1. M

    View exchange sites that are Adsense safe?

    I heard there are some Adsense safe view exchange sites out there. Does anybody know what they are exactly? I know Vagex for one is not safe. I'm a partner and feel like I can be getting a lot more revenue and a view exchange site can most likely greatly do that. I'm also not directly...
  2. A

    ARTIO JoomSef 4.3.0 Pro?

    Do you know where I can find ARTIO JoomSef 4.3.0 Pro but full version?
  3. ebenezer1997, A SCAM?!

    Hey Guys, Just yesterday, I bought some 2,000,000 coins from They said I would receive it immediately after purchase but I still haven't. They haven't refunded my money either. What do you suppose I should do? Did anybody else also have the same problem?
  4. RodMar

    [Premium Authorithy Sites]| Unique Crafted Content and Design| Complete SEO included

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 08/06/2014 ---- Want to talk? email: support @ authority niche n skype: annsupport
  5. element_of_0ne

    Sites to upload torrents to

    I'm having trouble finding sites to upload my torrents, seems like they've really tightened up on the content or require registration. Where does everyone up their torrents now? I'll start Seedpeer SumoTorrents
  6. L

    Buying a micro niche site

    Hello all, Guys I am newb :confused: so please help me. Is there any use of buying Micro niche sites? Do they deliver what they promise? If yes please tell me some trusted and good service provider.:o
  7. A

    How to monetize free movies/tv shows sites?

    Hey Guys, As I saw that a lot of you are very experienced on monetizing sites I would like someone with new and fresh ideas to monetize my movies site. I have around 200 000 daily visitors. I tried a lot of cpm, ppc, etc programs and I am getting much less that I may. The traffic is not...
  8. manugm94

    Micro niche site method is still working?

    I just want to know if building MNS(micro niche sites) is still a good method to make money. I start with this method and make some money with it. Any ideas?
  9. B

    Niche sites optimization, starting out.

    Hi guys, I am actually a newbie on IM and very willing to learn. I just started to build 2 niche sites. Any tips on how to gain traffic and have a good rank in google? Need your help guys, appreciate it alot! :) Thanks!
  10. itos84

    [Journal] Gigantic Niche Site method to a nice and long term income

    I made a journal in the past weeks but the problem is that is was a little confusing the method I was using since I changed the approach a lot. I was into autoblogging before (all now deindexed), some Micro Niche Sites, but now I want bigger sites with more visits and ranking for long tail...
  11. kytro360

    CPA Review Sites?

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys have had good results with making review sites but with CPA offers. So instead of reviewing Amazon, or Clickbank products, you talk about CPA offers.
  12. B

    Please give me your opinion on what these are worth!? Trying to sell ...

    Ok... Well, I tried to list them all (without any extensions on them or anything) but it still keeps tripping the "You are NOT allowed to post URLs, email addresses and images, until after you have been a member of BHW for a little longer." message. So not sure how I can ask. If anyone is...
  13. mp3man

    Are Bids On Flippa Generally Genuine?

    I just noticed a site old on flippa for $200,000! (Search Flippa to see it). I don't know about you, but a site like that can be created in anyone's sleep if you have any development skills, that is. Now, it's possible that it has huge traffic, top ranking on Google, shows 29K on Alexa...
  14. Kamilion

    All My Sites Got Hacked

    Hello, BHW Community. First of all, I am very sorry,if this is wrong category for this type of threads,if so mods pls delete or move this thread. Around a month ago, when checking my sites stats I saw huge traffic from search engines with unrelated keywords,1st didnt understand what was...
  15. P

    I'll Buy Your Useless Sites!

    If you have any sites that you no longer need then PM me as I may buy them from you. The sites need to be ranked in Google and be at least 1 year old. PR1 minimum...
  16. V

    Death of Micro Niche Sites? I am worried :|
  17. I

    Required - Social Networks Accounts - Sign-ups /Creation

    Hi - Require individual who can create account of online social networks and social bookmarking sites. No.of Accounts : 80-100 Pls get back with price quote asap Thanks
  18. L

    Hello from Atlanta!

    Hi from Atlanta! I joined about a month ago and have been reading and reading as much as I can. I have learned quite a bit and I think I have an idea of what I would like to get into. Site flipping sounds like something I could manage once I figure things out. Anyways - my goals for...
  19. Y

    Instant Dollarz is paying site???

    Hi, I'm from india , instant dollarz is really paying CPA site????
  20. P

    Ripping Sites

    Hi guys, I wanted to know how others are ripping the whole site with php source. I have seen many sites ripped with full source code. Here i mean source code as the scripts, not html. I was wondering how they could do this. If u guys know something abt ripping the sites with source, please help...