1. Black Hat Wolfie

    Telegram Brainstorm

    Let’s talk Telegram. More specifically - creative ways to promote your Telegram channel/groups. We all know the usual methods of promotion: Posting your channel on relevant groups, optimizing the channel name for search, directly adding members to your group, promoting to Telegram channel...
  2. A

    Need help accessing messages being sent by telegram bot to my old account which I no longer have access to.

    I lost access to my old telegram account that had a bot on it with some important stuff. There are still messages incoming on the bot on my old account. I still have the HTTP API token, and have heard that I can access the bot from another telegram account with the token as I have seen others...
  3. TelegramDominator

    [JV] - My HQ Softwares + Your Marketing Skills in multiple Languages

    I was debating with myself whether to hire the services of a translator and do global marketing myself but I came to the conclusion that it is not enough just to translate, it is better to give up a certain percentage of my earnings from the software sales, to provide my clients with better...
  4. S

    Looking to hire telegram channels expert

    hello guys, i have a client who looking to rank telegram channels in first position for specific keywords.. (create/buy channels and rank them) the problem is that his competitors closing channels almost every few days, for that he will need always to have reserve channels so in case someone...
  5. xerx

    Making Money With Crypto Pump and Dump/Signal groups.

    Does anyone have experience with this? The idea is good but immoral, I would say. Also, you can lose everything if you become too greedy. It is not illegal on unregulated exchanges, but it is illegal on regulated exchanges such as Binance but not on Kucoin. What do you think and have you made...
  6. hustlersshop

    Telegram + CPA Networks

    Hi, I'd like to discuss what niches are the best to make Telegram channels and promote them. I know that niches like gambling, education, crypto are good for Telegram. Share your thoughts and experience.
  7. S

    Looking for Telegram DM Service

    Looking for someone to be able to provide a Telegram DM service Been looking for a custom solution that can send out DMs to a user list from groups or provided and then capture replies from the DMs via screengrab Not trying to build a bot for personal use as I am not trying to take a dive...
  8. A

    Telegram: What happens here?

    Telegram seems to me like the super early and wild west days of facebook. Someone from my niche spams boomer anti-vax type memes on his channel with 100k members and every 10th post is about a supplement detox product. He makes insane money this way. How do I get started with telegram? I tried...
  9. noellarkin

    Instant Messaging ruins productivity

    I've been doing a lot of time tracking (rescuetime etc) and I've noticed a disproportionate amount of time going to Telegram - - I only use Telegram for work, so I always had an excuse to keep it on, but it's definitely a double-edged sword - - I end up discussing things with clients far more...
  10. P

    Need help compare to Telegram !!!

    Hello everybody, Is there a limit of accounts per IP on Telegram ? Cause i've noticed that when i cross around 50 accounts on 1 IP, the next day they get deleted or banned. Can someone tell me the limit of accounts per IP or help me please.
  11. John Ignashevich

    Telegram channel advertisement throught FB\Inst\other

    For several years, as a hobby, I have been running a telegram channel (historical topics. 15k+ real subscribers). I advertised "in white" through other channels (reposts), some groups, communities. At one point I decided to try other methods of advertising. After talking with other admins, they...
  12. I

    Do I need proxies to use my telegram bot?

    Hi, I'm new to this social media stuff and marketing! I'm trying to slowly learn everything. So please bear with me if my question sounds silly. I've just made a telegram python bot to join a specific channel with multiple accounts at the same time using the same api key. For that purpose, do I...
  13. G

    Telegram members

    I need telegram members non drop / zero drop - at the lowest price, with good speed and a large order interval - at least 100 maximum 50k+. Write offers immediately with a full description of the service and price
  14. U

    Whatsapp/Telegram verification permanent SIM

    I want someone to get a SIM and give me the verification code. There should be a way to pay SIM with credit card. We can discuss about a price or exchange. Please reply to this thread or contact me to make an arrangement
  15. SMMTribe - A Liable SMM Panel | 24/7 Support | Free Test Balance | Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, & More!

    - SMMTribe - We're happy to share our Services on BHW. So I'll skip all the graphics and get straight to the point. SMMTribe is a fully automated panel that provides various Social Media Marketing & boosts to your Profile, or business. TOP SERVICES (Prices per 1000 quantity) - Instagram...
  16. Gebb

    monetisation methods for chat

    I was thinking about making a bot for bulk dms for telegram and maybe also Instagram but in fact I don't know how to monetize bulk dms and chat messages as lots of affiliate networks and also smartlinks networks don't accept chat traffic. How can I monetize this type of traffic? Do content...
  17. italianstarman

    [HIRE A FREELANCER] I'm looking for Telegram AI Chat Bot

    Hello, as the title says, I'm looking for an experienced developer who's able to build for me a script or a bot, Who can help me automatize chatting between users in specific Telegram group. To be more specific, I need somehow to let my telegram accounts chatting alone between theirselves...
  18. C

    Telegram DM marketing

    hello I'm a Korean I would like to meet a partner who can help with my advertising. I would like help with sending a Telegram DM. We look forward to contacting a good partner by all means. SKYPE: live:.cid.aee370c37bb47661
  19. G

    Telegram Bot

    WTB a script/program that can help manage my Telegram accounts to comment/post replies This would be something like a shilling bot but needs to be able to post a predefined message that can be changed at any time. The message needs to be posted on the last post of the I also need multiple...
  20. S

    I need a script for webscraping and group management for Telegram

    Which is preferably written in PHP8 using asynchronous functions