1. kingarthur32

    Traffic Wayne: Pivate affiliate program!

    Traffic Wayne: CPA network with private offers. There is a smartlink that allows you not to waste time choosing and optimizing the best conversion. At the moment, the conversion rates are very favorable compared to other affiliate programs. Our offers are private and will not enter the market...
  2. M

    Hotmail Mass Mailing App

    I have 1000 hotmail emails and I wanna use them for blasting cold email campaigns. Is there a software/ service or an app in which I can plug my 1000 hotmails and it would start rotating them while sending to my email list? Basically, I am looking for an app like Gmass that I can use to send...
  3. Y

    Social Media Spaming forums

    Anyone can suggest me forums dedicated to social media spamming please ? BHW is a gold chicken for sure, but yet people here don't talk about SM spaming that much.
  4. Ndiqi

    [NEW] Email Marketing Service ✅ Done For You ✅ Fully Configured ✅ Inbox-focused ✅ Cold/Mass Mailing ✅

    Email marketing service that works Reach your audience and keep them in the loop of your upcoming updates and promotions. An inbox-focused email marketing at your service. ✅ Upto 1 million email / day ✅ Unlimited contact, campaign, domain ✅ Super fast email delivery AUTOMATION & FLEXIBILITY...
  5. R

    Google Play Spam 2022

    I was thinking of the theory of re-skinning existing apps i have copyrights to, and posting a lot of them (like over 100 or more). Is it possible in 2022? Will each individual reskinned app trigger a SPAM violation (100% of all posted apps - violation)? Or is it 50%/50% (50 will be spam, 50...
  6. M

    Edu Mail Spam

    Has anyone tried to spam (do bulk emailing) using edu emails?
  7. Y

    SMS Gateway/Route

    Hello, So my route has been down for a while now on my gateway and I feel like its time to find a new provider, yes before I get a load of messages I went through previous threads asking for a working gateway but couldn't really find what i'm looking for. I need a gateway or route that allows...
  8. crystalwiz

    Scrapebox for 1 million comment blast

    Hey guys, I have scrapebox laying around since 2019 and I feel like it's been under-utilized by me. I have premium VPS subscription also. Only used it for Name generation. Has anyone been successfully using scrapebox for comment blast like GSA? Iam interested. Do I need proxies to do that...
  9. M

    Which Platform to Spam?

    Which platform I can spam in order to get instant adult traffic?
  10. crystalwiz

    Escape the Spam Folder with these 20 Deliverability Tips

    Sweetie…Make, More, Money Email deliverability is a term used to describe the likelihood of your email being delivered to its intended recipient. A variety of factors can influence email deliverability, including the content of your email, the age and reputation of your email address, the...
  11. M

    YouTube Traffic Strategy

    I am trying to manually spam YouTube live chat section, but I am not getting any clicks to my link whatsoever. I use bitly as a link tracker and I don't explicitly type the URL in the chat, instead, I type it as bit(.)ly/my-link or bit(Dot)ly/my-link Can someone tell me what's wrong? Also...
  12. M

    Looking 4 Bot Developer

    I want a Spam bot that brings me immediate/ instant adult traffic. I will buy any already existing bot that is already functioning... Example Omegle bot/ Chatavenue bot/ YouTube Spam bot/ Reddit Spam bot/ Twitter Spam bot etc.... You can contact me on Telegram: @Free_english_247
  13. nirajjoshi

    ❌ END OF SPAM❌ ID Verification Required To Make Links Clickable in YouTube Description

    Maybe not the end but it'll slow down the spam for sure. Is it good or bad? It's upto you to decide. This proves that YouTube, like other social media platforms, doesn't want you to redirect users to other sites.
  14. G

    YouTube Shorts Spamming | Will I get banned if I...

    Will I get banned if I upload like 30-40 videos (same video) a day, but if I reach a certain amount of subs, like 5k, I delete my videos and start a normal channel? For now I spammed 70 videos and I have 4k. Will I get banned? (I started today)
  15. M

    WTB - Reddit DM Spam Service

    I want to spam Reddit. Need a spam service that can send DM on reddit in large quantities, minimum 1k. I can pay 0.02 per message. DM will need to be custom, from many different accounts (as if different people). Send me a PM on Blackhatworld or Talk to me back on Telegram : @Free_english_247
  16. Epicster

    Spammy 301 redirections + .php spam

    So, yesterday I brought a new domain, completely fresh, never registered before but today I am seeing lots of spammy 301 redirects being done on it. With these spammy 301s, I am seeing lots of being redirected to login and brute-force attempts. Like, >...
  17. M9MMM

    How to send from a VPS server (paid by the hour) massmailing?

    I would like to send massmailing from a VPS server (paid by the hour). These will be query emails, I am interested in bounces in case after sending it turns out that the mailing address does not exist (hard bounce). Based on this, I would like to filter out emails from my database that no...
  18. C

    4 Chan posters/ shillers

    As the title says. Need a freelancer or freelancers who can make multiple topics/posts on 4 chan. You must know how 4 chan works. This will be daily work for the next few weeks. $$$$ nice payout to the right person Send me a PM with your info. Goal is to get people engaged We want to make...
  19. N

    Instagram Spam Report (Remove fake followers)

    Looking for someone who can go through my IG and remove any spam/bot/fake followers. Please PM. Thanks!
  20. G

    Telegram Bot

    WTB a script/program that can help manage my Telegram accounts to comment/post replies This would be something like a shilling bot but needs to be able to post a predefined message that can be changed at any time. The message needs to be posted on the last post of the I also need multiple...