1. P

    PHP framework to HTML website convert without loosing SEO

    one of my website in PHP framework and want to develop in HTML without Loosing SEO how could this possible to match more than 200 pages , redirect to the new one is there any alternate way to move site php to html PHP website page link - in html website -...
  2. Y


    how I create a backlink to get a value score on my website
  3. Snqke

    is this backlinks methode good ?

    Hello, I'd like to get your suggestion about this methode of backlinks, i have website that i can get from it Good keyword (Good Monthly Search Volume +10k, Low Keyword Difficulty Score 10/100 ), and i'm ranked in some keyword like 30,10,4 position...., and i'd like to beat my competitors and...
  4. Didou

    How to Rent Advertising Space on a Blog?

    Hello everyone. I hope everything is going well for you. I've been searching for answers to my questions, but so far, I haven't come across anything related to what I'm looking for. To keep things short, I'd want to know whether it's possible to rent advertising space on a blog. The blog gets...
  5. Petry Geil


    Hi, I am new here, originally from Europe, doing a lot of travelling and working with webdesign, online-marketing, affiliate programs and SEO (till now only strict white-hat and veeery conservative/carefull) for many years now. Happy to assists and answer questions and happy to learn new ways or...
  6. dozerspares

    Hey everyone

    New to the forum but have been reading posts and have already found some good insights. Looking forward to learning more.
  7. TomTheCat

    Google fucked this up?

    What's with the new threads regarding casinos lately? In the past, some newbies thought that this is a hacking forum, now Google thinks this is a casino forum.
  8. SarkarSEO


    SarkarSEO is One of the Fastest Growing SEO company in Digital Space! THE GRANDMASTER: EXCLUSIVE POKER - CASINO - BETTING QUALITY LINKS Presents... Bulk Order discount is available, PM me for details. Refund Policy: We will refund the amount if we are not able to deliver...
  9. N

    SEO for a Personal Blog

    Hi, Looking for someone to help me get my personal blog to show up on the first page of google when I type in my full name. Should be pretty simple and easy!: The name is uncommon and my main site already ranks in the top 2 results, so just hoping to get this new blog up there. High quality...
  10. S

    Best Video App for Shopify

    Please advise a best app for uploading video courses in shopify store,which should not be downloaded. Your suggestions and advises are much appreciated.
  11. P

    amazon SEO

    how to do amazon SEO, please anybody guide me.
  12. sldana

    HI.. Everyone.. (^_^)

    Hi, I've known about BHW for several years. maybe start from 2017 I've been just reading from the sidelines, though my work does require a bit more conversing from my end now so I'm looking forward to joining the discussions. Thank You..
  13. P

    SEO for amazon

    how to do SEO for amazon
  14. Didou

    What should I do with this type of keyword?!

    Hello everyone. I hope you guys are all doing great. In my niche, I often come across keywords that, according to Grammarly, contain a grammatical mistake. Let's take this one as an example: ("how to clean keyboard" with 22K search volume according to Keywords Everywhere). Grammarly says I...
  15. qandeelfahad1

    Journey: Are these stats good for a 5 days old site with 25 posts?

    Hello, I just create this new site and this is the first time that I am toying around with this. Can someone tell me if the stats are good for a 5 days old site? THESE ARE TODAY'S STATS.
  16. L

    Looking for SEO expert for anime site(s)

    I'm in need of an SEO expert to work on an anime site and future anime-related sites.
  17. S

    Youtube view bot

    can someone make a youtube view bot application for me with built-in proxy can generate for millions of views I want to spend around 15/100 euro/dollar
  18. ensky

    how does google determine authority?

    1. Does google determine the authority by one page or by the whole website? Everyone says that vertical Niche is easy to get ranked, what is the reason? Some people writing an article only need a week and can have hundreds of keywords ranked. while others may take two months, does it have...
  19. Bedazzle

    Change Blog Post Date or Not after Updating?

    When you add new information to an existing blog post, do you usually change the date of the post or do you keep the old date of the blog post? Are there any benefits to keeping the old date on the blog post rather than updating the date?
  20. Oneilrocket

    Can anyone point me to a tutorial they used to learn SEO.

    when I search on YouTube I see hundreds of tutorials and its all overwhelming. most of them require a website that you pay 100 dollars up to us their tool and the whole outlook looks complicated. I'm a newbie so please what tutorial or guide worked best for you. i just want to have a guide i...