1. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  2. StarNeo

    Looking for PPI/CPI for Desktop based software

    I'm Direct Advertiser looking for PPI/CPI for Desktop based software I'm direct advertiser here looking for installs for my windows based software related to pc optimization on the basis of PPI/CPI/CPM. If you have good huge HQ traffic on daily basis then I can work with you for LIFETIME and...
  3. DevilWithOneEye

    Duplicate Music Finder Software [Giveaway]

    Dupinout Duplicate Finder Giveaway Version: Find duplicate music using different music tags (album, artist, bit rate, duration, genre, title, track & year) Activation Key: VPZU7-DM3YW-LKL9M License Expiry: 31 Dec, 2023 Supported OS: Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 (64-bit/ 32-bit)...
  4. M

    Tools to prevent website to identify a computer

    Hi Although I use different proxies for each connection and always erase my browser cookies, certain websites seems to be able to still identify my computer. Does anyone has tricks, tools suggestions to help me remain anonymous? Thank you
  5. L

    Need some help from gsa search guru

    I have buyed gsa search engine ranker in 2015 and gsa captcha breaker in 2016 but i did no used it at that time now i want to run a project on my website can any one please help me little bit and give me some time Thank You
  6. S

    Coming back after 10 years ;) GSA + RankerX + XEvil for the Tier 1 expired domains ?

    So I am looking for the best software to use now (I had license for GSA somewhere but cannot locate it, same for Xrumer and probably 10 other softwares that are dead now). Normally using G*** Ads but it would be nice again making money off SEO :) So I plan to : - extend number of quality...
  7. nawabuq

    Script/Bot Idea

    hi, I have a bot idea and I'm looking for a skilled developer to simplify and implement this script/bot, The idea is that we can increase any TikTok video views by opening the link several times from different windows only, and without the need to use proxies or have accounts "watch without a...
  8. TelegramDominator

    [JV] - My HQ Softwares + Your Marketing Skills in multiple Languages

    I was debating with myself whether to hire the services of a translator and do global marketing myself but I came to the conclusion that it is not enough just to translate, it is better to give up a certain percentage of my earnings from the software sales, to provide my clients with better...
  9. S

    expanding game development studio, advice needed

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and marketing in general, so please excuse my ignorance in advance! Background: I have been working as a freelancer on Upwork doing game dev and other stuff like virtual reality. Upwork is ok and has allowed me to build a small team of contractors. Upwork...
  10. dillywilly

    car rental website without an api question

    Hello im interested in building a car rental pricing website but the website that i want to pull data from dont have an api. Is it possible to get a script built and have the script pull the necessary data/info and mirror to my website via script and display the results? and how stable is this...
  11. Legba

    Content locker script with conversion postback support?

    Hey Colleagues, Could anyone advise if there's a (currently supported) script for CPA content locking? Content Lock PRO seems to be long gone, are there any worthy alternatives? Thanks.
  12. DevilWithOneEye

    [Giveaway] Dupinout Duplicate Finder - 4 Years License

    Version: (Latest) Original Price: $19 Giveaway Price: $0 (100% Off) 4-Year Giveaway License Key: Operating Systems: Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 (64-bit/ 32-bit) Terms & Conditions: Limited time Giveaway No free updates/ upgrades Free email support (non-priority basis) Just click on...
  13. S

    Software builder

    Hey guys i want to create my own smm to do that i want someone to help me create a bot that can create multiple instagram accounts and manage them (follow,like,post,comment,send dm)
  14. DevilWithOneEye

    Dupinout Duplicate Finder Giveaway

    Giveaway Version: (Latest) Giveaway License Duration: 4 Years Activation Key: AVE8Z-3DWT6-HYMN2 Steps: 1. Download program from official website. 2. Click on Activate (top right corner). 3. Enter the Giveaway key and click on "Activate". Note: An Internet connections is required for...
  15. SearchEngine

    Trustable source for cracked software for mac?

    Looking to get some softwares for mac but I havent explored the options yet. pixelmator final cut (one of the easiest ones cuz it's popularity) hazel And other great apps if they are available. As not shady as possible :):)
  16. M

    Account Creator Bot for Reddit

    As part of a long-term project, we are looking for the collaboration of a professional capable of developing a bot for creating accounts on Reddit that is later scalable to other social networks such as IG or Twitter. As part of your job, you will also need to make recommendations and offer...
  17. D

    Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously as soon as the lead opts in?

    Hey Guys! Not sure if this belongs here... Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously, as soon as the lead opts in on a landing page to connect them together on a phone call? Thanks! :)
  18. WebTactics

    allintitle Exact Match YT Software - Any Such Thing?

    Hello Peeps, As the title says, is there a software that gives "allintitle exact match" results for YouTube keyword lists? The software I was using no longer works ... which is a bummer. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know. Cheers
  19. J

    Dupinout Duplicate Finder 1 Year Giveaway License

    Steps: Download the latest version of the program (version from its official website. Click on the Activate link option on the upper right. Type your Giveaway key and click on Activate. Terms & Conditions: Giveaway Expires on Nov 6, 2021 No free updates Install, activation and...
  20. M