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    The 2K21 Do-Follow Blog Commenting With Low Obl’s – Manual Submission

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    [Free Review copies] - ⚜️Master Stroke Network⚜️ RD 500+✨DA 30+✨DR 30+

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    GermanWriters.com ➡️ German Article Writing Service ➡️ Unique Content By Native Germans

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  7. r3L4x

    Where you buy Articles?

    Hello guys, how are you? My question is Where you buy Articles?
  8. blackmind

    Unique Articles And Highly Spun Readable Articles with 75% to 90%uniqueness at cheap price

    Hello BHW, I will keep simple and straight. I am going to provide you Unique Article Service as well as highly Spun readable articles with 75% to 90% uniqueness. Unique Articles:- All Articles will be well researched and 100% CS Passed. Spun Articles:- I am going to spun article at sentence...
  9. M

    Method to Get Free Unique Content

    [I've been reading about using iWriter to steal writers' content. I suspected that and always steer clear of situations where I won't be paid for my work. As a writer, I think stealing content is a douchebag thing to do. So I'm sharing a simple way to get content that is not exactly stealing...
  10. sayan162

    [GIVEAWAY] My 5 unique Articles

    Hello all this is my first giveaway to BHW members.I don't think its enough anyway below is the mediafire link... http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?m1q0khxe8179f6f This Thread is closed now
  11. rashri

    How to check articles are unique or not ?

    I ordered 15 articles from Fiverr and i want to know they are unique or not . My niche is highly competitive and am on the top 5 of google . So i really want my articles to be unique and informative and original . I would welcome both free ways and the paid ways ... Help appreciated .
  12. B

    Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Works Wonders - I'll Show You How!

    For the past year, I've been using Unique Article Wizard and it's by far the best SERP boosting, auto-submission service I've ever used. The point of using UAW is to create 100's and 100's and 1000's of backlinks to any page on your site for a targeted keyword(s). You'll first want to write an...
  13. E

    FREE Unique Articles For BHW Members

    Hello BHW! I think now is the time to be active in this forum, been a member of this community since last year but I seldom visit due to offline businesses (Magazines). Starting today, I will write 1 free unique article per member. All you need to do is to reply in this thread that you're...
  14. fimms

    Make articles unique with php/html/css/ trick

    I just had some spare time and came with this small function to get old articles passing from CopyScape. This doesn't mean they will be ok for search engines and example makes only one unique version of the article. Anyway someone may see this interesting and give other ideas for content...
  15. crmarjunkarthik

    EZINE Quality Articles From $3 (100% Copyscape Passed)

    Ezine Quality Articles Starting From $3 (with Guaranteed ezine Approval) 100% Unique and Copyscape Passed Articles. Unique Articles: 300-350 Words - $3 each 400-450 Words - $4 each 500-550 words - $5 each Bulk Orders: 300-350 Words: 5 articles = $14 10 articles =...
  16. O

    [Method] Unique Well Written Content

    NOINDEX-RSS This Method was discovered by accident a couple of days ago while trying to make a full RSS feed using yahoo pipes: I found that some RSS feeds were not being pulled due to the "noindex" or sometimes the full content page was protected by robots.txt :D Since then I've been...
  17. V

    Unique Article Checker

    Hi all, i have some question What you used to check that your article never posted before in another website ? i found h**p://copyscape.com but this site is limited. So anyone have another site that really free ? thx :)
  18. D

    How to use plugin wordpress unique?

    why to use plugin wordpress unique? everyone can help me? i need more information about this. i very interest for your comment.
  19. J

    My Method For Getting Unique Content From Spun Articles

    :) Hey Guys, I'm gonna give you all a method for getting unique content on your blogs that works and is 100% complete from start to finish. The concept of what I'm about to tell you is nothing new to BHW but the tools I use may not be familiar to some of you. The method I use for getting...