seo & google update

  1. ninzaseo

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  2. Snqke

    Google Traffic Drop Reason ?

    Hello guys, we have good website that reached 550k Daily visits (80% organic traffic from google) on september 2022 after that we got the big drop on 19october as everyone notice from google update (90% decreased), we tried too mush to make it back to work but we cannot, the website get down...
  3. M

    What changes can be in the SEO field on 2023?

    What do you think guys? what major changes can google make on 2023? will Black hat SEO vanished?
  4. ensky

    How to evaluate the value of the backlinks?

    I thought some values for the backlinks, does it right? 1. DR, flow the link juice. 2. Tell google the relevance. The backlink's article is relevant to my site. Because google will show the most relevant result, the backlinks may prove this relevant. 3. Get traffic from the backlinks. What...
  5. rahulthepcl

    For SEO Experts

    If you buy an expired domain, do you start your money site on it (similar niche), or do you redirect it to a new domain and then start the money website on the new domain? Which will provide the best result according to your experience?
  6. afyie

    How do you recommend to rank a New Pharma Niche or any competitive Niche website

    Hey everyone, I wanted to know from some experts how they managed to rank a new website on easier keywords in a competitive niche. from my end i made sure website was good in terms of on page SEO technical seo pushed relevant HQ blogs frequently (off page seo from this forum) PBNs (2000 links...
  7. Kasigazi

    The power of shopify store parasites

    How is he planting parasites of shopify shops
  8. A

    I want to know some open source spider pool systems

    What are the popular open source spider pool systems? It’s a system that can attract huge Google spider into their system. Then I can use this system to index my backlinks. similar to the index service system.
  9. LatestPhoneZone

    How do I safely redirect an expired domain to a new site?

    I want to ask please, I just bought an expired domain name with 18DA, 48PA, Good backlinks. I will like to redirect it to a new blog I just started. Is there something I need to do first before the redirection? How do I safely do the redirection?
  10. quicktech

    Badly affected by Google's recent update

    Hello guys, I am new here but now in the field of SEO. I found help nowhere to at last resorted here. Last month, from 21st of October, my website lost 90% of its traffic. As of now, articles were original and images were also original. Some articles were Silo but the keywords were different...
  11. dakudaddy

    [NEED HELP] Website Traffic Dropping

    Any Way to Recover the website ? No Manual Penalty
  12. SEO Ghunda

    What are going to be the most effective SEO techniques for 2023?

    The SEO field is always changing. What worked a few years ago may not work now, and what works now may not work in the future. This means that those who want to stay ahead of the curve must be constantly learning and adapting their techniques. But what SEO techniques are going to be effective in...
  13. jsalim93

    Converting PHP website to Wordpress

    Hello Friends, I wanted to convert my PHP based website to Wordpress. Would it affect my Google rankings and hurt my traffic?
  14. SEO Ghunda

    Is there a way I can practice creative writing?

    Creative writing involves using your imagination to come up with stories, poems, or songs. It can be a difficult skill to develop, but there are plenty of ways to practice it without ever leaving your home. What is creative writing? Creative writing is a type of writing that allows you to...
  15. ensky

    Can we write duplicate content part? Within the same site.

    Ahrefs has a concept of keyword cannibalization, which talks about the problem of keyword cannibalization ( ARTICLE example: ARTICLE: 1. How to Choose the Right Laptop H2: Pick Your Operating System H2: Know Your CPUs H2: Graphics Cards H2: How...
  16. Wrath Of God

    “King Charles” dog breed vs "King Charles", the son of the late Queen of England

    Whether we like it or not, being in SEO means staying up to date with local, national, and global news trends. For example, a quick Google search of "King Charles" before September 2022 was REAL different from a Google Search now. Before the death of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022, Google...
  17. D

    getting paid of products you're interested in

    You have an idea on using digital services and apps? Make it count. Ever used a certain app or service on your smartphone while you were on the road and it didn‘t work? Does this sound familiar: Buying a ticket quickly before boarding the train and the loading bar does not disappear? Or...
  18. korosho

    Who is for you the best package SEO service on BHW ? for 250$ monthly budget ( for now )

    Just title, my niche is crypto currency, ( memecoin ) , we are brand new, site is totaly fresh and not yet optimized but yeah things will change We can't allocate too much yet, but later on we will speznd 1k monthly. We have a blog section & news section that will be active too. Site fully...
  19. Dark Hat 007

    The Google August 2022 Helpful Content Update has started - Let's keep track of everything here

    Google has started rolling out their August 2022 helpful content update. I haven't noticed anything on my end so far!! What about you?
  20. M

    Is it too late? SEO strategy in 2022 for individual Site owner

    Hello All, Firstly I am very fortunate that I get to find this site this month. This site is truly a gem. This is my first post in this phenomenal site, hoping I will get some expert opinion and suggestions on my query. My SEO knowledge is very less, as I all started studying SEO seriously on...