1. ShroomLords


    Hello everyone, I just wanted to start this thread in hopes that some good information can be shared. Over the years i have accumulated 200 plus instrumental all produced by me. I’m not trying to be famous or anything I just would like to see a nice piece of change from my craft. I understand...
  2. G

    Youtube livestream view to 5000 viewers

    I have a bot and proxy that can push the Youtube LIVE Stream to ~100 viewers, but not more. I need to push it to 5k viewers. I am offering $100 to anyone who can make me able to accomplish 5k viewers.
  3. pratiocibalkan035

    youtube views exchange auto software

    message me and i ll share a website with you.. 100% free no credit card and other shit!
  4. L

    Where can I buy YT views from "Watch later" and "Subscriptions"

    Hey everyone, like the title says I'm looking to buy (or have a bot that does) views that come from the Watch Later, and Subscriptions Traffic sources. Would be grateful, thanks!
  5. F

    Best views to buy and where

    i'm currently in a specific niche and i do normally get a decent amount of views 4-10k but im trying to see what views are the best to buy that could push me up in the algo , and one that perhaps targets a specific niche....any advice would be great thanks
  6. M

    Why do my tiktok views stop at a particular number ?!

    All of my TikTok videos stop at 80-150. I have experimented with different things, and different videos and this is a long time test, about 5 months! posting regularly, taking a break, and even changing the profile and niche, it never affected my account, either way, not doing harm and not...
  7. curious_

    Instagram reels views/engagement for going trending

    Hello, is there any proven method for getting IG reels trending using mass views or any other engagement? If so, is there anyone here on BHW who can provide these services. It it works, I have a few clients who will use the service.
  8. socialglamup | Buy Custom Comments, Likes, Views, Retweets, Subscribers (and more) from Social Media Followers in Africa & the Blac...

    Looking to fine-tune your audience to include a more diversified demographic? Let’s help you grow your social media accounts the proper way with real & active social media followers from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria & the African Diaspora. No bots, no spammy activity - just real likes...
  9. E

    Looking for a YT Livestream bot that works (Will share existing code)

    Hi there! I have a (non-functional) bot and some residential proxies. I understand basic coding here and there but I don't know how to create a Youtube Livestream viewbot. If this can be done it can be very lucrative for those who use it properly. I myself have a few opportunities that I can...
  10. E

    Youtube Native Ads Views

    Youtube Views We have used these kind of views to help musicians over the world, but mostly in the Balkan area , where we work with more then 400 artists/producers on a monthly basis. We wanted to offer our services here on BHW to scale our business, and also offer this community something in...
  11. opscurus

    Does reposting from TikTok to Youtube Shorts & IG Reels work?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone here certainly knows whether this works or not. I'm thinking of reposting viral TikTok videos (without watermark) on to Youtube Shorts and Instagram/Facebook Reels. Did anyone manage to get more than 100 views? Or go viral-ish? So far I posted 1 video on YT and...
  12. M

    Looking for a service to increase views and subscribers on PornHub

    hey, I have a brand (erotica for women), we're an established creator on PHub (nearly 2k subscribers), verified, nearly 1 million views already, but looking to take the views to the next level and get our channel more prominence. Looking for someone who can help out with this! Drop a reply or...
  13. K

    Hello & question about OpenSea and YouTube

    Hello Dear Milliners ;) I'm new here. I'm looking for someone who can make OpenSea Views and Favorites, preferably "split" numbers - in other words, organic numbers scattered across a collection. I saw in the forum mister @Samuel Atkinson But I can't PM yet. Also, If you know of someone who...
  14. merieno

    TikTok Likes, Views & Followers Seguidores Latinos?

    Good to all dear friends of Black Hat World. I wanted to ask them a question. With a friend we use an SMM Panel, but we were looking for an economic one for Views, Likes and that the followers are from Spanish-speaking countries. The one we use is economical, but which ones do you recommend...
  15. P

    Youtube View Bot

    Can Anybody Make (Or Knows Of) A Youtube View Bot Maybe One That Can Do More But Just Views Are Fine ....
  16. jmdmj

    Trying to find best setup to boost my own YouTube and Instagram

    I've been trying to find a good provider of proxies so that I can use a few of them with a few different accounts to boost my YouTube and IG content just a little bit everyday. I've tried a few trials, and bought a few at proxy-store. Those ones honestly seem pretty bad. I'm not sure how good...
  17. P

    Need a Chaturbate(or Stripchat) views bot

    Hello friend. I need a Chaturbate(or stripchat) views bot. Not only views, he must pump position on TOP site I have a soft, who increase views, but it doesn`t Pump it up position fo models Can you do bot for increase views and high position site? And how much money? I have an implementation...
  18. ellay

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes etc?

    Why do social media networks permit and tolerate fake or bot followers, likes, views? Isn't it because it benefits them? It's easy to see how social networks tighten the screws where they need to and where not - you can add as much as you can. For example, as I write this post, it's extremely...
  19. P

    Hire - Facebook Video Views

    Greetings, Looking for someone to generate unique views for a few Facebook Videos. $1 per 1,000 views would be IDEAL. Looking to do something between 100,000 - 1,000,000 views. So the job is around $100 - $1,000. If that pay/view rate isn't possible, I'm open to other offers! Thanks!
  20. S

    Reels bonus views

    Any smm panel that has ig reels views that works for reels bonus? I can't find any smm website with views WORKING for bonus. All the views are not being counted towards the bonus views.