1. T

    Just Introducing Myself

    Hello Everybody, I just wanted to create a thread so that I could introduce myself to everybody. I am happy to be here. I also feel very excited and I hope to learn a lot. I didn't know about everything this website offered when I signed up but boy, am I glad that so much information is...
  2. T

    My story...

    Hey fellow marketing specialists and web experts! I'm Jeff and I've been running my own business for almost 2 years designing word press websites and social media for small businesses. I guess right now I am looking to be taken under someones "wing" as far as the seo and link building experts...
  3. 2colt5

    Hello everyone

    Hello everybody, and thanks to everyone that spends hours on end putting all the valuable information on this forum. I have probably read around 2000 threads already lol. I am hoping to make some money with internet marketing, more specifically, affiliate marketing. But have little to no...
  4. L

    First Post on BHW

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and this is my first post on BlackHatWorld. i like this forum. I'm a Digital marketer and this forum help me out to learn alot of new things. Thank you guys.
  5. Tecnoloquitos

    Hello there BHW

    Hi guys! I've learned a lot from this forum before but never sign in before Idk why. Well I hope to learn a lot, my goal is to manage multiple accounts (fb,twitter,instagram) in order to look as "real" as they could be :) Any suggestions? Again! Happy to be here!
  6. dosk

    My Introduction. 13yr old from USA.

    Hello BHW :D! I've been reading many threads on BHW over the past couple months and today I decided to join this community. I am thirteen years old, but have lots of experience. I have been experimenting with mobile CPA ads over the last week. I am almost ready to start a journey to...
  7. as3aaD

    Hello BHW members

    Hello, My Name is Asaad, usually called AYZ, i'm a graphic designer, i just signed up for BHW, looking forward to meet new people, learn new stuff, and probably be of a good use to other members myself. Hope y'all doing good, and have a nice day
  8. M

    Hey all!

    Hey guys and gals. I'm new/fresh social media manager hoping to you use this forum for inspiration and hopefully gain some great contacts to work with in future. Anything I can do to help please feel free to ask - and maybe you can do the same for me. Best Aaron
  9. VijaySEO

    Hello everyone

    I've read this forum from time to time but just recently been spending more time here and decided to create a profile and start posting. Looking forward to learning and share tips!
  10. J

    Introducing a new intro thread/Saying Hello!

    Just wanted to say hello...Not sure if I'm even doing that right, lol. I received an email welcoming me to the board (TY) and I'm old, so when I read the "come in and introduce yourself before making your first post," Email, I couldn't figure out where to make my introduction--or post. (But I...
  11. giraffewarrior

    I'm a Canadian, eh!

    Hey guys, Giraffewarrior here, working on a masters degree in biochemistry and I'm exploring the world producing consumer value and making money over the internet. I am looking to learn more so that I can monetize some of the skills & knowledge I've acquired throughout my schooling. Read tons...
  12. InternetMarkingGURU

    Hi, Everyone

    So glad to be here! Let me tell you something about myself first I'm coming to the forum with experience. I know methods which could all potentially make us rich. From paid traffic, ppc, adsense, clickbank, etc. I have done it all. So I'm interested in sharing my services and products here...
  13. TheBanterBus

    Hello, Work (Wost Title Ever)

    Hello, Im A Youtuber part time and i am interested in starting into the SEO industry i have read a lot here and i decieded to join this community thanks everyone
  14. L

    Hello BHW

    Thanks to everyone who has helped develop this site, and those who constantly share their insight and perspectives. I hope to join the ranks of you!
  15. MissAva

    Information Overload

    Hi Guys, I know the females here are few and between, so I'm glad I'm here to even it out more. haha I'm an old hat at SEO, and Website design, (self taught) used to own 3 very successful e-commerce websites back 15 years ago when ebay just started. Sold them for a tonne of money, then...
  16. Pam Sallegue

    I'm a new member

    Hi everyone! My name is Pam, based in Manila, Philippines. I've been working in an SEO company for almost four years now, and while I've done, and read so many things related to digital marketing, I know that I still need to learn so many stuff - especially about technical SEO. I'm just...