1. D

    Simplest CAPTCHA solver service to integrate into a SERP scraper - Deathbycaptcha, 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, other?

    I found these articles listing CAPTCHA/ReCAPTCHA solving services: I was wondering if people can suggest which of these is easiest to use and integrate into a...
  2. R

    how long it take for backlink to make impact in serp

    so it been a week since i buy backlink. its been a week but there is little improvement in traffic. how long it take for backlink to impact my website serp
  3. GNews

    How To Rank A New Site Fast in Google Search for Dummies | Clean SEO | SERP Tips from a 20 Year News Blog Professional | Cliff Notes Version

    So, lets talk about a way I defeated the 'odds' People once told me I couldn't rank an EMD (exact match domain) for its trending keyword within 2 weeks. At this time, I was a part of a forum of Professionals and opened a case study, to keep my notes clear and focus. Why was I logging this...
  4. mainceaft

    My new website is indexed but not ranked

    So about 4 months ago I bought new domain and decide to start from scratch, I already prepared long mid-easy competitive KS's list, and I start creating contents for it, I even hire writers. Surprise surprise, my website SERP weren't moving a bit in past months, nothing change at all, I never...
  5. montague

    Looking for an expert who can get my youtube video ranked #1 for a google search keyword

    I'm looking for an expert who can get my youtube video ranked #1 for a google search keyword. The video should show up #1 or atleast on the first page of google. Video currently has 100k+ views and is posted from an aged youtube account Budget : $500 - $1000 Serious queries only - time...
  6. robin222

    Website article keyword ranking has not changed

    A few article keywords for one of my sites are currently ranking at the bottom of the Google homepage, or page 2. I have made some PBN backlinks for each of these articles. I also pointed to some internal links for the articles. At the same time, some PBN links and .edu backlinks are pointed to...
  7. A

    SERP manipulation tool

    Hello, everything is in the title. I'm looking for a tool, in fact, I'm looking for SERP manipulation tool recommendations. I anticipate your reactions: you don't have to tell me that it is enough to have quality content: I have to do an experiment; I want to do an experiment on a site that...
  8. kurosaki4d

    Help! Bounce rate of 100%

    Hello there, Lately, I noticed a certain issue with a few of my articles in Google Analytics. I have a couple of articles that have a bounce rate of 100%, but I can see that those same articles "they have traffic" because I get some click-events from Google Tag Manager, and clicks on SERP from...
  9. kurosaki4d

    Question about Backlinking

    Hello, I have a "2nd site" that I started Last July, currently, it has 50+ articles, some of them are ranking on Page 1. (no backlinks yet) So I'm wondering, is it too early to start a "Haro" backlinking campaign? If I can start Haro, can I interrupt whenever I want? Or do I have to keep up...
  10. F

    HELP | Keywords disappear

    Hi guys, I have new domain having 23 unique articles, it is just 10 days old, all posts where indexed in google, and has started appearing in serp but suddenly today i found that all keyword are disappeared except 1 and now no impression are generating in G-console, i am sharing some...
  11. perocJ

    ❇️ BULLFETCH SEO 2022 ❇️ Scale Up Your Business With ❌UNIQUE RANKING FORMULA❌ - 50% OFF LIMITED - TEST Package

    Frequently Asked Questions 1. How many URLs and keywords can I use? - For the best possible results, we recommend using up to 5-7 keywords per project. 2. Are there any niches you can’t accept? - We accept all niches. 3. Do I get a report? - Yes, full report will be provided. 4. Can I...
  12. P

    Where to find website/page rankings for all keywords?

    Similar to how you can see where each page ranks for keywords on the search console/average SERP overall. I don't want to use search console as there would be a few sites and I want that to just be my main site. Is there a (free) way to find your keyword rankings for a website easily? I only...
  13. perocJ

    ❇️ [PBN BULLS] ❇️ - EXCLUSIVE HOMEPAGE LINKS - Aged PREMIUM Domains - ORIGINAL Handwritten Articles - ❌ AVG RD 102 + ❌

    Frequently Asked Questions 1. How many URLs and keywords can I use? - 1 URL and 1 keyword per post. 2. Are there any niches you can’t accept? - Yes, we don’t accept adult niches in general. 3. Do I get a report? - No, we don’t provide reports due to the privacy of our network and existing...
  14. imharrywilliams

    SERP only showing official websites on many searches. ?

    Is it a google bug or any update?
  15. mainceaft

    Link relativity are stronger than you think in eyes of G

    Couple minutes ago I was searching in G about some project I was planning to do, The KW aren't competitive so G shows to me two results from same domain the official KW page in that (authority domain) were second while the sub page were first . The second page contains only links for examples...
  16. F

    Does anyone have strong drop in SERP last week?

    Hi guys! Last week I see the issue that our seo performance is getting worse with each day for last 10 days when we had the peak impressions and positions. Most of queries dropped from the first to 3-4 pages. The ones that were on 2-3 page moved to 4-5. Moreover, around 50% of keywords stopped...
  17. K

    A Page I was Ranking at Number 1 worldwide is gone

    So long story short I was ranking for a specific keyword at number 1 all over the world getting around 300 clicks a day. Using tools I still see it as Number 1 in USA and Canada but the issue is when I search through from different Ip`s I don't see it from my home country and some European...
  18. X


    hey guys - a new member here, and huge issue i can't seem to wrap my head around where i could really use yalls help! I oversee about a couple real estate agents in my local neighborhood - however the issue lies in this: Lets say theres 50 agents total if i look up lets say his name is...
  19. be.vasi

    RAM TRAFFIC❇️ Search Engine Keyword Traffic❇️Google - Bing - Baidu - Referral Traffic❇️

    RAM TRAFFIC RAM TRAFFIC prices: ~ DISCOUNTED 50% ~ ❇️ BASIC ~ 100 organic keyword visits/day - 100$ / month ❇️ STANDARD ~ 150 organic keyword visits/day - 140$ / month ❇️ PREMIUM ~ 250 organic keyword visits/day - 250$ / month ~ DISCOUNTED 50% ~ What am i buying? I will deliver you...
  20. saturnx08

    ⚡Generate the Engagement Your Website Needs to Rank Higher With SEO/CTR Traffic - Top of The Results⚡

    No, it's no longer enough to just focus on fresh content and link building to rank higher! You also need to demonstrate the right user interest and engagement in Google's eyes! You need to prove that your site has a high CTA on the results pages. We can already see this unfolding on YouTube...