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  1. S

    How do I ask google to crawl my web 2.0 backlinks?

    How do I ask Google to crawl my Web 2.0 backlinks? I tried an indexing service, and they said that they would submit my few links to Google so that it could crawl them. They said that the method is manual, so they can't index thousands of links. Now I want to know if anyone knows how I can tell...
  2. Street Fighter

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  3. noellarkin

    Has Anyone Made Their Own Web 2.0 Network?

    For parasite linkbuilding, I mean. I'm not asking if you've made a PBN of tumblrs or wordpress.com blogs, I'm asking if you've made something like tumblr or wordpress.com, purely for the purpose of subdomain parasite linkbuilding. I've heard money robot did something of the sort, ie some sites...
  4. metalfingersdoom

    How long should web 2.0's and PBN's age

    I suppose this must be a fundamental question for anyone trying to build any tier of backlinks. I have seen anywhere from 6 months written in guides to people just using GSA SER to spam the shit out of them. I suppose this means tier 2(?) and tier3 should be spammable but tier one must be hand...
  5. metalfingersdoom

    Diversifying very strong backlinks with web 2.0 links for great ranking

    Hello everyone! I’m currently trying to build backlinks to my website and have run into big issue. I have access to lots of websites belonging to the same organisation, all hidden behind cloudflare, and I'm pretty sure trying to rank my page exclusively through links on these pages will be a...
  6. resistosai111

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  7. M

    PBN, Guest Post or social signals and which seller you recommend?

    I have a web 2.0 page, more or less like etsy. It's a product display page. I managed to get that page indexed on Google which of the following backlink service I should use on my web 2.0 page to push my rank? Would a a bunch of social signals be good enough? Or should I use PBN or guest...
  8. M

    PBN, Guest Post or social signals and which seller you recommend?

    I have a web 2.0 page, more or less like etsy. It's a product display page. I managed to get that page indexed on Google (Using paid service on Fiverr and the seller claims that he does not use any backlinks to get Google crawlers to crawl my page) (Extra: I used a paid service cause basically...
  9. Hostinglogy

    web 2.0 not getting indexed

    I have tried almost everything like social signals, internal linking, bookmarking and various other things. But my 2.0s (wix, wp.com, weebly) are not getting indexed. Can someone tell me what should I do now?
  10. A

    What is the automation tool used to create these web 2.0 links ?

    Hello, I recently ordered a package on a french website and the guy gave me more than 8000 web 2.0 links from differents domains. I'm have searched for a tool able to post links on the same websites but i can't find it. Here is a list of some websites i got a link from (on subdomains): -...
  11. imharrywilliams

    Any way to find web 2.0 websites?

    I have only 30-40 web 2.o websites like wordpress, wix and so on. Please help me!
  12. harrywilliams

    [ADVICE] Web 2.0 PBN vs TLD PBN - Which is Better in 2021?

    The content in one of my blog niches is highly educational, but there is almost few IN ARTICLE backlinks even for the Wikipedia pages. So, almost all the blogs in my niche is lacking quality backlinks. But my competitors still manage to have manual backlinks from many different resources (I've...
  13. BestSolutionX12

    Need some information on web 2.0, link building, and Ahrefs (will pay $50)

    Hi all, I'm looking for a web 2.0 site with a do-follow link that gets indexed by Ahrefs. I'm looking to submit 100,000 links for experimental purposes. Doesn't matter UR or DR. They can be 0. Doesn't matter if links get indexed by Google. Actually, it's better the links don't get indexed by...
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  15. tazarbm

    [LIST] Web 2.0s

    Hi, I did a bit of house cleaning for these 2 lists of web 2.0s: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/new-web-2-0-sites-list.1121048/ https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/list-high-quality-web-2-0-sites-updated.1320730/ After manually going through each one of the websites on these lists over the...
  16. kuldeepsingh689

    Index New Web 2.0 Blogs in 2021

    Hello, Is there any method to index new web 2.0 in 2021? Share your trick, it can be helpful for many BHW members. Thanks
  17. dhrpatel

    I have a few questions regarding Web 2.0

    How many web 2.0 should I build for my new long run site? How many articles do I post in each Web 2.0? And please suggest the best article spinner. Can I use a Web 2.0 tier or not? If I can use it, which Web 2.0 should I put in Tier 1? And which Web 2.0 should I put in Tier 2? What is the...
  18. 420lounge

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  19. Aeiden

    Web 2.0 link building expert Needed

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can build links for my projects mostly web 2.0s, I will provide you the website lists, content everything you just have to create links. Send me your per link price. This is a (Long term job) (Indian preferred) for Others if your per link price is less, I...