1. O

    How to work as a Graphic Designer!!!?

    hi Guys? so I'm a graphic designer, especially brands / commercial logos, I have enough experience to design something creative with high quality my problem is I work for 7 days then I go for 3-4 months without receiving any msg! I need some help ... How can I get more clients to work with?
  2. Ricostrong

    Websites u didnt know!

    1. (create music soundtrack for your videos no copyright!) 2. (u can havr a database and control ir without SQL.) 3. ( An execellent web to help u getting a job by, experienced people who can give u feedback on...
  3. R

    If someone sends spammy links, how to prevent that?

    Is there any tool or way to automatically prevent spammy/irrelevant links from competitors that would harm rankings?
  4. C

    Need a HTML website built.

    Hey guys it has been a long time since I have been on here and I figured I would check on here first of what I am looking for. I need an elegant HTML website built for a wedding site I have. I am looking for 5 - 10 pages built and then I need you to show me how to add more pages so I can can...
  5. S

    Site Cloning Tips?

    So I have a website with a steady traffic. It has some backlinks that I bought from here. I want to clone it without giving it backlinks, would it work? I'll clone it with: A. Same domain name with different domain extension. B. Different domain name copied from someone's EXACT domain name...
  6. AmberJones

    130K unknown indexed pages?

    I just bought a new domain and put it on a search console and left it for 2 months but when I came back and checked, lo and behold its got 130k indexed links but not submitted in the sitemap. It even has a few thousand impressions and dozens of clicks to pages that the previous owner made and...
  7. cosmo89

    What do you think of my new domain?

    Just got it, VPN is good niche, and affiliate earnings are high. How would you go for site fully content , reviews or just product comparisons? Thanks
  8. Jake662

    Starting A Tube Site

    Hey guys, SO after having been on the forum for the last couple of years I have read many... Many posts. Thanks to you guys and your help I was able to get motivated and start my online money making "career" It came with many set backs, however I always took them with a pinch of salt and...
  9. Ricostrong

    Websites u didnt know!

    Back again with smth... 1. convert scanned pdf or images editable txt ( 2. you just need to paste the url in thr web ( 3. find original url hiding behing the short url (
  10. hercai

    Ways to make money from the website

    Hello, I have a new Adult website project. I will share in the adult sector without using any video. I believe I can get hits quickly without using any bots because I'm very experienced in how to do SEO. But I have questions about "making money". 1) Can I use Adsense on a website that does not...
  11. B

    Who owns a large website/blog or Chrome Extension?

    Good afternoon community, many websites on the Internet are protected by Akamai Bot Protection. Based on the canvas and a few other values, Akamai can recognize if you are using a spoofed browser. If this is the case, you will be blocked. Anonymous surfing is thus nearly impossible. I am working...
  12. nurmis16

    Any service offers for blog or movies streaming website building?

    Hi I am looking for services that can help and guide me to build my website for blogging or movie streaming. I preferably looking for monthly service, but one time deals are ok as well. If you have complete guide for any of those 2 method, please send me message or comment your contacts. If you...
  13. L

    how to earn from google adwords

    If i have 5000$ in my adwords account which website is good for it to earn some money from adword views ?
  14. C

    [Free Method which works! - IMPORTANT!(with criteria bypassed)] to make money easily

    HI, write some straightforward javascript (software language) code-Very Easy one(Basic English language knowledge with some understanding might work) at w3schoolsDOTcom with some basic html there to open another popup window of any monetized pay per view...
  15. L

    my wordpress website got hacked need help

    my website got hacked i think header working fine , footer working fine all other pages working fine only home page not visible all content not showing but when i update home page it shows for few seconds then again all content gone in inspect element also all content showing how to...
  16. R

    How to make 2 sections merge into shape using elementor WordPress

    How to merge 2 different sections in different shapes (upper one is in triangle, and Lower one is the opposite of that no 1 triangle) into 1 sections. It's a bit complicated to explain, but there's an option in elementor named as shape divider which allows us to make sections into shape, so i...
  17. G

    How can i access an overloaded/jammed website faster than others ?

    Hello guys !, I need your help, I’m trying to make an appointment, appointment is available only once a month, when that day comes the website becomes overloaded and only a small number of people can access and make the appointment, my question is how can i access it faster is there any trick ...