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  1. Twistler

    What's Your Opinion on SMM Panels?

    Be honest, what is your opinion on smm panels? I have mixed feeling about them, mainly because I started my YouTube channel from botting and they helped me get multiple sponsorships/partnerships which eventually grew to multiple viral videos. You Can Read About It Here. But at the same time I...
  2. bbrokeaf

    Am I Better Off With A Fresh Youtube Account?

    How It Started I had a plan to create a animation youtube channel so I decided to buy a monetized account since I thought that youtube would promote monetized videos The Problem Since I bought a monetized youtube account boosted by non-organic subs and views, when I released my videos, I...
  3. Racleone

    YouTube shorts

    Hello Everyone. How to create a viral short videos?.
  4. L

    Bot for Social Medias

    I have multiple accounts from most of social medias Insta, TikTok, Youtube how do i find a bot to follow for example one account like the smm panels do?
  5. TooCorny

    If you had 1 Million Dollars to Start an Ecommerce.... What would your Perfect Traffic Acquisition Strategy Be?

    Title says it all You have 1 million dollars to start a Shop in any niche (Home decor, cosmetics, etc...) How would you distribute you budget among the different traffic sources available to get the most out of it. You name it: SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tiktok Ads, Organic Social Media...
  6. mainceaft

    What some sites do, to prevent G treachery and stay in business.

    Hi everyone, this is something I thought about for long while since I got big slam from G years ago, and I never recover, In short, if you had popular ranking well websites, instead burn it out with Ads/AFF etc. and thinking this cash flow will continue forever. Why not use your website...
  7. Y

    Social Media Spaming forums

    Anyone can suggest me forums dedicated to social media spamming please ? BHW is a gold chicken for sure, but yet people here don't talk about SM spaming that much.
  8. L

    How to get a message option to every person on group

    How to get a message option to every person on group. like i don't want to go to there profile and then message to them there are some group where there is a message box with every person name so how to do that like the screen shot i am posting here
  9. Racleone


    Hello Everyone, I am racleone here And new to blackhatworld And I am a Digital Product Promoter Can I share with blackhatworld?
  10. Luca Jones

    ▶️ Fully Autopilot READY TO EARN - Make Money with YOUTUBE TO .MP3 / .MP4 Video Websites + Multiple NICHES [Passive Income] ✅

    Hello BHW - Today we are launching our new service to kick-start your own YOUTUBE TO MP3/MP4 (Or other niches) auto-pilot website. Now is your chance to venture into a new business line with an ALL-IN-ONE package price to get your own ready, complete, auto-pilot and done for you MP3 / MP4 /...
  11. ROCK 'N' TROLL

    Is there a way to exchange auto-surfing with manual visits?

    Hello you guys. I need a way to exchange auto-surfing credits with manual visits to my offer/website/Social Media. Have you in mind a website that offers just that? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  12. I

    Helo . I'm Brian and joined BHW to learn more about marketing

    Hi all. This is my introductions . I join this forum to learn more about marketing and especially social media marketing.
  13. Twistler

    Need PayPal Account For SMM Panel

    Hello there. I've owned an SMM website over the past year. It's been quite successful, but the biggest issue is that 99.99% of our customers pay via PayPal. Currently I am accepting payments from a friends PayPal account since I am underage and can't verify my own PayPal account (I do have one...
  14. lilkrito

    Make Money Online With 10$ Investment !?

    Hi BHW Community, I have 10$ and I want to start make money with it, so is there any ideas, I'm thinking in a way that I can make ad with it and make a profit then do it again, is this idea is good too or not ? Any Suggestions
  15. Koseii

    Looking for a 1 on 1 Jarvee (IG Automation) Expert

    I have never tried Jarvee before. Need someone who can give insight and assistance on understanding and using JARVEE for our specific needs for 1 account growth. Will need to show me the capabilities, I will supply everything like proxies, accounts etc. Optimize and monitor the settings...
  16. N

    IG Followers Scraper

    Need a Scraper which can scrape large amounts of followers from multiple specific IG accounts give data for... Name Username Bio Media Count Followers/Following Private/Not Private As showed in photo, if you can provide this service please dm me or reply in this thread. Thank you.
  17. ViP

    ▁▂▃▅▇ VIPanel - Social Media Marketing ▇▆▅▃▂ BOOSTING ANY SOCIAL MEDIA APP ✅ UP TO 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS & LIKES ⭐ SELF M...

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  18. mikecarlooch

    Social Media EXPOSED

    Most of what you've been told about making a winning video on social media is a lie. This goes against some of the things I've posted over the months in the forum, but I would rather face reality and spread the truth rather than try to stay consistent with a narrative I now know is false. I...
  19. M

    Showing social media profile only on selected countries in google serps?

    Hi blackhatpeople today ! all speaking about international seo today which often not make real sense. Same with social media profiles in google. When your website is in spain your audiences living in spain, does it make sense ranking internationally or around europe ? Nope... So same with...
  20. D

    YouTube channel monetization

    Hey! I hope you are fine! I have started a YouTube channel about heels 7 months ago and I posted 130 shorts about heels. One short hitted 16 million views and my channel hitted 97k subscribers. I want to monetize it and I still don't know how to do it long term. Do I need a girl to create...