smtp bulk email

  1. D

    I am looking for a bulk e-mail program

    Good day everybody, I am looking for a program which I can send bulk e-mail lists with (like sendblaster). I need to be able to send the mail with SMTP server. I am looking for a program with the following two options: -Letter rotation (multiple letters rotating on the sending list) -SMTP...
  2. busyangel

    Get Your Own Dedicated Bulk Email Server, Dedicated IP, Unlimited Sending To Inbox, On Your Own Domain

    CONTACT US: Discord: BusyAngel#8949 Skype: live:.cid.feaccd13347a341
  3. M

    Port 25 Opened VPS

    Hello, I am looking for a VPS provider with pirt 25 (SMTP) opened and also can send to hotmail/ outlook. Many providers have their IPs blacklisted on outlook, so when I try to send to outlook, nothing goes through. Which provider have you tested here on Marketplace or somewhere else and you...
  4. avc975

    Email Blasting

    Hello, Can anybody give me the solution for email blasting. I mean which server to use, what kind of SMTP should we use and anything that might help. I aim to send about 100K emails a day (non transactional). Any information would be highly appreciated. Thank You
  5. crystalwiz

    1,000,000 Emails per Day Warm-up Kit (eBook) ⭐️ Boost Sender IP Reputation with Recommended Send slow-Send Fast Method ⭐️ $19 + 30% OFF

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  6. A


    I need a gateway with a web dashboard that I can top up with bitcoin which would equate to account balance. Then use the balance to send out emails and hit inbox at a set rate (for example: 0.002/per email sent out...) or something where I can pay monthly and send up to a certain amount per day...
  7. B

    Sending thousands of emails a day through SMTP using Raspberry Pi's and hidden domain

    Hi, I'm looking to build a system where I can generate emails that can be sent to customers for marketing. I'd like to use SMTP and would like to hide the domain name, I'm curious to know how black hat techniques are able to send out thousands of emails a day and have what appear to be fake...
  8. A

    HI , I am an email marketer Looking for good SMTP so I can get maximum inboxing

    I do email marketing for affiliate campaign I need good SMTP so I can reach out to inbox
  9. KingShizL

    Is it possible to get free unlimited SMTP for sending emails?

    First off, not sure I am posting in the right forum category. But I couldn't find email marketing or listbuilding. So I got this web app for sending emails free without monthly fees, it basically does what other email marketing sites do e.g Broadcasts, autoresponders etc. But I was asked to...
  10. A

    How to send 2M emails?

    Hi there people! This is my first post since I'm here and hope somebody will give some valued advice. I have a 2 milion email addresses database and I think this is a really good asset. But...I can not find the way to reach these people in some way so my emails would not be considered as a...
  11. Shishir325

    Need SMTP Solution

    I want to sent Email per day 20k Without Link ...But Need inbox. is it possible? suggest me or give me solutions... Thanks
  12. S

    Help using Gmail SMTP in a rotation to send cold emails

    Hi guys, Have a huge list of scraped targeted emails for a few niches and want to cold mail these using gmail . As far as I understand nothing comes close to the delivery rate of a good cold email using gmail opposed to other services or third party SMTP servers . So I was thinking I would...
  13. iamjebus

    JV - Your Email Servers & My Professionally Cleaned Email Lists

    Hi Guys, I am looking for someone who can provide a professionally set up SMTP emailing server. Someone who has a proven track record of sending inboxed emails. What I can provide is a professionally cleaned email list (1 Country with 3+ million emails). I can also create emails to send...
  14. crystalwiz

    Anyone Using TURBOSMTP to Hit Inboxes?

    Esteemed BHW, Can anyone please share their experience about using the TURBOSMTP with SendBlaster. I am currently using the free plan and would like to know whether you have get your message to the inbox of your recipients with the shared ip. I have only 8k list and looking to upgrade to the...
  15. C

    SMTP Server needed for Recruiting Company

    I need someone to set up an SMTP server that will consistently get mail through. Some of my list is from past clients, some are not but my bounce rate is generally under 5%. I'm willing to pay real money for someone who can do a good job with this. When the mail is getting through I have been...
  16. E

    buy stuffs

    Please where can I buy good smtp, fudpage, and bulletproof host. Thanks
  17. E

    Info needed

    Am so glad I finally signed up here, please I need site where I can buy good vps to create my private smtp. Also I need good site where I can buy fudpages, bulletproof Cpanel. All payment with perfect money payment system. Thanks all
  18. BornLeader

    PLEASE HELP: Stuck on Bulk Emailing

    Hey everyone I been watching this guy on facebook and hes been teaching his subbies how to -extract emails by keyword -Bulk email 1000s of people per month I bought the software Sendblaster 4 pro and Email Extractor Pro. I thought I was good to go. I didn't realize the sendblaster required a...
  19. travisjonathan

    Question about email marketing via SMTP

    Hello I would like to clearify a doubt that I have about email marketing. I have a online business and I'm promoting it through email marketing campaigns. Until now I'm just using mailgun but I have not been successful so far because most emails go to spam. I ear good things about amazon ses...
  20. E

    [PLEASE EXPLAIN] Private Email Server + VPS + Linux + SES + SMTP + IP

    Hi there, I recently decided to get into the mass email marketing game for the purpose of selling affiliate products and realized that I'm not well versed in the major email marketing concepts...I'm thinking of sending upwards of 10,000 (targeted, no spam traps) emails a day. Like email blasts...