1. webhostingproviders

    3 Top Landing Pages - Wordpress

    I am sure you love wordpress, as everything is done with a click of a button. Following are the Top 3 Companies offering you to design your own Landing Page a) Optimize Press b) Unbounce c) Launch Rock you can design any landing pages with your creative ideas by using either their theme or...
  2. H

    Cb method question

    Hi searched the forum and really couldn't find an answer to this one. I will be doing the the cb seo jacking pre launch method finding i.m products before their launch date and building pages n seo to supposedly easily rank since not many will be doing seo for them. Im extremely inexperienced...
  3. IProvideSEO

    Creating Websites To Link to Your Main Website

    Hello, Has anyone created separate new websites that has unique relevant content just to create a link to your main website? I would like to know your experience with this.
  4. I

    website flipping help

    Hey im new to website flipping i bought an ebook on flipping websites and there's a few things missing from it, it tells you where to go to download a website template but not what to do with it,how do i turn the template into a website do i need software to use it or do i install it somewhere...
  5. R

    How many sites do you have ?

    Just another noob question to get an idea about how many sites each of the blackhatters own here ?? Just thought the count could vary from person to person .. do people love to go with a few site making more money or more sites with less money from each site
  6. D

    Does Server location affect the SEO of a website?

    Hey guys, Does Server location affect the SEO of a website if your targeting one country but hosting from another? I've been trying to get a definitive answer on this opinion is balanced 50/50 on this. Are there any SEO experts here who know what the answer to this is for sure?. Look forward...
  7. physicaladdict

    writing reviews

    Hello, This is for anyone looking to have a well written 300-600 word review written on or for their product,website,blog, and or other sites of their choice. The review will be well written and will be a positive review (at least 4-5 stars) reply here if interested. :cool: I write for...
  8. D

    What to add to a website

    Hey guys, what do you think is the best thing to add to a website? thing that people keep using it. Why do you think people go to your website? What do they most use? If you have any idea, please share it :) & thanks
  9. D

    What is the best website for ads

    Hi guys, what is the best ads website? to add for website? Thanks :) # I am sorry if you think this is a spam thread:/
  10. B

    Serious webmasters needed

    Hello We are looking for JV partners. We prefer foreign countries (Japan, Middle East etc. - all the places where people have some money to spend over the internet) than english ones. What we offer are decent blackhat seo blasts (minimum few k solid backlinks from unspammed domains for tier1 +...
  11. F

    Page Traffic Bot?

    Hi, I wanted to know if anybody needs a Page Traffic Bot, it would be E-Z for me to design and would have proxy support. I don't know if anyone would want it, but if you do pm me! Whypeople might want this: Some people might want this program, so there sites would come up on search engines...
  12. C

    Need your help BHW!

    Hi, In my day job my boss came to me today and asked me to look for a solution to a problem we have. Problem is regarding hosting webpages, currently we are running a very old internally hosted solution which is tied in with our email system named first class. Users can post / add to pre-made...
  13. X

    Youtube Views

    Hi, iam a new to this blackhatworld Though many of pupils had posted a thread about YOUTUBE VIEWS INCREASING Softwares Wanted. I had also seen this types of Posts, On that posts i had find that 80% said no one is selling the bot and 20% pupils suggested to the sites to earn credits. I had...
  14. M

    Where to sell a domain with a website inclusive?

  15. P

    So many SEO services... It is not worthing anymore to start another one??

    I think this kind of bussiness - selling SEO services - is waay too saturated :eek:. Everywhere I see adds with the best site ranking tehniques and best links on the net and blah blah...( those are the dudes selling the services on BHW ) . THEN, there are BIGGER companies who are more...
  16. T

    Local website ideas?

    I am currently working on a local classifieds site and was wondering if others have any success stories about doing local sites. Any ideas about what kind of sites would work on a local level. Local business directory and write businesses let them know about it. Maybe a site with local car sales...
  17. S

    [URGENT] Needing Help With PPD Sites (Pay Per Download Industry).

    I Know this is a long post, but i have faith that at least one person will going on and read it. Hi, my name is Samuel i currently live in the Dominican Republic and im a 17 year old student. I have 3 months in the PPD industry and my total earnings are above 800$. I been searching for...
  18. N

    CHEAP Twitter Accounts & Twitter Followers COUPON CODE

    have seen few of you asking for followers and accounts, so want to make sure you get best VALUE.. check out we are Offering best price on twitter accounts $20 / 1k !!!! wow all made with private IPs hotmail with same password. i have been using the same accounts for last 3...
  19. A

    Selling Websites - Let's brainstorm

    Okay guys, let's brainstorm ! I want to sell websites these vacation (holidays), and I have no experience at selling (but I know programming and webdesign), so I need your wisdom. First, let me tell you that i'm planing to sell in a big town (so competition) and a small one (no competition, but...
  20. M

    How Much Would You Charge ?

    How much would you charge if you could guarantee that your customers would dominate a niche & make daily profits + residual income from sales? Here is some information: 1. I would be able to show the customers how to make the most profit from the studentoffortune website. The training...