1. ivarga

    Should I stay away from

    So a couple of years ago I was recommended by a pretty big member on BHW to get into and flip websites, at the time that it wasnt so interesting so I just kep doing my thing. However, I've been on Flippa a couple of times this past week and I've been thinking about buying a website...
  2. Shel

    [NEED ADVICE] How can I sell Web Design to these 33,700 Small Businesses Owners? (Cold Emailing)

    Hi everyone. English is not my main language so I apologize if I'm unclear sometimes. :) I want to start a web design agency to sell websites to small businesses. My goal is to have at least 500 clients paying me $39 a month. I know it is not easy and maybe even unrealistic. In order to do...
  3. Danny Crypto

    Magic Unbox is it fake or legit?

    I know you guys will say it fake even I do think it as a fake scam But seen paid promoted video on youtube which claims that this website magic u-n-b-0-x dot com is legit. So just wanted to know whether any of guys have seen this?
  4. L

    So, I'm not sure if I want VPS or business hosting...

    I like the idea of a VPS... but I don't really get how much its actually what I want to pay for. I'm just not sure what I want and what best suits my needs. I had not even heard of a VPS until recently. I hadn't ran a virtual machine until this past year. How much serving power is that really...
  5. L

    make money with mini websites (500$ per month)

    I tried at the beginning of this year something different. I had the idea to offer cheap websites for students and start ups. There are 25.000 students at the university where i live. Many of them are interested in having a website (for their start up, hobby etc.). So, i made a flyer with my...
  6. IG Pro

    [Your Opinion] About My Home Page

    Hello everyone hope you all are doing well! I would like to ask you about your opinion on my website specifically Home Page. REMOVED. What would you improve? To look more credible / eye catchy / convert sales What about the content on home page is it bad, O.K. , good? Any advices are...
  7. cosmo89

    I need help with uploading my site in Wordpress

    Hi, i recently changed my hosting from Hostinger to Godaddy, so i took backup of my e-commerce site from "All-IN-ONE MIGRATION" Plugin (WPRESS file). And now i installed WordPress in the new hosting and tried to upload the backup file, but i could not able to upload through "AIl in one...
  8. EternalFun

    Looking for advice on selling websites

    Hey, I'm a bit short of money so I am unable to afford themes and decided to use downloaded (clean nulled) themes to make sites and sell those but I am hesitant on this method. Because this is a business and I believe quality first to develop a long-term business relationship. I don't believe in...
  9. EternalFun

    How do sites like these make money?

    1. - Free service. 2. - Free service. 3. - Free info and list of gyms in new york. Well, I'm guessing they only make money via Adsense? But nowadays 80% of people use adblockers. What then? And is it a...
  10. O

    Hi, Im OliDee

    Excited to be here ;) I wrote an e-book, about building simple websites for small businesses. That is what I want to market now. Thats why Im here ;) Good to be here, Blessings. OD
  11. Vaibhav Adlakha

    Web 2.0 sites

    Hey everyone, can you please suggest me around 6-8 good web 2.0 sites?
  12. I

    Have a method, need help on the last little bit

    Hi everyone, quick question on a method. So here it is: I'm a web designer by trade, and so I'm the admin on like 100 sites. Every site gets a bunch of bot/spam visitors, which typically get auto-blocked by the software we run. However, my thought was: "Is there a way to monetize those...
  13. C

    [HOW TO] Making Money Online?

    Hello everyone I am wondering to know what are the newest ways of earning money online? As Blogging and SEO are quite difficult (Since Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter made lots of algorithms that will screw your business in order to get their business to the next level). I have tried blogging...
  14. D

    Testing proxies against websites

    Hi, how can I test proxies I scraped to see if they work with websites like twitter and other websites? Does elite proxy switchers paid version do this or scrapebox?
  15. Zivlass

    Searching has Australian Authorized Websites Backlinks?

    Hey guys, I'm searching for high DA PA Australian authorized websites backlinks. Thanks in advance!
  16. alwin

    [Journey] My route to freedom - escape from the nine-to-five

    Hello, BHW community. A little bit about me... As you can see, my account isn't exactly new. I've been around for a while, mostly just reading stuff. I registered here almost 8 years ago when I was an active web and graphic designer. I really liked the idea of making money online and I learned...
  17. RKSoftware

    New member to this forum

    Hello, I joined this forum today. I am interested in white-hat search engine optimization as well. I live in the United States. It looks like this site has lot of information about ebay and other items. I will definitely be perusing that as well. I guess I will work on these other forums...
  18. FollowTrain org

    for sale websites

    are forsale websites worth using? (ebay, etc.) or is the main move social media these days?
  19. D


    Can somebody please tell me the best websites to scrape anon proxies from? I need a list of a bunch of them please
  20. R

    FLIPPA is BS - How The Fraud Works;

    So I had a guy who sold his site on flippa for 60 grand, and a big part of it was he used my revenue stream, took a 1 month commitment, extended it to 12 , and actually never even gave me most of the services. The flippa formula is pretty easy. You find a few people you know who are willing to...