social traffic

  1. Norman_drey

    Social traffic counter (link click analysis)

    I'm looking for a site or tool that can shows the number of link on a social media post. Eg. When someone post a link on social media I will wanna see the amount of link click he/she is getting. Semrush and ahref are not showing real time stat and they don't even show social traffic. I need...
  2. Bedazzle

    My Website Started Receiving Crazy Traffic out of No Where

    This website I stopped creating content for about 4-5 months, I lost a lot of keywords, and the site started to tank to about 1-5 clicks from Google because of a link-building strategy I was testing with cheaper links. Now the last 5 days, out of nowhere my website had this huge spike of 63...
  3. Universe0

    Traffic / Lead Generation for email signups to a newsletter list

    I am looking for a freelancer to drive legitimate traffic, that converts, to my newsletter list. Traffic sources can be whatever you are most comfortable like social, forums, etc. The newsletter is on the football betting niche. PM me ONLY if you have completed a similar task in the past and...
  4. itsmejames7

    Any social media expert here ?

    I have a content downloading website (for movies and web series). I have decent traffic of about 5k per day. But as per human nature, I want more traffic. So I am thinking to share my website on Facebook and Instagram through paid promotions. Now here comes my question, Can we share piracy...
  5. LiquidLeads

    ⚡️WebTraffic.APP⚡️ New Google Organic Traffic for $0.05 / 1,000 Visits! ⭐️ Native Visits, 150+ Countries to Choose!

    Starting As Low As $0.05 per 1,000 Visits! For 90% Google Organic Traffic(10% will be from our own network/Direct)! ----------------------------------- https://WebTraffic.App ----------------------------------- Quick FAQ Q: How/From where do you provide traffic? A: - WebTraffic.App is...
  6. D


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  7. M

    [ask] Google Analytics x Youtube

    Hello, i need help from google analytics master I put link to my website on every my youtube video, how do i track which youtube video give me traffic? Because when i check on Google Analytics its only show from Youtube, but doesn't tell you which url or video the traffic come Thank you.
  8. Bigcookies

    Social tool

    Is there a tool that automatically adds facebook friends or instagram followers? Or both or like a social traffic tool of some sort
  9. cigar2015

    just tried to use addmesnaps and many people add me?

    it is my first try ,don't laugh me, I registered a new snapchat account with female profile ,and upload some hot fitness girl videos, then go to addmesnaps to submit my id , after minitues, many boring mans add me and show me their dicks:):rolleyes:, I want to ask here , need I interact with...
  10. F

    [ Help Need ] WP Social Traffic & Alternatives

    History WP Social Traffic Creating Posts on Our Own Pages Then, WP Social Traffic Goes to Others Pages ( TOP Pages on Facebook ) and Building Engagements by Commenting and replying to Their timeline posts. Participating in Discussions and Posts our Facebook Post's URL There. The Result: We...
  11. Pro-Hustler

    How to monetize my site's traffic ?

    My site intakes around 100 unique visits per day. Since most of the percentage of traffic belongs to Tier 1, I'd like to monetize this traffic and need help in doing so. I tried popads but didn't work well as popups appear only once clicked on any part of the webpage. I've posted a thread...
  12. Nesh47

    Email marketing & Social traffic networks

    Hello guys, Anyone have any experience with ad networks that is selling email traffic and social traffic? I'd love to get some recommendation of networks who does that. Thanks!
  13. superseo

    auto blog tools

    Hi I want to build auto blog websites and I'm looking for tools for it . I need 2 tools , the first is to get content (rss, videos, images etc) from the internet and post it on my WordPress site, and the second tool to post them automatically on my FB page, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...
  14. dkv023

    How to get 1000 visitors to website from social networks?

    Any tips how to get easy 1000 visitors per day to website from social networks? 1) Twitter - from 170 accs I get only 200-300 visitors 2) Im thinking about Facebook: - a) spaming to groups (had experience from posting to 50 bad groups I got only 10 visitors) Problem is to find good groups. -...
  15. dkv023

    How to get social organic traffic?

    I mean how to get social traffic to website without following somebody (without twitter bot or something else). Maybe there are methods which allowed to gain such traffic :-)
  16. gdotcom

    [Journey] $10k/month by a guy who should already be there

    First of all I want to say thank you to everybody on BHW. If it wasn't for this forum and the many golden nuggets I've come across on here over the past few years I wouldn't know any of what I know now. My Background: I started out as a guy just trying to build a website years ago to market...
  17. virtualbyron

    Build My Little Facebook Empire In One Year

    The goal : 1 000 000 Fans on facebook pages by January 2017 The road will be long, but people are spending more and more time on their phone to view things on facebook all day long and facebook has 17 billion of page views per month I will do it all by myself until I earn $$$ for hire a VA...
  18. M

    I search a PARTNER wich can provide SOCIAL Traffic Money Guaranteed

    Hi there! This is my partnership proposition: What i looking for: social traffic from facebook/twitter/instagram/etc. i don't need direct traffic on website (users wich go direct to, only from refferal links it's ok if you have some good traffic websites (we can use that for...
  19. H

    Facebook Groups Viral Method - $ 3.281

    Hey, I am in this forum for about 3 years and now I think its up to me to share a method I got from here, and wich I modified to work for me. Ok the first thing you need to know, since the reach of facebook fanpages had a massive decrease in the last months, its not as easy as before to get...
  20. R

    real charming traffic form social media

    hi to everyone basically i am a new in social networking and wandering about help to derive reasonable traffic from social media to my article site for adsns conversions... please suggest me someway to do that thanks in advance Regards