1. M

    Tube Assist Pro Traffic Generatin6

    Is there anybody who was able to generate traffic using Tube assist pro?
  2. StarNeo

    Need installs

    Hi I have a PC program. I need installs from 5K per day. What options are there to get so many installs? https/honerd/com
  3. M

    YouTube Traffic Strategy

    I am trying to manually spam YouTube live chat section, but I am not getting any clicks to my link whatsoever. I use bitly as a link tracker and I don't explicitly type the URL in the chat, instead, I type it as bit(.)ly/my-link or bit(Dot)ly/my-link Can someone tell me what's wrong? Also...
  4. M

    Looking 4 Bot Developer

    I want a Spam bot that brings me immediate/ instant adult traffic. I will buy any already existing bot that is already functioning... Example Omegle bot/ Chatavenue bot/ YouTube Spam bot/ Reddit Spam bot/ Twitter Spam bot etc.... You can contact me on Telegram: @Free_english_247
  5. don7777

    How to monetize a 2000 users/day celebs website?

    Hi all, I am running a celebrity website which 99% includes images of various celebs. This website is 3 years old and is now getting some decent traffic, about 2000 users per day. The top 5 most visited countries are India (60%+), USA, UAE, Canada and Australia. I tried Adsense but they did...
  6. M

    taboola traffic?

    has anyone heard of taboola traffic ar they legit?
  7. jaroule

    [QUORA] [What is the best way to drive traffic quora from quora?]

    hello BHW guys i wanna ask you guys what is the best method i can use to drive traffic to my website from quora?. thank you in advance
  8. M

    Traffic arbitrage, affiliate marketing.

    Hello, is there any mediabuyers who works in teams from Europe? And who can tell me how traffic arbitrage works in EU?
  9. datadan

    Traffic monetization questions

    Hi everyone Sorry for the 50 millionth post about how to monetize traffic, i have a couple of streaming sites ready to go. I'm looking for a 123movies type of approach on monetizing traffic. What type of ad networks should i go with ? I know nothing about this stuff so sorry for the lack of...
  10. seo_alexa002

    Is there any Tool or Method With Which We can Check Google My Business Traffic of any Listing

    Hello Is there any Tool or Method With Which We can Check Google My Business Traffic of any Listing
  11. Danny Crypto

    Looking to generate NFT Traffic

    I was thinking to do giveaways on twitter and using some social media influencers on Twitter + Youtube both but what else one can do to market a good nft project?
  12. E


    Hello. I have a question about the site in the essay niche. The site is six months old, but there is no traffic from the search, what could be the problem? The link to the site is in my profile, I will be grateful if you look at it and give good advice. How to attract student traffic in general?
  13. T

    raise chaturbate rooms

    hello. need software to raise chaturbate rooms to the first page. only proven methods. please contact me in telegram @studio_23
  14. M

    Porn Big Traffic

    Hello, I recently started uploading videos to some porn sites, and it brought a lot of traffic.The Spankbang site that worked best deleted most of my videos, and no one gave a reason. Can anyone advise me why the videos were deleted ? Can anyone advise me to porn sites that also convert as...
  15. Y

    My OnlyFans / Premium setup your traffic

    Monetizing your traffic on Onlyfans. Looking for people with experience in the adult niche. I'm a model and I have a team of chatters to work on Onlyfans. What I'm looking for: - Tinder traffic (who knows how to work the bot, auto-register a large number of accounts per day and direct traffic...
  16. xEssence

    Best way to get traffic to my Chaturbate affiliate link on the cheap?

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to get traffic to my chaturbate affiliate link on the cheap. Does anyone know some good methods to do so? So far I have tried chatroom traffic to some success but the actual signup rate was not the best considering on average I would have to speak to about 15 people...
  17. Slangur

    My backlinks aren't making a difference?

    Hello, i have a question. I have built out backlinks on web2's for high da sites that are "********". I have built these links about 2 weeks ago, and submitted these links to "indexification" ( a tool to index links). These links are specifically going to a blog post page on my moneysite. I have...
  18. ty310

    [JV] My product > your traffic, sales in Health/Fitness Space

    Hello BHW! I recently teamed up with an engineer who has a patented product in the Health/Fitness space. His competitors are doing 6-7 figures/month with inferior products. The most similar comparable would be a product doing 7k units/month on amazon alone while priced approximately 110%...
  19. Hostinglogy

    decline in website traffic

    So the ranking of my website is stable, however, the traffic has decreased a lot since 25th May, which is the day Google started rolling out the core update. My question is whether the decrease in traffic is somehow related to the core update or something else. The dates coincide but somehow it...
  20. Z


    I need help . whitch is the best google ads traffic bot ? . Im using now traffic bot pro v3 but is slow .