1. M

    Spy tools - facebook ads - sweepstakes

    Hey! What spy tools do you recommend to detect / find Facebook ads? It depends on me that it detects sweepstakes ads mainly. I think that all I tested (visto, bigspy, poweradspy, adespresso and adheart) did not show sweepstakes. How to set them to view sweepstakes on facebook? Do you recommend...

    Pre-landers and Sweepstakes: do you use them?

    Some say that pre-landing pages in sweepstakes offers guarantee at least 50% of its success (others would even give it 70%). In any case without pre-landing pages a user potentially interested to get an iPhone or a voucher might not get to the final step - and we really don’t want THAT. So...
  3. сpark

    Advice me partner

    Hey, affiliate community! can you help me and recommend advertiser with cc sweeps for TH geo? If you know cool advertisers with CC sweeps fot TIER-1 geo it would be great! Thnx!
  4. uxdrug

    How to make money with lead Gen (for Free traffic)

    Everyone wants to make money online. Let me share an easy way to make money online. You can use organic traffic like Facebook groups, Reddit, FB pages, pinterest, emails even paid media if you want. Sweepstake is the easiest way to start stacking piles of $$$. But it is a bit tricky to deal...

    Sweepstakes: How-To Guide

    Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff? With ever rising prices and ever present desire to own more, we’re doomed to be drawn to any sorts of giveaways. And this is how we got Sweepstakes offers - an always thriving vertical that even a newbie can manage. Today we want to share with you...

    ADLEADPRO - CPA network with 5k+ in-House & Exclusive MVAS | MOBILE CONTENT | SWEEPSTAKES | CPI | NUTRA | FINANCE

    Hi there, BlackHatWorld! We're so glad to introduce to you our Affiliate Network! We are ADLEADPRO, an affiliate network with over 5000+ exclusive offers (including in-house offers) from all over the world. And when we say “exclusive” we mean “exclusive” - offers that you won’t find easily by...
  7. R

    Sweepstakes and Facebook?

    What are your thought about Sweepstakes offers on Facebook ads? Are they successful? If not what other offers could run with Facebook ads successfully?
  8. U

    Sweepstakes Offers

    I am running a sweepstakes offer, a good amount of conversions are coming in, but the advertiser is repeatedly turning down that offer, he may not like my traffic, I am getting 10 conversions in 60-70 clicks. I am using banner ads through my website. Please suggest me wht should i do?
  9. H

    Traffic source to promote SOI Vouchers (Sweeps)

    Hi folks. So I've been trying a couple of pop, push, interstitial networks for SOI offers, and after spending hundreds of dollars on testing them it was not really worth it, lots of bot and trashy traffic, very low prelander CTR's. I'm looking for a better way of promoting, thinking of native...
  10. T

    Advise payment/processing system with recurrent payments to my own Sweepstake!

    There is an idea for your own Sweepstake that will not be a full fake. Can you recommend a payment/processing system with recurring payments where there are no problems with site moderation?
  11. Kraftwerk

    Hi! Developer making 6 figures in CPA here. Started with Chrome Extensions.

    Hi BHW Members, I'm following posts on this forum for a couple of years now and I got some valuable informations here. I made most of my income on sweepstakes working with direct advertiser for 3$ payout US geo, top traffic source was sms, search(google was hell to do). I recently started with...
  12. CyberGen

    Is it a good Idea? CPA!

    Is it a good idea to promote cpa sweepstakes on Instagram? Thank you :)
  13. wendyqin

    New here

    Hi everyone, Hope you and your family are staying well during this time! I am new here to learn programmatic buying and campaign running. And I am looking for direct sweepstakes advertisers as well. Kindly share any related information you have. Thanks
  14. Sognugo

    Sweepstakes offers in 2020 ?

    Hey guys! May i ask, if in 2020 someone is still using sweepstakers/giveaway/email submit to get leads ? Thank you!
  15. GringoMonkey

    How to make money online - the greyhat way

    Anyone who has made money online knows that that making the money is only half of the battle. Once you have done that actually getting the money from networks is another thing completely. To mitigate you are best spreading the risk across a variety of similar networks. But to sky rocket your...
  16. Lara Bennett

    Offer Wall and Wheel of fortune

    Hi fellow guys, I am playing a little with an idea, I have this wheel of fortune game on my website, and I am trying to come up with an idea of how this will work practically. Either I will make my game, so the user is having 3 spins when they enter the landingpage, and I will promote them...
  17. D

    CPA Sweepstakes on Instagram still worth ?

    Hello, do you think that mass-follow on Instagram and placing sweepstakes pre-lander in bio still works in 2019 ? Opinions ?
  18. Affie Network

    Affie.com CPA Network - Sweepstakes, Nutra, Dating and more

    About Us Affie.com is a CPA/RevShare network, we work in various verticals, and we are always looking for more publishers. Our primary vertical is sweepstakes, where we work closely with the leading advertisers on the market. Our Publisher/Advertiser support is available all time of day, and...
  19. ru0

    Need direct advertiser on Sweep.

    Hello my dear friends. My question is: I need a direct advertiser for offers like Sweestakes (Samsung, iPhone, etc.). My team need people who own the whole system. Do you know affiliate programs that have such advertisers? I worked with the Clickdealer, but they are assholes and work through...
  20. IlyesPoke

    Find Landing Page

    Hi everyone! I need a landing page for a cpa sweepstakes offer and you don't have any ideas where I can find landing pages for swepstakes offers that I can copy or inspire? Thanks ! :)