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  1. Titanlord

    Anyone using TikTok with USA sim card? looking for few answers

    Yo, i am looking into buying a USA sim card for Tiktok and wanted to know the experience of people already doing this, i have a few questions Can we make do with E-sim instead of the physical sim? DO i need vpn too? i hear if you use vpn you get shadow banned Can i create unlimited TikTok...
  2. hazzi

    How do Kpop Stars/Groups have perfect followings and engagement ??

    I have been doing going through alot of accounts of Kpop Stars and it shocked me to see how the engagement is so good and there followers seem to be so loyal. To me it looks like the Kpop industry has cracked the social code of getting a strong fanbase . Thats just an observation, now the...
  3. H

    [WTB] Requesting SoundOn or TikTok for Music

    Hello! Anyone have access to analytics, detailed charts from TikTok Music. I'm looking to promote a few artists on TikTok and I need a plug. Happy to connect with others on the industry too.
  4. Checa

    [JOURNEY] Tik Tok from 0 to 10k with automatic content

    I'm new with Tik Tok and I want to test how the algorithm works and see if i can growth an account and then replicate the method to build an account empire. My plan is quite simple, I'm going to post 2/3 videos at day and include trendy music and some related hashtags. For generate the content...
  5. ficistays

    Tik Tok ;(

    Hello guys just want to share something ive made an acc od tik tok abouth weight loss posted few videos abouth it and my 3rd video went viral in 5hrs but i didnt have 1k followers to put aff link with landing page and my acc wasnt created based on the usa i dont have USA SIM CARD and my...
  6. ilyxa

    [Experiment] TikTok farm for 10 000 accounts.

    Hi guys! I want to create a Ticktok farm for 1000 accounts and later increase it to 10 000 accounts. In this regard, there are some questions. Goals: Goal #1 get conditionally free traffic for affiliate programs at zero cost. Goal #2 if accounts will not be trustworthy enough to get traffic...
  7. T

    ✅ ChiefSMMPanel.com ✅ SMM Services Provider ➡️ Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube | Telegram | Twitter | Spotify

  8. J

    guys i need bot for repost videos from tiktok to my instagram

    guys i need bot for repost videos from tiktok to my instagram
  9. jack001_

    TikTok with RDP

    Hi guys Has anyone tried uploading videos in Tik Tok from the browser (rdp) and got good results? I'm thinking of making each RDP account its own 1 RDP = 1 TikTok Acc I need any advice before I waste my time and effort please
  10. O

    A marketer's guide to TikTok Analytics

    You can use this step-by-step guide to navigate TikTok Analytics and discover how to interpret the data to help grow your audience. The first thing to know is that you must have a business or an influencer account to access TikTok analytics rather than a standard account. Make the switch to a...
  11. O

    TikTok US account physical sim or online activation?

    I live in Europe, if I wanted to set up a tiktok account with US traffic would I have to get a physical sim card or could I just use run it on a fresh phone, no sim card and use an online activation US service (like onlinesim.io)
  12. P

    TT Stitches

    Hey, i have seen a few accounts on TT that just posts stiches. They take a viral video and stitch it but the stitch is just 5 seconds. It is a 1:1 copy of the original video even with the stitched tag in it and they´ll go viral. Because TT won't allow you to stitch unless you add your own...
  13. L

    TikTok Account IPhones Farm & Managing Service | IPhones + 4g mobile proxy | Video Production & Andrew Tate Strategy | 24/7 Support ⭐

    Anyone who has dealt with TikTok , will surely have noticed how bots do not work on this platform, more than any other. Automating TikTok with external programs is virtually impossible, and managing multiple accounts is really stressful and a huge waste of time. From banned to limited accounts...
  14. A

    tiktok + cpa change their account every 3 or 4 videos

    I've seen a lot of people who use tiktok + cpa change their account every 3 or 4 videos posted, I'd like to know what it helps and why they do this?
  15. Gravitational-waves

    Tiktok ads URL problem, landing page is incomplete. And i'm not having URL in the ads.

    So i'm running spark ads and i target profile views in tiktok ads. I always get this URL message that landing page is incomplete. The real URL is in the bio, but i don't put that URL in the ads account because i only target profile views without URL. I can't find solution? The landing page is...
  16. FaizanAnsari

    (BlackHat Method) Which CPA Traffic methods are working these days? OGADS and CPAbuild Traffic Method

    Hello Everyone! in 2020 I stopped working in CPA Marketing 4 month ago i started working again Niche: i use Blackhat niches as everyone uses in OGAds and CPAbuild i struggle with the traffic i don't know which traffic methods are working on those days i tried many methods but it's killing me...
  17. M

    I need help on how to go viral on TIKTOK

    Please I need help on how to make videos go viral on tik tok, please I would really appreciate the help, please don’t give me generic advice, In exchange I can teach you how to make money on tik tok.
  18. A

    tiktok + cpa

    Salve, My name is Albert and for some time I tried to promote cpa offer on tiktok more precisely 15 days . I did 600 clicks and only 2 converts. So I have a traffic of 1000 people a month. The problem is they don't do leads. That can be the cause. An un landing page ok and use a smart link offer
  19. GNews

    Game Changer for SEO? Nearly 40% of Gen Z Prefer Tik Tok Searches Over Google Search

    Nearly 40% of Gen Z Prefer Tik Tok Over Google For Search written by: GNews Most SEO minds think Google has no chance of being toppled by another search engine, but a new ABCNews report about Generation Z may suggest otherwise. Today's internet users born between 1997 and 2002, betwween...
  20. Jonnn

    Tik Tok Journey to 10k

    wassgud BHW as most of you know tik tok traffic is the gold mine right now everyone focused on monetizing it but before the chicken must come the egg. so you need traffic before monetization to stay motivated and so we all can share some tik tok knowledge lets use this thread i will be...