1. jascoken

    Why Article Uniqueness% Is Useless for Mass Submission...

    I get asked this question quite a lot, and so I thought I'd do a quick post to try and explain it to those that are new to spinning, and the math involved... Essentially, the %unique number quoted by most software is a variable function; it's worked out differently by different software...
  2. m.rvs2141

    Google translate = unique artciles

    Hi all, last 2 days i was submitted one of the site to article directories, I am very lazy myself to rewrite articles or even to spin them. So i deside to use google translate: Remember we need articles to build backlinks with our anchor text not to make it popular. So what i did: 1)As i am...
  3. moneff

    WP Plugin for rewriting an article

    Hi, Is there a plugin which can RE-WRITE(make unique) Wordpress article ? I have around 500 articles (with 50-200) words, and I want to rew-write them all with a single button click.. is there such a thing ? or I must re-write all of them 1 by one with The Best Spinner? I want to make these...
  4. T

    I Provide SEO Unique Traffic Service [READ]

    I can provide you with unique IPs Traffic(different people) fast(1-2 days) and cheap for their worth with discounts: 2500 visits: $10 5000 visits: $15 10000 visits: $26 25000 visits: $48 50000 visits: $100 100000 visits: $180 200000 visits: $350 500000 visits: $1000 Google will also...
  5. J

    Cheap Unique Guaranteed Visitors Service with Managment

    Hi, Please suggest me Cheap Unique Guaranteed Visitors Service which have control panel to manage daily hits delivery (I want to set limit on daily hits delivery) Thanks
  6. manmusic

    How to generate unique and creative blog article content the Super Easy Way!

    Hey Everyone, Its been a while since I contributed. I will try to give more in the future. Anyway, I just thought of a really simple way to create unique and creative articles. It may not work for every niche. Step 1) Find a niche. For the purposes of this demo, we'll select golf as our...
  7. BillionaireBoy

    Unique Human Traffic

    Hello, Im looking for some real human unique traffic for my page! Sound starts upon Pageload. It must be Google Analytics Safe.
  8. rytpillager

    Generating Unique Videos on Youtube (software)

    What I am doing: I have been uploading a single response video commenting on various members YT Videos, the problem is I can't upload the same video twice to YT so I have been editing the transitions in Windows Movie Maker then publishing the file to make the video unique. The problem: This is...
  9. J

    Free Tool to Generate Unique Video Clones?

    Is there a free tool out there to generate many unique video clones from one video fast and safe for youtube promotion?
  10. R

    Do you still want to write your articles ? I have an idea, tell me what you think ;o)

    - I have an idea and I would like to know if you think it's a good one. And if it is, it would be very helpful for every people who do articles marketing but don't want to WRITE them anymore :) 1. Let's say you want to create decades/hundreds of unique articles for a certain keyword/niche...
  11. R

    Need 3-5k votes for website contest, can I get some help?

    I'm a finalist for a contest, but other contestants are using fake votes to keep up. I need a burst of votes over a few days to knock them out. Visitors don't have to sign up. You just go to the contest page and hit vote button under my video. I need 3000-5000 votes depending on price. Contest...
  12. L

    STOP WRITING YOUR COMMENTS (2nd series) ! Very good FREE techniques :o)

    - A little contribution ;) Here is a very good trick to find absolute unique and relevant content to your niche super fast ! No more writing :D You are about to see a great short video from a very good marketer you propably know. It comes from his Autoblog Course, but as Google has...
  13. H

    Need massive amount of traffic to my site

    I need someone to be in charge of sending actual humans to my site. Be it with backlinks, keywords, whatever. You are the expert not me. I am already getting around 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors per day and I want to make that into 50,000 to 100,000 Uniques per day. If this is something you are...
  14. D

    How to use plugin wordpress unique?

    why to use plugin wordpress unique? everyone can help me? i need more information about this. i very interest for your comment.
  15. S

    Any way to check IP's going to your parked domains?

    So the question is, is there any way to see what IP's are going to your parked domains? Any tools that show stats like Statpress on Wordpress? I basically want to make sure I am getting unique visits to my site, instead of the same IP coming in numerous times.
  16. D

    Ideas on how to get blogcontent

    Hi all on BHW I was wondering on ideas on how to get blog content. Let me tell you about why: I have in the couple of the last months studying this forum and this has been the best study months i've had in a long time. My steps so far has been A LOT of research. Found some programs...
  17. D

    Unique-Unique Content

    yuemyutu's thread %100 Free Unique Content - For all Websites was real good, seems to be a great idea but very tedious and messy... it's true you get unique content for your website and blog but the translations from one language to another can really change the meaning of the article content...