1. Bilal343

    [Regex Power in #SEO] How to find FAQs you can write answers for and get extra instant #organic traffic?

    First of all: "Instant" = 1-3 months in SEO NOTE: You need some organic data to make this method work. 1) Go to Google Search Console 2) Click "+ New" and choose "Query" 3) Choose "Regex" from the dropdown list 4) Input ^(who|what|where|when|why|how)[” “] 5) Apply This Regex will find you all...
  2. M

    What are your SEO opinions about Quora

    Please let me know. What is Quora based on SEO terms, not for organic traffic? I and my colleagues discovered that after a lot of publications, answers, and posts, backlinking from Quora is completely zero.
  3. Dark Hat 007

    Transfer article to escape Google May Core Update Strike?

    The title says it all, I lost about 95% of my traffic two months (18th July) after the core update, should I transfer all my articles (214articles) to a new domain to escape it? If I do this, should I redirect my affected domain there?
  4. ChaseYourSEO

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  5. SEO KIT

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    Welcome to SEOKIT guest posting service. We are offering DA 30 to 50+ Google News Approved guest posts at very affordable prices. Google news guest post is a bit different compared to other guest posts. Your post will show under the section and also on the guest post website...
  6. B

    Hiring For Reputation Defense To Protect My Listings - Need to Push Down Trust Pilot

    Hi All, I own a very large direct to consumer supplement company (100 million per year) and get A LOT of affiliates trying to poach my traffic. I need to push them down fast and need to push down Trust Pilot from my home page. Please ping me and I'll give you details about the company...
  7. C

    My idea on how to make 500$/month with auto blogging

    Hello guys, I was really inspired by some auto blogging journeys in the forum. I want to say that I have almost no experience with SEO and blogging stuff. My strong points are more tech related(If there is some hidden way to redirect users from a given website to my website via XSS or any other...

    Want to rank and bank, but you're broke

    Find a PAA style site ( google search) scrape their keywords ( ubersuggest) Do manual search and find easiest ones find youtube video about it grab cc from video change it accordingly ( add punctuations and remove fluff) or find expired domain and scrape their content ( and...
  9. Hamza Hashim

    Site Making $100K + Monthly

    Hey mates, I know someone who is making $100K + monthly by selling twitch services (like views and followers). What I want to know is there someone here working on this or know how to find the backend process? I mean what services or API's that guy is using. Because I also want to start...
  10. redabale

    seo for new brand website

    hello, I just start a new brand website all my articles are indexed what do I need to do now? i means someone give me a good strategy to get ranked or a good road path for next two months thanks
  11. M

    My Learning Journey!

    Hi everyone, Using this space for a bit of a journal on learning SEO. Many years ago I did an SEO course and successfully ranked a friends business, but didn't look further into building a career out of it and moved into other areas of IT. But I'm back! I'm currently setting up two small...
  12. S

    Duplicate Website

    Hi everyone, My site has been duplicated by someone and it's indexed in Google. We have started the process to remove this site from the search engine. Does anyone have any other solutions? Thanks
  13. SamSanesra

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  14. F

    ✅⚡ [7 month] Old domain making $5k with just 216 traffic ⚡✅

    [7 month] Old domain making $5k with just 216 traffic Niche site KGR Target keywords What do you guys think? Is it possible to make this amount of money with just 216(US) traffic? That too only with Google AdSense or kinda ads?
  15. ensky

    How Many Articles Do you Prepare Before Publish the Site?

    Recently I got one point, before publishing your website, prepare at least 40 articles. The steps are: 1. Write at least 40 articles, and post them on the website. 2. After 40 posts are done, then change the robots.txt file, enable the Google Index, and submit the sitemap to Google Search...
  16. S

    Site hacked had 30 pages now has 3+ million! How to remove invalid pages?

    Hi how can I get Google to remove the 3+ million pages that were added by a hacker? In Google Search Console I submitted the URL here to clear current snippet in Google - I've also submitted a new sitemap.xml Is there anything I should do? I appreciate any help thank you!
  17. M

    I want to move articles of website B to website A. How can I do this? Please help.

    Hi Guys, I have 2 websites, say website A & website B, and both these websites are focussed on the same niche. Now website B is not getting much traffic and also since it has niche articles as to website A, I want to move all the articles from Website B to Website A and deindex website B. I...
  18. M

    Niche with no good keywords?

    Hi guys, Have you ever tried to make a niche website only to find that the niche you're targeting doesn't have any low competition, long-tail keywords that you could rank for? Are some niches so competitive (like online poker or weight loss) that it's difficult to rank for ANY keywords, even...
  19. seo_alexa002

    What was the toughtest/stupidest/silliest SEO related question you have ever been asked?

    Mine is the Below One Why are my Google rankings so much better on my computer then when I look at them from other computers?
  20. arzul.cpa444

    Any one has Idea how to rank your listing on Google shopping

    Hi, I have seen a keen growth in google shopping as I have derived a lot of traffic from there even though my listings are not on the top first row, I really used some help if anyone can guide me on how the google shopping algorithm works and what SEO to be done to rank your listings. Thank you