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  2. J

    How do i get pages of a large site indexed?

    Hi there, I have a Django-based web app that is sort of like a biography site with more than 200k pages. Each page is unique of course with proper unique meta. Google has indexed around 270 pages so far in these 20 days. The biggest issue seems to be how often the site is getting crawled. The...
  3. Norman_drey

    2023 is SEO dead?

    Will SEO be a ranking Factor for 2023 or we should just focus on social traffic, I'm thinking or restarting my abandoned blog but a little confused about SEO
  4. I Am Batman

    Is there a plugin can hide internal links?

    Hi, I want to find a plugin that can hide an internal link to an article that hasn't been published yet and show it when the article is published. Is there a plugin that can do this? Thank you.
  5. M

    What is the best ADS strategy and Platform For Newly Created Sites ?

    I have recently created a site in which there is a lot of demand in it's use case but there is no alot of organic search keywords or search for the site main topics directly. I am not sure if that even makes sense :), but on what platform would you market a newly created website ? Facebook...
  6. B

    Is this good?

    Hi, I would like to get your opinion on my website > http(s)://ytder [dot] com/ < it's a video downloader website and I made a lot of changes to it recently I made it more responsive for phones and changed the design and added a few more tools and right now I'm in the process of adding a blog...
  7. Hassan Amin

    Spelling errors in the article

    Hello, I contacted a seo expert and told him that my site does not bring traffic, so he told me that because of spelling errors, Google does not give me your ranking, how do I amend it in your opinion
  8. justmeus

    How to check copy writing quality

    Hey guys! We added a blog section to our website. We are currently monitizing third party traffic and we would like to rank our website through blogs aswell. Because we are outsourcing our copywriting I would like faster way to check the quality of the content. I currently use quillbot for...
  9. J

    seo in website help!

    Greetings , I came here with the purpose of getting support and help in information, I need to know the corresponding steps to make a good SEO to my godaddy website. I have done SEO on the page with the keywords towards our target, if we have seen that we have placed ourselves on the 1st and 2nd...
  10. B

    Looking for a NATIVE Spanish-speaker content creator 8USD/H

    *PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE RATE PER HOUR OFFERED, 8usd/h* Hello! We are looking for a NATIVE Spanish SEO writer to join our team (preferably from South-america, but must be able to write neutral/Castillian Spanish). Our business runs a network of affiliate sites in several...
  11. AllyBarns

    How is this possible?

    Search on Google: "Top Reasons why your CRM software needs a cleanup." The first two results have exact same content and ranking for past 1 year! Both articles are word to word same. #1 published on 8 Aug 21 and #2 published on 4 Jan 21. Wondering how is it possible that Google didn't take any...
  12. phyxer-


    Is anyone here ever tried moneyrobot for seo from Is it good or bad? And How long the backlinks take to indexed?
  13. T

    Sitemap and Google Indexing Issue

    Hi I am seeing a few pages indexed of one of my sites on Google, which I believe shouldn't be indexed because before today there those pages wouldn't be used to index. So I can't figure out if I should keep it or turn off the toggle in Yoast Search Appearance. I use the newspaper theme, so...
  14. ibrahimbrtawi

    Google Knows You More Than You Know Yourself!

    If you want to see how far technology has come, read up on digital advertising and tracking technology and how the tech giants (Google, Meta, Twitter, to name a few) are collecting huge amounts of data to literally predict the future. Think this is nuts? Read until the end. I was setting up a...
  15. B

    Keyword Rank Keeps Fluctuate Between Top 10 and 100 on Google

    I have around 10 keywords that keeps jumping up and down from top 10 to 100 and thencome back to top 10 based on Semrush This has happened for 2 months now and I don't know if it is considered normal What do you guys think? Have anyone witness this kind of situation?
  16. Divisoria


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  17. M

    Really need some advice. My site got hit so hard! Keyword is disappear day after day.

    About my site: - New site (7-month year old) - On-page in basic (SSL, Title, Image, Internal link,...) - 74 articles all by writer, I got some sales so I think it is good enough - Few social, directory ... - Got hit on 25 September - Keywords disappear day after day - Still got sale month ago -...
  18. O

    Subdomain on Spam Update

    Hello, i read online that google treats a subdomain as a separate website, so i want to know, if i have a website at, and i got hit on google, like my ranking dropped, would it also affect new subdomain created after the hit? like
  19. noellarkin

    SEO Playbook For 2023?

    Most of the SEO work I've done of late has involved relatively easy niches, mostly onpage and some socials/PR. I have a pretty high value client for a very competitive niche onboarding soon - - I was wondering how many of these classic tactics work, and to what extent: 1. Drive Stacking and...
  20. jenniseo

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