1. justmeus

    Telegram refferal bot om group

    Hey guys, I would like to make a private telegram group with a “refferal bot” added to it. People may copy their unique refferal link and they get acces to the group after 3 invites joined. I saw other groups doing this. Any1 familiair with this bot?
  2. TargetShow

    ✅ ✅ SMM Services Provider ➡️ Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube | Telegram | Twitter | Spotify

    Contact us: Telegram - @ChiefSSMpanel Skype - live:.cid.d11101670d634c2d If you registered 60 days ago and have 50 or more posts, after registering on our panel, post in this thread your username that you used to register, so that we can provide you $1 review copy Reseller rates are...
  3. J

    Telegram SMM Bot

    Hello, I need a telegram bot that I can connect to my smm panel via api. What should the bot be able to do? - When the user starts the bot then the bot should ask the user for his Instagram name, gender, country and category (country should be captured by IP address). - The user should earn...
  4. V

    Telegram Group with 5k members how I can use?

    Hello, I have a telegram channel with 5k members. They are all real, how can I exploit it? These users do whatever they are told. I thought I'd send them the link of a possible CPA offer to leave their email, how much does each lead with maxbounty get paid? Thanks in advance to everyone
  5. smmdonni


    TELEGRAM AUTO-VIEWS FOR YOUR CHANNELS PRICING: 0,00275$ for 1k views ( for example 10k views 50 posts daily 30 days - 41.25$) TARIFF CALCULATOR: VIDEO HOW TO USE: TEXT INSTRUCTION: *instant views start is only...
  6. F

    Telegram mass dm account warmup

    Hello, i have found a mass dm script on github and edited a little bit to fit my use but i have trouble sending mass dms. Does anyone know whats the best way to "warmup" accounts or how much is enough "warmup"? I used 3 accounts so far and one of them (older alt account of mine) got restricted...
  7. Milagro

    Real user telegram subscribers needed

    I am looking for who can add real telegram users to my job alert channel,
  8. C

    Scrape Telegram Subscribers From Big Channel

    How can i scrape The Subscribers in a Big Channel to my channel ? Note. I am just a subscriber with no access to see group subscribers, So How can I be able to scrape from the channel Successfully and add them to My own Channel?
  9. Zablo

    Telegram Loot deals offers

    So recently i have joined liked 3-4 groups of these so-called loot deals offers and the frequency of messages was too high i mean the channel was very active and was sending screenshots and deal offers and sometimes coupons. at first, i thought it was just working for the single website so i...
  10. TelegramDominator

    Free Link Building for everyone simple tactic for harnessing the power of Telegram

    I won't elaborate too much, I'll just give you a brief overview of a tactic I've been using for several years. As you know, anyone can write a text in their bio on their own user's profile or on the profile of the group or on the profile of the Telegram channel, you can also put links in the...
  11. dixonthomas

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    Leverage of high-quality SMM Panel to uplift your social media profiles! Fully automated instant SMM Panel for resellers FREE $1 TEST BALANCE ONLY FOR THE FIRST 50 BHW MEMBERS WITH 50+ POSTS. After Sign Up on JingleSMM.Com comment your username on this thread. We'll add a $1 test for the...
  12. filterhead

    ❤️METHOD❤️【 AutopilotGram 】✅ The Ultimate Method to Earn Money on ▶️ AUTOPILOT ◀️ with Telegram ✅ 100% Scalable ❤️ Exclusive on BlackHat...

  13. C

    How to monetize 30k+ Telegram Channel and 200+ daily Web visitors [Adult Content]

    Hi guys, I create a TLG channel on December 2021 and I had been gaining good traffic. Lots of my posts are in popular webs (I know this cause I put a water mark on every img or video). I can say that I have more than 300gb of content just in telegram and the interactions are very good. My subs...
  14. G

    Making money with Telegram/Telegram bots?

    Hello, I'm new here. I've seen a lot of telegram groups (crypto signals, betting tips, adult content, etc.). Looks like there's good money to be made here. I'm an programmer and already have some experience making telegram bots and I'm interested in starting making money with it.... Do you guys...
  15. Nitishmohan

    need telegram members at lowest cost

    Hi, I am looking for telegram accounts urgently my supplier is not respoonding from a week. I need account regularly pls message me your best price. Thanks
  16. B

    Telegram Channel Ads

    Hello everyone! I have created lately a new Telegram channel similar to those famous Crypto signals but I wanna know where they do them advertise and get them clients.. If someone can give any useful advice I would much appreciated.. Thanks guys and have a great one ..
  17. Black Hat Wolfie

    Telegram Brainstorm

    Let’s talk Telegram. More specifically - creative ways to promote your Telegram channel/groups. We all know the usual methods of promotion: Posting your channel on relevant groups, optimizing the channel name for search, directly adding members to your group, promoting to Telegram channel...
  18. A

    Need help accessing messages being sent by telegram bot to my old account which I no longer have access to.

    I lost access to my old telegram account that had a bot on it with some important stuff. There are still messages incoming on the bot on my old account. I still have the HTTP API token, and have heard that I can access the bot from another telegram account with the token as I have seen others...
  19. TelegramDominator

    [JV] - My HQ Softwares + Your Marketing Skills in multiple Languages

    I was debating with myself whether to hire the services of a translator and do global marketing myself but I came to the conclusion that it is not enough just to translate, it is better to give up a certain percentage of my earnings from the software sales, to provide my clients with better...
  20. S

    Looking to hire telegram channels expert

    hello guys, i have a client who looking to rank telegram channels in first position for specific keywords.. (create/buy channels and rank them) the problem is that his competitors closing channels almost every few days, for that he will need always to have reserve channels so in case someone...