1. C

    Website Sign up with Chat ( like twitch )

    Hey quick question for you guys; I have a website im developing. very simple. Basically only a landing page but I need there to be a sign up and chat box. Preferably people could sign up and chat with eachother while they watch the live event. I'm quite new to website building only done...
  2. AussieDollar

    Question: Scraping businesses without a website / FB business pages

    Was going through google maps for a woodworker and saw a couple in my area in which one of them didn't have a website. So I thought might as well ask if anyone knows how to scrape it correctly. I tried to search for a business directory listing, but Google naturally doesn't provide one. So at...
  3. N

    Websites to read comics online (free of charge)

    Here's a link to check and enjoy comics during this quarantine. Enjoy!
  4. ger81948

    Sales Best For Amazon Affiliate Site- Magazine or Traditional Theme?

    I've bought my domain name and am preparing to begin a new Amazon affiliate site. I'm considering a magazine style theme. Which do you think would be the most successful, magazine or traditional style. I've never created a magazine site but I like the way they look and they seem more...
  5. EternalFun

    copyrighted product websites!

    Any of you ever had a movie/software sharing or any kind of copyrighted product website? Ever got letters from lawyers? How did you handle? Moreover, how to safely own such copyrighted product websites?
  6. IncognitoSince2002

    Will this (Method) work

    I'm a 17 year trying to gather some cash for university Step 1) Reach out to local businesses who do not have a website + Gmb(not verified) Step 2) Sell them pre made websites using elementor or divi (3 hours max ) use a light theme Step 3) After they have a running website pitch them to...
  7. Walther

    Can you sell on eBay?

    Having issues using Flippa and not alot of solid alternatives. Buysellwebsite used to be a good simple service but shut down years ago. Anyone have experience listing websites for sale on eBay? With or without revenue. Interested in other options as well.
  8. cosmo89

    How I Sold My Sites Which I Never Thought Possible

    I recently publihsed my story about selling my sites for good amount without spending any middle men. I thought it would help people to learn and understand how hard is to make a successful blog and sell it for a great price...
  9. Muha07

    Automatically share Facebook Livestreams to multipel Pages and Groups

    what plugins or websites are providing Automatically share Facebook Livestreams to multipel Pages and Groups for free, please reply I really need it. Thanks
  10. thrbees

    How I Started to Earn Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

    I want to share my history, how it began. I was always interested in earnings through Internet, so from time to time I looked for and browsed various sources on how to earn money without great efforts and financial expenses and so it is a passive income whenever possible. My first attempts...
  11. thrbees

    Hello from cold Siberia! (I will share my experience of make money on Amazon)

    This is my first time to be here, I think it will be interesting and useful to learn a lot of new information and of course share my own. I will soon share my story of earning on Amazon and tell you how you can successfully make money passive income. When I add a new post to the Making Money...
  12. ContentWriter

    White Hat SEO is Not a Thing Anymore

    According to an article written by Roger Montti in the site, some white hats secretly use black hat tricks. Hence, the dichotomy of white hat and black hat makes it false for both. Also, he mentioned that if people are to consider the SEO definition of Google, then all...
  13. M

    seller (ninjabacklinks) not delivering sites

    I bought 3 amazon affiliates sites from seller (ninjabacklinks) on Sept. 27th, I was told the sites would be completed in 3 weeks at the most, I was told on Oct. 17 th. content was completed, but checked sites and none of the sites had been touched, contacted seller and was told on Oct. 28th he...
  14. stark3

    WTB full stack dev (landing pages generators etc ...) Seo friendly

    Hello, i'm looking for a full stack dev used of CPA cpi ETC ... To make several projects of Landing pages , generators, hack pages etc ( as usual ) ... Everything should be responsive and absolutly seo optimized speed etc . HTML only no WP prices depend of the LP thanks
  15. madakalark

    World data.. Collection.

    Hi guys, Where can I get world data... Related like all kind on population, education, profits like this. Please let me know Thanks
  16. steveXx

    [Get]- List of free giveaway sites

    Hello BHW members ,here is the list of free giveaway sites,Enjoy!!!!!
  17. R

    Free Traffic Tips

    Hello, I wondering if there are any ways to generate a decent amount of web traffic to a specific website for free with minimal effort? Any tips, websites, or programs that can help would be appreciated
  18. D

    Where can I find a large directory of 5k+ active websites?

    Hello, I'm looking for a large directory of websites, with having 5k+ websites. The website doesn't need to be in any specific niche. The only criteria is these websites should not be popular or with high amount of traffic, or owned by any media company. More preferably, from the individuals...
  19. Niteshr

    Things Google Doesn't Want You to Know

    This is just my opinion with my observation over the last 10 or so years External and Internal links . Google used to show Page Ranks and identify which keywords/phrases helped in the rankings of search results but it doesn't show those facts anymore, which means that Google now chooses to hide...
  20. R

    Wix Vs. Wordpress...Who & Why?

    I see here on this very great forum, that there are alot of wordpress services available, but none for wix. As someone who is looking to build a new website, I would like to know what are the main differences, and why is wix not represented here and for what reasons. Please let me know, thank you.