1. M

    Payment Gateway

    Hi guys. I am currently starting a dropshipping business. But am having problem with payment gateway. I used Paypal but just got status my country "stripe" is not available. I sell the replicas. Please give advice. Thanks Have a nice day
  2. Emit

    Looking for a Stripe holder

    need a stripe holder for my service - about 400~1k in payments daily. if you can do that DM me here or TG: @floweroflights
  3. C

    E-Book✅ - Learn How To Get PayPal & Stripe With Any Niche✅ Time To Beat Your Competitors And Make Cash!

    How to get PayPal and Stripe without restrictions! If you wonder why your competitors in your Niche have Stripe or PayPal, but you don't have a chance to open an account without it being closed right away, I have the solution for you! What can I expect from this eBook? I will show you step by...
  4. H

    Need someone who have experience in creating stripe accounts

    Hello,im looking for someone who have experience in setting up stripe accounts under real name and informations,i got banned 3 times now after the first few payments,and im sure there is a way to avoid that. Im ready to open llc or ltd (already did that)
  5. alex270 payment gateway doubts

    Hi I want to use on smm panel business. 1) Do they accept Indian registrations? If not, how are Indian panels using the payment option? 2) Are they accept SMM business model? I contacted their support team several times and provided all relevant information, but...
  6. alex270

    How to Cloak Payment Gateway(Stripe/Paypal/Razorpay) Checkout?

    Hi I am an SMM seller, and I hope you are aware that popular card payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, and Razorpay) do not accept the SMM business model, so I need to conceal(Cloak) my SMM business from the payment gateways mentioned above. Example: Site A: This is the SMM website that I need a...
  7. alex270

    SMM Business Card Payment Gateway Redirect Trick Option

    Hi I'm looking for a programmer or ready-made script that has experience with payment gateway redirects, bridges, cloaking, and funnel website methods. [Or] if you have a better solution that has worked in the past. Am SMM seller, hope you know popular card payment...
  8. T

    Stripe + Wise verified accounts

    Hello, i want to buy stripe + wise verified accounts, US/CAD/UK. pls let me know
  9. S

    Stripe + Wise

    Looking for verified stripe + wise account please
  10. S

    Verified stripe account needed

    i urgently need stripe verified account please ! 3 day payout will be bonus wise is greatly accepted with it as well pm me
  11. SMMTribe - Complete Lies & Betrayals

    Stripe... As you all know, they're a credit card payment processors. But not just that. They tend to lie to new business owners. We all know how Stripe are harsh with their standards towards accepting new businesses. I knew that from the beginning. However, I contacted Stripe, MAKING sure...
  12. H

    Looking for Old stripe with handsome transaction history

    Hey Folks! I need someone who has an Old stripe account and wants to sell via secure escrow, let me know. We can agree on percentages too.
  13. megaMind007

    Suggest me best Payment Gateway for SEO services

    Hi, I know lots of services provider on BHW who are using a payment gateway that is hassle-free to receive payment from clients in a large scale for their digital marketing-related services. previously I'm using PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise that's less than 10K USD payments on each month...
  14. B

    Dropshipping with Google Shopping

    Hello everyone, Excuse me mods if I am posting in the wrong forum. I'm Moroccan, but I live between Morocco and France. I want to start dropshipping with Google Shopping. I am currently in Morocco and i will be using a french debit card for Google ads payment method. I have an LTD in the UK...
  15. W

    How do online "gurus" use Stripe without getting banned?

    I keep seeing every "guru" in the Forex, trading, make money online and related industries posting screenshots of their Stripe earnings every day. They ALWAYS seem to use Stripe, in businesses that would probably have a considerable rate of refunds and chargebacks, while some people in this...
  16. B

    Shopify payments refuses to pay after 120 days hold period

    I was working with Shopify payments smoothly for a long period of time until they suddenly decided that my business has become high risk and that they will hold the money for 120 days. Past these 120 days, I didn't receive anything and they stopped responding to emails after several attempts, I...
  17. ivo1017

    [JV] My 3-old verified US Stripe account + your product/services

    Hello, BHW members. As the title said, I am looking for someone interesting in using my legal Stripe account for the payments. I am looking person who already has a profitable business and searching for a card payment solution. I am using it right now only for one-two invoices per month...
  18. crystalwiz

    Which Payment Gateway Should I Use?

    Not exhaustive but eye-opening enough to not put your business in crazy charge-back debt. Popular payment gateways PayPal - don’t even go there. PayPal sucks 100% and here is why PayPal is a terrible company for many reasons. First, they charge fees for nearly everything, including receiving...
  19. Trust WorkShop

    My Stripe/Paypal Account(s) + Your Product(s)/Service(s)

    I have my US Stripe & Paypal accounts : strong, aged and verified, which I have been using for a few years now. I am offering a JV with your product(s)/service(s). I prefer to work with BHW members who have been active in BHW for atleast 1 year.
  20. H

    should i use privet proxies or vps to manage multiple stripe and paypal accounts ?

    my ip adresse was flagged (got multiple stripe accounts banned),should i create the new stripe and paypal account with a vps or a good privet proxy will be safe ?