1. M

    Best Multivendor Woocomerce Theme ?

    What is the best Fashion multi vendor Woocommerce theme and what is the best single vendor woocommerce theme ? I have a lot of people instantly suggest Flatsome all over the place, but i have seen a better theme in the past when i was doing a project like this, unfortunately i forgot the theme...
  2. Turbo B.

    Anyone has a list of themes supporting full posts on homepage?

    As the title says - free / paid WP themes that support full posts listing on the homepage with displaying links.
  3. Divisoria

    CrocoBlock All Plugin -RankMath SEO -WP Rocket -WP Astra Pro Growth Bundle -Oxygen Builder + Swiss Knife Pro -LoginPres Pro | Lifetime/Y...

    TAKE NOTE: I will need your admin login details to activate the Dynamic templates features & JetFormBuilder for you. (You can use temp admin access if need be, or just change your password after i activate it.) PAYMENT * Binance all cryptocurrency accepted * PayPal PRICE $69 for a...
  4. amine0404

    Templates shopify for christmas

    Hello BHW friends i need some help pls. I search for a christmas theme for my shopify store any suggestion ? :)
  5. N8Maniac

    What is a good free theme to choose with starter templates?

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a domain and want to start a blog about entrepreneurship & business. But I am confused about what theme should I use. I am also not that good in website designing. So I would prefer a free theme with starter templates. Drop your suggestions, Thanks!
  6. crystalwiz

    Recommend any one pager theme for WordPress website

    Hey guys, I am looking for a simple One pager WordPress theme. Any idea. I just want a simple one-page them for website A that allows me to tell people to go visit website B (since website A is more like a dummy site, not the main site). Any idea? Thanks in advance
  7. Criskiller

    porn site help seo drop in views

    Hello. i have a porno tube site some time. and this few months it has been dropping views drastically and I don't know what to do. my site is working as wordpress updated with the following plugins Akismet Anti-Spam, Cache Sniper for Nginx, Classic Editor, Yoast SEO. i've been using this theme...
  8. hercai

    Wordpress theme for Health website

    Hello, I am going to create a health related site. However, I could not find a Wordpress theme that I thought would be suitable for this area. Since my visitor weight is over +20 years old, I want them to be able to appeal to them, to be able to navigate the site easily, and to catch their eye...
  9. Cedis

    Popular Sites Template

    So I came across these popular sites which are; - Space - TechRadar - TomsGuide - Tomshardware And one thing I notice is that they are almost identical. So from my curiosity, I want to know what type of theme these sites use. If the theme templates can be used on WordPress, and where one can...
  10. Ahmirof

    How Create Elementor theme and sell it without coding?!

    Hi, I'm not a Developer with advance programming skills, but I'm a webmaster for more than 10 years and know how to change codes to get my suitable results! The thing is, I have an Idea for creating a WordPress theme and sell it on a marketplace like themeforest or another alternatives. But I...
  11. franciscomqsp

    Best Theme for Local Directory

    Greetings I want to create a local directory for tennis courts in my country, but I'm struggling to find a good Wordpress theme. I found this website that is more or less aligned with what I am looking for. It's Wordpress but I'm unable to find out what theme they're using...
  12. BaranKanat

    I am looking for CSS+HTML5 Themes for sale all rights.

    (sorry for my limited english my native language is not english) Hello first of all, I am a backend developer. I am looking for CSS+HTML5 themes, all rights are for sale so like extra license. My goal is to combine themes with php and put them up for sale. I visited several websites on Google...
  13. Bigcookies

    Shopify booklyn theme for wordpress

    What would be the equivalent of the Shopify Brooklyn theme on WordPress?
  14. Bigcookies

    Customizable theme

    Can anyone suggest a theme that is easy to customize I tried to use generate press but I had some trouble with customizing this header the (the logo was too small) I tried making it bigger but ended up making it disappear is there a theme that allows the same functionality as Shopify? I also...
  15. 4ry4n

    [Question] How many post excerpts should be viewable on the main page of a blog?

    Greetings BHW, I wanted to ask, how many of your blog posts are viewable on the main page before the user has to click "view more" or select other posts from a menu. In other words, what is the optimal number of blog post excerpts viewable on a main page (before the user has to click...
  16. Naughtyfatkid

    [Need suggestions] What are good Wordpress themes/plugins for an Ecommerce website?

    Hello BHW, The website is for a photo printing business. So the idea is for the customers to be able to upload their jpeg/png pictures when they order from the website. Do you know if this could be done on a simple wordpress site? If yes, do you know a theme/builder that would best suit the...
  17. snowmanstudio

    Suggest Me A Theme for Wallpaper Website

    I want to make a wallpaper downloading website... But didn't find any wallpaper theme... - wordpress/ Next Js / PHP
  18. XtremeCrasher


    GENERATEPRESS PREMIUM - GENUINE LIFETIME LICENSE INSTALLATION SERVICE $25 FOR 1 DOMAIN What will you get? GeneratePress Premium Theme with a Lifetime License. How does it work? Simply buy the service quickly and safely with PayPal by clicking HERE. Once you've made the payment simply...
  19. noellarkin

    Fastest Theme I've Ever Used

    I'm using Generatepress for most of my sites, and it works great. However, for a few of those sites, I'll be shifting over to this one I found today: Test it out. It's beautiful, and scores perfectly on gtmetrix and other web speed tools.
  20. R

    Building website using elementor or any other builder?

    I'm using an Astra Theme, and what is better to build a website, elementor? Or any other? I just want a simple website. Purpose of website : blog and affiliated products. Any advice is appreciated.