1. The-Business-Point

    legit sites to buy Verified twitter or IG or social accounts ??

    Hey, Can anybody tell where to buy verified twitter account or non verified twitter, IG, FB accounts Can anybody share the legit store or sites where I can buy these social accounts easily in cheap ??? Thank you in advance
  2. seo_alexa002

    This website has 100% commercial articles

    I thought I had to balance between informative and commercial articles. This website has 100% commercial articles. 90% "Best of" type and 10% single reviews and comparisons. The niche(Tech) is not even that unsaturated. Just wow! Source - Twitter
  3. Criskiller

    porn site help seo drop in views

    Hello. i have a porno tube site some time. and this few months it has been dropping views drastically and I don't know what to do. my site is working as wordpress updated with the following plugins Akismet Anti-Spam, Cache Sniper for Nginx, Classic Editor, Yoast SEO. i've been using this theme...
  4. S

    help black hat world members

    which type of site should i make to earn money through that site..??
  5. P ads setup

    how to paste ads on websites.
  6. Milagro

    Pin verified Germany Adsense in exchange for something

    Hello guys I have Germany pin verified Adsense and I don’t really know what to do with it anymore since payoneer has changed their account and Germany Adsense no long accept it I would mind to exchange with payment received ezoic Adsense or other reasonable ads to my greet team managing...
  7. LEETdude

    Online Movie Site Business Model ?

    Hey guys I am new to BHW. I am looking to start a site with free online movies to watch . In my country usually people cant afford a netflix subscription. Ive seen a couple of those sites and it seems the way they operate is they do not upload the movies themself directly and INSTEAD they only...
  8. tazarbm

    3 Non-Earning Websites for Sale

    Hi, I am selling 3 of my non-earning websites as I don't have time (and patience if I'm being honest) to take care of them anymore. If anyone's interested in acquiring them post here. All of the important info is mentioned below, but if something's missing let me know and I'll gladly provide...
  9. xpesos

    [Site for Sale] German Celebrity Site $2.7K income last month with constant growth

    I am selling one of my best performing website, A German celebrity site with around 200K user visits per month, posting 5 - 10% growth every month Last Month October 2021 income = $2700 ($1300 from Adsense $1440 from another CPC network) Demand $42000 - By Escrow (open for offers) You will...
  10. Osemvzegta

    POD platforms ON-SITE Seo is shit!

    Print on demand Guru's :mad:, they never told people the Truth! If you're not ready to buy or build these quality links for your DAMN SHOP :mad:using social media, forums... buyers will never find your designs no matter how good they are !!! That's it from the beginning, easy as that ...But...
  11. M

    Using online services to build passive income ( budget 2000$)

    Hi everyone. I'm 26 year old from Romania . This is my first journey here even if I follow the bhw from some time never opened a journey. My goal is to build a passive income using a budget of 2000$ . I will invest this money in a site ,content, possibly seo or try to outreach other sites from...
  12. F

    Improve site indexing

    Hello everyone, I have set up my first web site (link here: but I have no idea how improve the indexing. If I search my site on Google or other search engines I can't see any results. So I'm searching free methods to indexing the site. So I ask your help...
  13. M

    Creating a new site for a niche about a tech product, please share advice

    Hello guys, Hope this post finds you well. I am completely a newbie to site-building. Let's have the domain and articles ready, the site is up and running. My questions is: How often should I update my site with new content/posts? Any link/advice you would like to share is appreciated Thank you
  14. FiveForwardSlash

    I will add your YouTube, Twitch channels and esports sites to my catalog!

    Good day. I am building a website that will allow authors of eSports content (or other popular games) to get more traffic and a new audience. I am interested in adding authors with original content (not spammy or low-labor content) that might be of interest to regular users. If you have a...
  15. N

    Want to create an adult tube site [$2000 Budget]

    Okay so I have been researching and reading several threads on here about starting up adult tube sites. I have a good niche I want to base my tube site around and I want to grow and maintain it for as long as possible. Not looking for quick money so happy to be patient and build something...
  16. mnkassier

    How to get traffic to Pinterest banned site?

    I have seen a method in youtube that redirects a url to blogspot site and pinning that blogspot url on Pinterest. I am wandering that buying a whole new domain and doing a 301 redirect will do the trick? Like I am doing 301 redirect domain wise to The banned domain is...
  17. mohamedelbanavx

    Hello. I want to create a successful porn site

    Hello. I want to create a successful porn site and profit from it. I want the right method and the best solution
  18. Meerakat

    [GUIDE] Creating the ultimate AUTOMATED blog site (Any niche)

    Note: This guide is only for WordPress What is this guide about? In this tutorial, I'll give a step-by-step explanation on how you can create your own automated blog by fetching content from other sites and also automatically rewriting them with the help of a plugin. Requirements: A...
  19. monere

    weird issue with my site - can someone help?

    Hi, I have a website in the self improvement niche and I just ran a "site:" check to see what google knows about my site, and among the dozen of pages that appear in the index there's also the Privacy Policy... with a "Lose Pounds" appended to it. Like, WHAT? So, the privacy policy page of my...
  20. survivorghost


    I want to create an email for a website I don't have access to. example: [email protected] And I don't have access to hosting. I heard it was possible for personal website based on WordPress. But I don't know how. Can anyone shed some light on this? THANKS