visa card

  1. Twanofzo

    Need HUGE help buying FollowLiker

    So as I said in a previous topic, I wanted to buy Followliker but I had some problems. I couldn't pay because it gave me an error at the checkout. I now know how and why. Let me explain the story: I connected my Visa prepaid card to PayPal (Bought the card in the US, I'm Dutch so I connected...
  2. N

    New Fast, Relailable and Secure Payment processor, High Risk, Merchant

    Hello, I would like here to instroduce new payment gateway for VISA and Mastercard for Merchants that wish to integrate their offline business using Virtual Terminal. All payments are processed live with followin rate : 1. Each transaction is charged 10% 2. High Risk is allowed 3. Payment is...
  3. pintonbd

    How Can i Load Money in Webmoney via VISA Credit Card?

    Hi, Paypal doesn't allow my country and botmaster doesn't accept alertpay, thats why i am planning to buy xrumer via webmoney, but their is no option in webmoney site for loading it via credit cards ? How can i load them now via my visa credit card ? anyone got any ideas ?
  4. mslake

    Make $50+

    This is not a sustaining/residual cash making idea, but TVG has a holiday promo offering a $50 visa card to sign up and make a $50 bet. I signed up, won a show bet (meaning the horse can come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in a 6 horse race, cashed out, collected my initial $50, my winnings, and my $50...