain disappear from brand search again. Background of my website: 1) 2 sites...
  18. sadecentpoint

    Mega Tools Bundle On Discount| Semrush | Moz | WooRank | Canva | Evanto Elements | Epidemic Sound | Twenty20 | PicMonkey | Tuts+ and More

    Today I am offering a Mega Tools bundle which otherwise cost Hundreds of dollars per month. Lets keep the Fluff aside and come directly to the point. Tools List is as follows: ✅ SEMRUSH (Bonus) ✅ Moz ✅ WooRank (Bonus) ✅ CrazyEgg ✅ Canva ✅ Evanto Elements ✅ Epidemic Sounds ✅ Twenty20 Stock ✅...
  19. Serg Weider

    SEO Optimization of Your Instagram Account

    I've been meaning to write this for a long time, as I have seen many questions on the forum from other users. What do people mean when they say optimize an Instagram account? It's worth saying that there are very few opportunities to apply SEO tools on Instagram, but getting into a Google...
  20. Chdead

    What would you like in a NEW simple SEO plugin that works with most websites?

    Hello guys I'm creating an SEO app (not mobile app) like Yoast but I want it to be beginners friendly and focuses on the most important features rather than the hundreds other apps provide without actual results. Which features would you like in a simple SEO app that will help you optimize your...