1. Omega_69

    Hi new here to learn ;) say hello to me

    Hi I'm new here.(actually not) Anyway i Love BHW and the nature of This community. I'm learning new new things from fallow members. Before i share some my blackhat experience & knowledge, i need to READ the rules first. :) (u know :weep:) Okey let's begin........
  2. Cypherpunk Zero #4027

    Nice to meet you

    I'm planning on contributing a lot to the CryptoCurrency part of this forum, but I'm interested in anything that empowers human freedom. Making money is part of it. So I'll see you around. Cheers
  3. MrBCE


    Hi Everyone! Lurker on BHW for a few months - finally took the plunge to sign up and hopefully contribute. I recently took a huge pay-cut (as I was super unhappy in my old employment) but with the cost of living on the rise, I have found myself looking for ways to make money and use my...
  4. R


    Hello BHW community, I'm new here gor gathering some vital knowledge. I hope I will get my desired things from one of the world biggest forum. Thanks
  5. bingeme


    Hello BHW! I am new here and I want to learn how to make $$$. Willing to learn and thriving for success.
  6. G

    I am Gameldino

    Hey guys, this is gameldino. I am an E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Amazon Seller and Performance Marketing Manager. Looking forward to participate in the forums, learn and share my knowledge with you guys. Cheers, Gameldino
  7. I

    I Hate all of Jr.VIP Why ? ? ?

    Sorry for the clickbait Title i Just Upgraded myself But None of any Jr.Vip congratulate me :D i Decided today to become jr.Vip because the Christmas is near so i want to give gift to BHW and Second my Marriage Anniversary is near too so i hopefully donate another $97 this month to Become...
  8. Noxron

    What's up friends . I am new here .

    Hi all . I am here new but I know this forum well . I would like to learn many thinks .
  9. K


    Hey guys, long time lurker here, and finally decided to join the community officially. A little about myself; I have had hit and miss luck with a few online business in the past, but nothing extraordinary . I currently run 3 different online stores with different niches, however my business is...
  10. 3N3RGY

    3N3RGY Welcome at all

    welcome at all, my Nick is 3N3RGY. I’m not new to the internet but I’m a Newbie here in this Board. The time is rushing and the internet is changing a lot and fast so need some special help to get my business growing on more stable. by the way I hope to learn some skills here and read at the...
  11. The Vice

    Welcome i Just Jioned Mark Zuckerberg Here

    Hello Hope you are doing well. I hope to see you every day Mark Zuckerberg
  12. J

    Hello - 7 years

    Hello, I have been a lurker on BHW for about 7 years now. I was only 16 years old, at the time in high school when I joined BHW. Now I am 23 and have a very good grasp on web technologies as I'm a full stack web developer. Over the years, I did some CPA / CPI and PPD. I've tried with many...
  13. J

    .::Hello Black Hat Community::.

    =============================== ~~HELLO BLACKHAT COMMUNITY~~ =============================== I stumbled across this page when looking into SEO and online marketing. Nice find! :) I'm hoping to find some more reading material on the subject. Just checking things out right now. I've never really...
  14. Abdo ABO

    Welcome Members

    Hello, I hope you are in the best condition :):):)
  15. R

    Is it too late to start?

    Hello world! Or at least, those who click the link. I won't make this any more than it needs to be, but this is the first forum space that I've posted to and been genuinely interested to make interactions with(not my first forum). Have never heard of this but am excited to see what the future...
  16. ProAffiliate

    Hello Everyone :)

    I am not new to Internet marketing or Online Marketing but I am new here. I hope I try to get more information and give as much information to the community too. I am currently working as an affiliate marketer and I am doing it from pretty long time so I will be pushing my knowledge in here...
  17. brattycatts

    Hey wassup

    I dont even know how I found this website but its the best thing I’ve found in a while. I’ve been on here for about three hours just learning cool stuff still confused on certain things but hopefully I’ll just get it one day. Anyways Hi everybody <3
  18. slaender

    Newbie here :) Want to learn about OnlineMarketing

    Hi, I am new here in this forum and wanted to quickly introduce myself. I am from Austria and iam very interested in Online Marketing. I've read a lot about affiliate marketing, facebook ads, google ads, email marketing, funnels, copywriting and so on. Now i want to start out and earn my first...
  19. leventopoulo

    Hello to the forum!

    Greetings everyone! I'm leventopoulo, new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. I am a computer scientist and Artificial Intelligence aficionado currently working as a data scraper. I have experience with machine learning algorithms, many programming frameworks and writing scripts...
  20. Waynetimi

    Introductional: I'm new here

    I'm a newbie. I need the rules and regulations