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  1. J

    Telegram SMM Bot

    Hello, I need a telegram bot that I can connect to my smm panel via api. What should the bot be able to do? - When the user starts the bot then the bot should ask the user for his Instagram name, gender, country and category (country should be captured by IP address). - The user should earn...
  2. A

    I want to make my own smm panel software.

    Hi, I'm looking someone that make software for SMM Panel. For example software to Such as facebook likes/views, instagram followers/likes/views etc. YouTube like, views, comments, subscriber for monetization etc. Website traffic generation. I want to make my own service
  3. H

    Build a bot for manage 10K Instagram accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can build a bot to manage mass Instagram accounts and do multi actions at the same time by used API. This bot want to integrate with SMM panel for providing IG services as: increase followers, likes, send DM, commenting, mentions users, ..etc. Who can do that...

    Text Message Marketing

    Does anyone have success with one of the biggest Marketing trends in 20212? I want to learn how it works and what's the best text messaging service provider to use?
  5. M

    SMM Panel with Reddit Mass DM

    Hello, I am looking for an SMM Panel that has reddit mass DM service. If you know one, please mention it. Thanks
  6. nawabuq

    Script/Bot Idea

    hi, I have a bot idea and I'm looking for a skilled developer to simplify and implement this script/bot, The idea is that we can increase any TikTok video views by opening the link several times from different windows only, and without the need to use proxies or have accounts "watch without a...
  7. H

    i need recommendation for FB bot, farming

    Hello there, i need recommendation for FB bot, farming , fb account creator, gmail account creator thanks
  8. LEETdude

    SMM Panel Business Model ?

    Hey guys this thread is for those of you that are running such a business or that have knowledge in this area. What I want to know is how a SMM Panel works ( the technical part of it ) . I am NOT asking about resellers! I want to know exactly how such a business operates what software they use...
  9. saulop

    exist a smm panel to provide service to like my latest posts without put the url?

    I need a smm panel that provides a service that likes my latest posts, or random photos (but giving priority to the most recent photos), I have many accounts, getting a photo link for each of them is hard to do...
  10. Sandyman6

    Skrill Bypass Method for smm panel

    Hello I got banned on Skrill after receiving some payments :( I know so many panel using something host website method to bypass Skrill ban issues Can anyone tell me what's that method :)
  11. G

    YouTube Live Stream Bots

    Hello, I am very interested for a method to increase the viewers on youtube live stream. I need minimum 2-3k bots for 2-3 hours. I tried almost every SMM Panel. The quality of bots is very very low. They die in a few minutes and if I will buy 5-6k bots I will get only 200-300 on live stream...
  12. Sagat77

    Best SMM panel for Twitter & Facebook ?

    I currently use instant-fans for most of my social media engagement but I'm not happy with the Twitter & Facebook options. Not enough US/UK profile options and the minimum are very high! I also use Ytbot mostly or Youtube. I need some panel that allows for few custom comments , and smaller...
  13. M

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) Panel Software

    Hi, I'm looking someone that make software for SMM Panel. For example software to Such as facebook likes/views, instagram followers/likes/views etc. I want to make my own service :)
  14. P

    Looking for Mobile Automation Developer for Social Media

    I have several refurbished android phones and have access to prepaid sim cards. I am looking for a developer who can automate social media engagements and views on platforms such as: - Facebook - Twitter - Tiktok - Instagram - Youtube Basically is like those SMM services but I'd like to have it...
  15. BrazenBull

    [JV] We need a Marketing Team to Join our Cryptocurrency Startup

    I am working with 3 in-door engineers to deploy a crypto-asset on the Ethereum Network this Q1. We want to make some noise and bring the Spotlights to the project, and we want to do It the right way. We need everything from SMM automated tools, to SEO. Content writing, backlinks, advisory. It...
  16. htoolas

    (Question) What is best SMM?

    Hi, I'm working on youtube method but I need a good SMM platform to buy Views, likes, comment. I already tried some of them That i found here but it's trash ️. Any suggestions I'm looking for any one accept paypal as a payment method and send views in time like they said not doing what they...
  17. flashsites

    SMM Panels: How do they work? What are they?

    Hi, I've been tirelessly interviewing for information as to the legitimacy of these SMM Panels. There are soo many with varying prices. Half of them seem fishy but there must be something to them. Many offer *REAL HUMAN* like, view, impressions, etc... But where are they coming from? Why are...
  18. V


    Hello, we need a bot developer who also know how to link the bot with our website of smmpanel, would be linked using API and should process orders in a automated way, please any good developer who can take this job, tell us! ^^ Note: Regarding to any payments we are paying after the work is...
  19. Susanta Lohar

    What to do with 500 computers?

    I've 500-1000 Virtual Machine from aws. what should I do to make most money out of it?
  20. sanjananb

    How are the SMM panels manage thousands of IG accounts?

    While every Instagram bot in the market is going down with Instagram's crackdowns, how are the SMM panels still be able to manage 1000s of accounts without any issues? literary, how do they send 1000s of likes, views in a matter of few minutes?