1. acotut

    Looking for Guest Posts on Authority Health,Skin Care and Pets Sites

    Hello, As the title says i'm looking to guest post on Authority Skin Care,Pets and Health Sites. Please note that i'm not interested in PBNs or low quality sites. If you have access or you own some big sites in the industries mentioned above, I'd be happy to pay for a guest post. You can...
  2. irmscher

    Yandex metrica for PBN sites

    Hey guys Anyone's using Yandex Metrica (one account for all PBN sites) for their Private Network sites? Do you think it's safe to pull all of your PBN sites together in once single place like Yandex Metrica? Doing this with GGl Analytics would be a suicide of course...
  3. incrediable

    120+ Reciprocal Link Exchange Sites List

    120+ Reciprocal Link Exchange Sites Candomultimedia Ezistreet Subko Pakranks Aapkachoice Webdirectory Robolinks Thedailysubmit Evolvingcritic Thehillel Findingourway Orglearning in-sla wldirectory 2-surf Aconvenientfiction Websitedirectory Seodirectoryonline elf08 Matsemp2010 Getsetgo...
  4. incrediable

    Guest Blogging Sites List 2016

    Categorized Guest Blogging Sites List 2016 - 100% Working 1. Technology Sites - Write for them - Write for them - Write for them - Write for them - Write for them - Write for them
  5. krt1337

    Sex dating sites

    Hello I search sites of sex dating, i need site where i can add my ad(sex offer) Do you know that type sites?
  6. E

    Any good Youtube HR views website?

    I'm looking for any recommended Youtube Real views website that provide high retention Real visitor views together with traffic referral sources from e.g: Youtube search, Google, Social media and other websites. A reasonable price, $1/1k Views or $2/1k views. Also if possible, any that provide...
  7. handsumseo

    Suggest me best movies

    Hello please suggest me to watch good movies BTW i like paycheck fast 6 escape plan lucy
  8. B

    I have a problem with my Money Site[HELP]

    Hi guys, I do some research with my new keyword and i found something that is really amazing to promote and this could be a big boom but my problem is How can I make an article of it? I'm not good in English and writing also. I research some of the article generated tools but it's not free at...
  9. A

    List of sites to share news?

    Hello Guys, Please share with me best sites to share news online. I have tried tried lot of websites but every time i post a news, it goes to moderator directly or my account is in moderator approval. I need sites where i can directly submit my news. Hope you guys will help me. PS my news...
  10. M

    How to find PBN sites ?

    I find it used to be much easier to find pbn sites in the past, now I find the good ones are always already snapped up. Does anyone have any tips on how to find them before they are snapped up, maybe using a software or any other method or website that sells them ?
  11. K

    New social bookmarking sites & add your own Pligg, Digg etc too!!!

    Hi BHW members, I've got list of some (currently only 10 and increasing) social bookmarking sites built with Pligg, Digg, Hotaru etc. i setup a new domain to only have list of social bookmarking sites and include sites that i personally verify first. what verify here ? well, i just check if the...
  12. D


    Hi Are there any good booters out there for purchase? I've been using a script that spams chats with IPloggers to catch IPs but never had any real power to take down streams/sites. My personal net is too weak to set up an own server. Thank you.
  13. incrediable

    List of Torrent Upload Sites 2014 100% Working

    I am sharing a list of torrent uploading sites, if you will upload your torrent on these websites, huge amount of traffic will be diverted to your torrent. Before uploading any torrent on any of these website, Please read the Torrent Upload Rules carefully. The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most...
  14. A

    How to access sites blocked by fortiguard?

    My College provides free wifi service but we cannot access torrents and pornography on it. so please tell me proper and best way to access it. They used Fortiguard web filter.
  15. pulkitseo

    Do I need licence to start with a news site?

    Do I need licence to start with a news site?if yes from where can I get it? The site i would want will have different perspective of what media shows
  16. M

    What are the top web award sites for a webmaster blog?

    Please tell me the top and the best web award portals that are suitable for a web development blog. If you want to check the specific blog just PM me. I don't think it's ready for the pageants but I have a reason that's why I need to achieve it! And also please make a SPECIFIC suggestion how...

    Payper Per Install And CPA For Latin-America?

    i received a lot of traffic from countries like, mexico,argentina,colombia and venezuela and i would like to know some Cpa sites and PayPerInstall sites for LatinAmerica that have the best payments.... i know this payperinstall sites but they dont say how much they pay for latinamerican sites...

    Survey Sites PPD??

    besides cleanfiles-fileice and sharecash.....what are some good sites that you upload the file and download it filling a survey are the best?
  19. Hinkys

    4,000 AA verified sites for GSA SER & other SEO tools

    Hey guys, Here's a sweet share for all you GSA SER fellow users out there, especially those that don't have powerful setups. Basically it's an export of my verified links from one of my projects. All those links have been submitted to using out-of-the-box Captcha Breaker with spun computer...
  20. J

    Can I make 20$ a day in my first month?

    I am thinking of starting fairly slow. Can I realistically expect to be making $20 a day off of one site by the end of each month? Thank you for viewing this!