1. Eman2018

    Need Amazon SES Account

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy Amazon SES accounts that have sending limits of 50k+ daily. If any of you have any that are willing to sell please message me or comment below.
  2. AffPub

    Is there anyone using AWS amazon SES?

    Hello Folks, Here i need you help. Anyone is using AWS amazon SES please contact me. accept SMTP is there any way to do our work ? Thanks
  3. aut0matic

    I have an Amazon SES account but doesn't know what to do with it

    So lately I've been seeing posts of people looking for amazon SES account with increased limits. I always wanted to sell however I wanted to know why people are buying this accounts. Can anyone explain me how they are using it? Thanks
  4. George21

    Buy: Amazon SES account

    As stated in the title. Buying amazon aws accounts with approved SES functionality. Add me SKYPE: (live: herculeansualy) We can communicate in detail.
  5. pm_money

    *WTB* Amzn SES Production 30k Day Limite

    Hey BHW! I'm looking to buy amzn ses accounts with a 30k day approved sending limit. I know there's other threads, but all those sellers are SCAMMERS! We are looking to buy 5 accounts per week, each with 30k daily send limit... Approved. Paying $50 per account... they don't last long and...
  6. J

    want to buy amazon ses account

    hi.. i want to buy amazon ses account if anyone have increased sendnig limit account pls send msg me thanks