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  1. socialplug_io

    NFT Twitter Automatic Engagement | Auto Likes | Auto Retweets | Auto Comments | NFT Twitter Page Growth

    FAQ What do your accounts look like? Click here to see a preview of what our NFT accounts look like Can I get a free trial? We do not offer free trials. Upon request we might be able to offer you 1 week trial. That way you don't have to pay the full price to get a good idea of what the service...
  2. socialplug_io

    [NFT PROFILES] Twitter Followers, Likes, Retweets & Comments | ENGAGEMENT FOR NFT PROJECTS

    Click here to Order | Use coupon BHW for 5% Discount Services List Twitter Likes [HQ NFT Profiles] [$0.11 - $0.36 per like] [Automatic] Twitter Retweets [HQ NFT Profiles] [$0.11 - $0.36 per retweet] [Automatic] Twitter Followers [HQ NFT Profiles] [$0.08 - $0.2 per follower]...
  3. Y

    SMM panel that actually works for twitter?

    Recently a lot many SMM panels have disabled/removed their twitter services. Maybe because of the recent raid inside a facility where they found a lot of smartphones botting and stuff. Im looking for a reliable SMM panel or an individual provider of twitter services that accepts CRYPTOCURRENCY...
  4. DonSelf

    SMMPANEL.NET | iOS/Android installs provider | buy Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter |Service

    We have been supplying social media l services already for 2.5 years, the experience we have gathered helps us to provide a good quality services just for you. We are new on BHW, but we hope to get a lot of reviews from our buyers no matter positive or negative, we will keep on working to...
  5. C

    Panel selling Hispanic followers/likes/retweets?

    Hello, Is there any service selling hispanic followers/likes/retweets?
  6. vinothmech

    INSTANTPANEL.NET SMM PANEL [INSTANT] CHEAP Instagram-Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-SoundCloud

    Welcome to InstantPanel INSTANTPANEL.NET HOT DEALS Instagram Instagram Photo/Video likes - $0.02 per 1000 Instagram Video views - $0.01 per 1000 Instagram Followers - $0.4 per 1000 Twitter Twitter Retweets - $0.55 per 1000 Twitter Favorites/Likes - $0.55 per 1000 Twitter Followers - $0.75 per...
  7. M

    Twitter Like/Comment/Retweet Bot

    Hi there, I am after a bot for Twitter to promote a particular account by using several hundred accounts with proxies. I would like to be able like the twitter account, like the tweets, comment on tweets, retweet and have custom control over which accounts might like things when or have delays...
  8. S

    Should I buy Re-tweets?

    Hi Everyone, Does buying re-tweets work? I was told if you're trying to tweet someone the more it is re-tweeted it will get their attention? Also what's the best way to get real followers? Thanks
  9. F

    Question about twitter retweeting - Maybe I messed up

    Right now I am running 101 twitter accounts and it goes like this main acc -> 10 accs retweet the main -> for each acc there is 9 accs that retweet the 10 accs And I have never used twitter before really, so I did not now about this. But today I found out, that if I retweet without any comment...
  10. afreenv

    100 Twitter Retweets or Likes Giveaway

    I am going to give 100 Twitter Retweets to first 10 member of blackhatworld. This retweets are not real . I had created server for selling retweets. Giveaway is just for checking.. I only need your reviews. Thank you blackhatworld member
  11. T

    Please Help!

    I DESPERATELY need a software/program that is capable of retweeting from a twitter list automatically (not roundteam, I've been searching for days and months on end and still have not found anything so please if any of you know of a website or program that can do this please let me know asap. :(
  12. Oz0102

    [GIVEAWAY] Active Facebook Fanpage Likes, Instagram and Twitter Packages for 120 Members

    Its my birthday Today so i'm extending the joy to 120 members Packages up for grabs 300 Twitter Followers - 30 people 300 Twitter Retweets - 30 people 200 Facebook Active Fanpage Likes (Worldwide users) - 20 people 300 Instagram Followers - 20 people 300 Instagram Likes - 20 people PS...
  13. HaxTuTorial

    500 USA Twitter retweets/favorites/custom tweets|Dripfeed|Automatic for everyone!

    I need to test my new tweets/favorites/custom tweets so what better way to test it than to give them away for free? I have several options for whoever wants the free service. 1.Normal - [means you just send me the link and i give you retweets/favs/custom tweets 2.Dripfeed - I deliver but with...
  14. A

    Automatic Twitter Retweets & Favorites - ARAB

    Hello, Interested to buy automatic retweets and favorites "ARAB" monthly subscription. Any idea where to get this service from?! Thanks;)
  15. marcus7777

    Twipartner - Android auto RT/fav/follow/unfollow app

    Hi guys! I wanna share with you a recently published Android app: Twipartner It is an Android free app where using Twitter API you can RT/FAV keywords or hashtags and also follow (and unfollow) people based in a target user.
  16. doze off

    Does anyone have a alternative for Roundtable RT plug ?

    I'm looking For a re-tweeting app oppose to roundtable or the program the use and re-branded.
  17. W

    Can you make money off Twitter Retweets?

    I always see people selling twitter retweets..How do I go about making money off it?? Is there anyway to make money off of it?? Someone please share
  18. Rajthepositivelife

    Case Study: Impact of Google Plus 1s & other social signals on website traffic

    Here is a case study showcasing the impact of social signals on one of our customer's websites, The campaign is still ongoing, but I thought it would be useful to share the results. Objective: To see the effect of social signals. I won't reveal the exact domain, but here are some details...
  19. H

    Giveaways 100+ Real Twitter retweets for BHW Member

    Giveaways 100+ Real Twitter retweets for Only BHW Member Hello Friend i am giving 100+ Real Twitter retweets in your tweets. Comment your link Or PM me First 100 person will get 100+ Real Twitter retweets in your tweets. I am new i am unable to reply you so Please don't ask me for reply in...
  20. S

    How to see most retweets for a given hashtag?

    Is there an online tool where I can see exactly most-less retweets for a given hashtag? Because twitter top tweets really doesn't help since I need something exact, thanks.