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  1. sladki03

    Web Hosting from Cloudflare

    Hi, I use builtwith.com to check a guest posting site's web hosting provider and found that it is using Cloudflare Hosting (screenshot below) Does anyone had the experience to use Cloud Hosting? Did they provided wordpress hosting? Because the guest posting site is using wordpress web builder...
  2. samwarez


  3. J

    Do I Need Special Domain Provider For Adult Website?

    Hi there, I am planning on starting an adult website. For the domain name, can I buy it from namecheap or should I go for any specific domain name provider for adult website?
  4. R

    ➡️ Good WordPress control panel ?

    Hello, don't have experience with VPS hosting or linux commands but I guess learning a few commands won't be that hard. Going with free digital ocean and was looking at free control panel like cyberpanel but people say it has security flaws. This reddit thread shows it does have security flaws...
  5. R

    How many real time visitors can they handle?

    How many real time visitors per day from tier 1 countries can a $5 droplet of Vultr or Digital Ocean handle?
  6. R

    Web Hosting affects Ranking?

    Does your site loading speed play a vital role in ranking? Have you switched from shared hosting to cloud hosting and seen SERP ranking improvement?
  7. Vicetemple

    Adult Hosting | Starting from $5 | NL, USA, CA | Vicetemple

  8. Y

    Web hosting question

    At the risk of sounding stupid I’d like to ask a question regarding web hosting. Yesterday I created a thread in the Hire a freelancer section of BHW (https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/scraping-job.1398869/). I describe how I want to scrape 8 websites. I was wondering… how much do people...
  9. llrestio

    Hosting for movie site?

    Hello fellow bhw user. Good evening. I wanted to ask you a question about hosting for movie website. So I am going to host my videos at service like streamsb, tape, doodstream etc. So I am only talking about website. I am new to this thing. Actually currently I don't have money. So i am...
  10. R

    Is this sign of Slow Hosting?

    Using Interserver .net's shared hosting for this site. Just now I was in the plugins section, opening RankMath for configuring and it took close to 20 seconds when I clicked on General Settings, then again 10-15 seconds when I clicked on Analytics. Now when I am opening a post (Classic...
  11. J

    40% OFF for 4 Months on all hosting plans

    Looking for hosting solutions? Take advantage of the Cloudways EXCLUSIVE Cyber Monday Deal to initiate your digital journey with MASSIVE DISCOUNTS. Get FLAT 40% OFF for FOUR MONTHS STRAIGHT!! Use the Cloudways Promo Code: BFCM2021 Validity: 23rd November 2021 till 1st December 2021
  12. Arastu

    Good Indian Hosting Company Other than Hostinger

    I am looking for a hosting company which provides agency hosting or reseller hosting at cheaper rates but also I am looking for speed and quality and good customer support. The company should have servers in India (This is must). I tried hostinger, it's good but not have agency plans. Any leads?
  13. crystalwiz

    What Browser Cache TTL timeout do you set?

    For your website, do you set the browser cache TTL to expire at 4 hours, 24 hours, one week, one year etc? Which TTL duration do you prefer?
  14. O

    How i can get a free domain name ?

    hey guys!! I want to start a new shop business and I don't have a big budget to start ... so if I can get a free domain will be better only for one year (I have the host) I will be thankful!!
  15. ManageManga

    My journey to $10000/mo as a Webhosting Company.

    I am new to the Blackhat world and would like to share my journey as a web hosting company with you people. I am a backend developer experienced in developing discord bots, scripts, websites, etc.. mainly with PHP. Although I have no one to consult with regarding this field, I took a big breath...
  16. BossBaby

    My Experience with Hostinger after 2 years

    I had purchased their premium web hosting package for 4 years in 2019
  17. AmeliaLily

    Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting?

    Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting?
  18. grandkai

    ✅ StylenHost ✅1 Gbps SSD Windows & Linux VPS Starting $4.99 ▶️ Master/Reseller Web Hosting ▶️ Dedicated Servers

    FAQ: Q: How long does it take to deploy the services? A: Everything is automated. cPanel set up times take a few seconds, and Linux/Windows VPS take up to 5 minutes once the invoice has been marked paid. Dedicated servers can take upto 24-48 hours time to get deployed after payment confirmation...
  19. Bloodseeker

    Any good and reliable offshore DMCA ignored adult hosting?

    I need a reliable offshore hosting solution for an adult site. I checked some on BHW like AlexHost, but most of these hosts have too many downtimes. Any recommendations?
  20. AmeliaLily

    Can you Suggest me cheapest web hosting company ?

    I am finding some cheap web hosting provider . I want one share hosting with connect 5 domain.