1. kalleyusu

    Tinder Automation Bot

    I'm looking for someone who can build tinder botting for numerous tinder accounts located and seen by other Tinder users in major US/EU city locations. This includes replacing banned accounts, fixing any bugs/issues, optimising the system etc. Ofcourse I'd be willing to pay for this service...
  2. Jhos838

    Did you get your subreddit banned?

    I have been banned from 3 nsfw subreddits, I am making this post to ask because today I found out that several friends had 5 subreddits closed due to spam
  3. tomwilpro

    High quality Hand Grown Aged 1-2 Years Old Social Media Accounts - Pinterest-Twitter-Instagram - No bots or automation involved Email ac...

    High quality Hand Grown Aged 1-2 Years Old Social Media Accounts - Pinterest-Twitter-Instagram - No bots or automation involved Email accounts included Selling high quality social media accounts / email accounts These are manually grown with no automation used whatsoever with real followers...
  4. abdelhake

    What is the best social channel to build community in 2022 ?

    In general, we all know the power of communities in marketing, there are some products that did not use any marketing strategy other than community marketing and they are very successful, for you, if you are thinking of creating a community, to benefit from it in marketing your products after a...
  5. masuoka

    [] Selling High-Quality Facebook accounts in bulk

    iHaveAcc have PVA accounts store Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok PVA accounts in bulk and other social media accounts for sale. - Exclusive PVA Accounts in Bulk: Facebook - Facebook PVA accounts in bulk $0.25 for an account Phone US, Foreign IP, Profile picture or No...
  6. Nancy224

    Effective strategy to sell products online

    In the online world people often care about the authenticity of the product/service. It is not easy to trust the quality of products online. So what must be done in order to convince people to buy your product/ service. The important thing is the reviews. If you have real reviews that proves...
  7. R

    Funny thing about ID Verified / Reinstated accounts

    Hi, these are about "old" social media accounts. Example 2007 FB account, 2010 FB account, 8 year old FB account with Daily Activities, ID Reinstated accounts. Do you think anyone in their right minds would sell their "REAL" 2007/2010 FB account to someone? OR some seller has been farming...
  8. Hustlim

    TIKTOK: is buying 1k followers safe for a bussines account?

    Hello, community, a question for the more experienced marketeers. I have set up a TikTok product reviewing - bussines account. Unfortunately, when using it, it is not possible to use regular songs. It is only possible on a "normal" account or even after reaching 1k followers. The content is...
  9. digitaldeath

    regulation of tech giants focusing on social media platforms? opinions? ideas? next moves? -- the facebook papers --

    the recent developments involving Facebook and a former facebook engineer turned whistleblower releasing a ridiculous amount of company internal documents is going to make a splash. Such a large amount of documents will take time to sift through and verify etc. but what do you think we will...
  10. Don Kongo

    Importing Analytics from Socials to my front end

    Hey guys I was hoping some of you had any idea of the best way to import simple starts as niche, amount of followers and engagement rate from YT; Insta and TikTok to the front end of a website? Hopefully all being updated dynamically. I tried looking around, I found a website that does this...
  11. ext1508

    Turn your old phone into a 4g Proxy

    Hi i have been looking for a guide to turn my old mobile into a 4g proxy. I know many people here have done this and i know that it can be done with these 2 apps Servers Ultimate Pro Proxy Server There is this guide but it doesn´t work...
  12. 0

    Looking for aged discord accounts to accept server invite

    I am looking for somebody that can accept a server invite and get verified on the server (thumbs up emoji click in a channel). Preferably aged accounts because I assume new accounts will get flagged as `fake` by the servers invite tracker bot. Ideally I want 100 people, but would like to test...
  13. Z

    Making money online with social skills?

    Hello guys, I been surfing this forums as a guest for a while and I just created this account now. I was wondering if there is any jobs online that require social skills, Idk much about making money online except some cryptocurrency knowledge (mining, trading). I'm someone who's good at...
  14. F

    Race to 100

    Hi BHW. The forecast today is mild, sunny with a 70% chance of Covid, so stay indoors... And strap yourself in for thread #2 Thread #1 was a very interesting 1k article hack that had me sweating bullets into the keyboard until I stumbled on a lovely little AI hack. The results were well above...
  15. Electro_Maddy

    Need a template for Social Media Audit

    Can anyone suggest me a better excel/doc format of template, wanna use for social media audit. Thanks in Advance :)
  16. Eldad

    Hi, I'm looking for a stable reliable 4G proxy solution

    I'm looking for good 4G proxies recommendations 1 - Undetectable as spam or low score 2 - Unlimited volume (for Instagram automation) 3. - daily\Hourly Rotation 4. Fair pricing...‍♀️ Please - only if you tried it!
  17. M


  18. shobons

    Reddit Bot - How big is the demand for a very organized and well built Reddit Bot?

    Hello BHW! I'm currently in the process of building a Reddit Bot. I always try to organize everything as well as possible and sometimes it gets the best of me :D I would say that 70-80% of the bot is finished so I just wanted to check in here to see if there would be any demand for the bot to...
  19. N

    My Story

    Hi all. I started doing CPA marketing back in 2015. Me and a friend got involved in it unintentionally, after one of our Instagram accounts exploded, at that time we didn't know how to monetise - or what that meant. We proceeded to craft a method which made a few thousand/day/week, whatever we...
  20. D

    Looking for someone to partneer with me on Stock and Options signal service

    Long story short I have a consistent trading strategy that has worked for over 3 years and I want to start selling signals. I have no interest in marketing but I would be happy to provide my signals I want somebody that can run the operations, marketing and customer acquisition while I provide...