twitter auto follower bot

  1. Scottisher

    Anyone tried CaptainTweet bot?

    Anyone using captaintweet? I’ve been using the free plan for a while, wondering how much impact (follows per day) I would get on the paid plan. Also, in general, how many follows/likes per day is even safe to go undetected by Twitter ?
  2. johnhustle007

    How do you go about building a personal Twitter account?

    Twitter personal page growth hackers! Where y'all at!?? What's the best method right now to grow a personal twitter page? Following & unfollow method Getting other big accounts to RT your tweets What are you guys doing for massive growth with twitter?
  3. johnhustle007

    Who's running this!? I like your style $

    Who's running this campaign? (The photo is below) I might need your help managing some accounts for me, twitter seem to be killing my accounts as soon as I tweet out my 1st tweet. It's getting to the point where it feels like a 9-5 ! Who's have some good success with twitter that's able to...
  4. chris barker

    Giga Tweet - Ultimate Twitter Marketing Software - 3 Day Free Trial

    Effective Automated Twitter Management and Follower Building Tool Features: SCREEN 1: Follower Mentions: Features: a) Extract the followers of the twitter handle b) Start mention the users one by one How to use? 1. Followers of the Twitter handle you want to mention...
  5. G

    Twitter has disabled Auto-Follow, any alternatives?

    I know I am a little late but, Twitter has disabled auto-following. I want to get back into Twitter , but I have no clue what to do. I was just wondering what the advertisers on BHW do to get followers. Do you manually follow, or do you still use an app? If you do use an app, could you please...
  6. marcus7777

    Twipartner - Android auto RT/fav/follow/unfollow app

    Hi guys! I wanna share with you a recently published Android app: Twipartner It is an Android free app where using Twitter API you can RT/FAV keywords or hashtags and also follow (and unfollow) people based in a target user.
  7. GodLy

    Twitter Followers Jacker Tool/Service - Quality Guaranteed by Devmine-team